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Make a Habit of Success

Do you know that you can make a habit of success? Haven't you ever come across someone who always seems as if she has her act together, and nothing ever seems to ruffle her feathers? Well, those people learned a long time ago how to make a habit of success. It does take effort and hard work on your part, but once success become part of your daily routine, your life will be better off. Successful people have a combination of the right attitude, vision, leadership and management skills, and the ability to communicate their wants and needs in such a way that people bend over backwards to give them what they want.

These people are not simply born with the skills that lead to success. They learn them, and you can too. Read the following list, and choose two or three success-builders that you can apply in your own life. Write them down. Read them every day. Set your mind on what you want. When you encounter a situation that makes you stop and wonder what to do, remember your list, and remember to choose success.

  • Do what feels most right.
  • Check your facts.
  • Don't make rash decisions.
  • Understand your options.
  • Know the consequences of your choices.
  • Talk it over with someone before acting.
  • Understand others' points of view.
  • Respect the opinions of others.
  • Don't accept less than you deserve.
  • Make a point of asking for what you need and want.
  • Don't live in fear of rejection.
  • Plan for your future.

Remember that you'll be at the whim of circumstance if you don't choose, and your choices won't mean much if you don't work to make them succeed. However, if you make conscious choices in your life, and succeed at even a few of them, you will begin to feel and act more like a success.

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