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That Money Show
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Money Talks
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Join David Greising, CHICAGO TRIBUNE columnist, as he visits Chicago O'Hare International Airport and takes a look at what travelers are faced with every day.

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   Stock Market
Join Andy Borowitz for a humorous look at why it may be safer to keep your money in your mattress than to invest it in the stock market.

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   The Business of Family
Join CHICAGO TRIBUNE columnist, Barbara Brotman, as she humorously explores the implications of running a family like a business.

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They're Crazy
Join David Greising, CHICAGO TRIBUNE columnist, as he visits the New York Stock Exchange and takes a humorous look at instability in the financial markets and the "irrational exuberance" of profit-hungry investors.

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   The Kid Knows
Join CHICAGO TRIBUNE columnist, Barbara Brotman, for a humorous look at how kids' apply math to everyday challenges, and how they just about always get the right answer.

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   Tender Reflections
Join writer Mark Trahant for a heartwarming recounting of an experience with his grandmother that changed the way he thinks about money.

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A Dog's Life
Join Chicago Tribune columnist, Barbara Brotman for a lighthearted account of the investment, and returns associated with her lovable pooch.

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   Cut This
Join humorist Andy Borowitz with some highly unconventional tax cut suggestions of his own, and words of wisdom for the disenfranchised taxpayer.

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   Black Pants, Please
Join CHICAGO TRIBUNE columnist Barbara Brotman for a humorous explanation of what it means to choose the investment you're most confortable with.

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Do You Suffer From...
Drug advertising costs pharmaceutical companies a bundle. But who foots the bill? Join Andy Borowitz for some funny to make yourself feel better without without breaking the bank.

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   Dot-Coms Rule
Join humorist Andy Borowitz as he suggests five things you should NOT say to your dot-com loser friends.

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   Death by Taxes
CHICAGO TRIBUNE columnist Barbara Brotman talks about all the repugnant things she'd rather do than pay her taxes.

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Not Again!
Join CHICAGO TRIBUNE columnist David Greising for a lampooning of American CEOs' existential angst.

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   Yeah, Right!
With 20/20 hindsight, humorist Andy Borowitz claims credit for predicting the current economic slowdown -- one year in advance.

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   Will You Be Mine?
Humorist Andy Borowitz explains the real marriage penalty -- one that President Bush cannot even dream of abolishing.

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Family Ties
CHICAGO TRIBUNE columnist Barbara Brotman explains how a vacation at the local Holiday Inn may be more fun for your kids than a rented Italian villa.

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   Not Tonight, Honey
Humorist Andy Borowitz considers choosing a financial planner the most important decision a person will ever make -- even more important than finding the right spouse.

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   No More...
Humorist Andy Borowitz takes a stab at the practical advice General Electric's CEO Jack Welch serves up in his latest book on how to succeed in a cutthroat business world.

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New Year Nuts
Stop smoking? Join a gym? Forget that! Humorist Andy Borowitz offers some more realistic New Year's resolutions.

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