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Cirque du Soleil

Former street performer and stilt-walker Guy Laliberte is the sole owner and original creative force behind Cirque du Soleil, the successful French-Canadian circus. This unique and innovative troupe formed in 1984 on a shoestring. Now, 17 years later, this "Circus of the Sun" currently performs seven shows to sell-out crowds all around world -- four travel internationally, two perform on the Las Vegas strip, and one performs in Orlando.

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   Rent-A-Car by the Hour

Zip Car, a unique startup car rental agency that operates a fleet of Beetles in Boston, was founded by Robin Chase, a Cambridge, Massachusetts mother of three with an MBA from MIT. How the company works -- Customers may reserve a car online on short notice, pick up the car on the street, use it for a few hours, then park it at a prearranged location for the next customer.

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   Dr. Anu Saad, CEO of IMPATH Laboratories

Dr. Saad is a research scientist who decided to leave the safe intellectual world of academia to enter the commercial scientific community during the biotech revolution. Learn how this top scientist was tapped to become CEO of Impath Laboratories, and then proceeded to turn it from a fledgling lab into one of the largest cancer diagnostic labs in the country.

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