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The Federal Reserve Board
Learn how "The Fed" attempts to regulates the U.S. economy, the financial markets, and the banks. Find out how its control of interest rates affects your pocketbook.
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   Fiscal Policy
How many times have you heard the expression "Fiscal Policy" without really being sure what it means? Professor David Backus explains the significance of this term.
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   Gross Domestic Product
Economists are forever talking about how fast the economy is growing in comparison to what they had expected. The measure they use is Gross Domestic Product, or GDP.
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P/E Ratio Defined
Financial talk can be confusing for new investors venturing beyond "high," "low," "sell," and "buy." Professor Marvin Zonis explains Price/Earnings ratios.
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Get the inside scoop on who issues bonds, how they are purchased, how interest rates on bonds are calculated, and what the benefits are for investors.
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   Asset Allocation
If you like putting all your eggs into one basket, you won't be interested in learrning about asset allocation. But if you worry about taking risks, pay attention.
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What is a Stock Index?
We've all heard of stock index funds, but are you really sure you know what the term means? Professor Marvin Zonis dispells all doubts in this lively article.
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   Initial Public Offerings
Want to "go public?" When the management skills of entrepreneurs meet the investing appetites of people who have money, an I.P.O. becomes likely. But how does it work?
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