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INVESTING: - Investing Basics
The name says it all; hopefully, anyone can use this site. Here are eight steps for newcomers to the world of investing. The steps are elaborated upon comprehensively with an assortment of tips and links to other parts of the site to put education to the test.

ABC News - Investing basics
This guide is a learn-how-to combined with what's-best-for-you, while also touching upon related topics of interest. An "Interactives" sidebar offers helpful tools such as a glossary. - Investing Basics
More down-to-earth than most "money" Web sites, organizes the basics into a bunch of "lessons" and "primers." The book list is a great resource and the "Business History Events" is a fun way to examine past endeavors. For reference, check out "Jim Cramer's Wrong! Library," and more.

STOCK MARKET: - Stocks On the Move
An up-to-date list of tickers of companies whose shares are moving in U.S. markets. Features detailed charts, brief descriptions of movement, and historical charts. - Stocks Frontpage
Follow specific stocks, learn which stocks are hot, or read daily stories and features. The information is extensive and the lingo is geared for those in touch and up-to-date with the market. - Online Investing
Based on the Wall Street Journal book "Online Investing: Become a Successful Internet Investor," this site offers a basic, well-organized overview of online investing that is very easy to use. Brief introductions to topics are followed by the how-to's, and for those looking to go further, additional resources are offered. Don't miss the "book updates" for up-to-date info.

ABC News - Mutual Fund Notebook
Mutual Fund Notebook provides the latest mutual fund news. They also profile the hottest funds with comparisons to similar funds.

Money Magazine - Retirement
Money magazine's online retirement page is a very well rounded approach to saving and preparing for the future, featuring many tools, tips, and suggestions. For those looking into retirement locations, a great resource is the "Online Tools," which includes a list of housing costs, tax rates, and crime statistics in almost 500 towns. - Retirement Calculator
This wire-service-oriented site offers a calculator that allows you to plug in your "stats" to help you plan for retirement. Other retirement goodies include "Strategies" and "401(k) Planner."

CNNfn - Retirement Planning
This highly interactive site comprehensively covers retirement, with headings like "Back-to-School to do list" and "Tip of the Day." Each heading or section leads to in-depth pages of information, combining topics with daily news and current events. - Retirement
This helpful section addresses topic-related questions while also explaining why plans (IRA, 401(k)) are beneficial, using easy-to-read articles to relate information. Related subjects such as taxes, returns, and expenses are incorporated, creating a well-rounded understanding. Useful tools include savings and retirement calculators and a retirement plan primer.

TIAA-CREF Web Center - College Savings Calculator
This useful tool will help you calculate haw much you should start saving today in order to pay for your child's college tuition down the road. Perform several calculations to see how minor adjustments in your contributions can result in much higher, or lower, returns.

TIAA-CREF Web Center - Tuition Finder
This page list a sampling of universities and colleges across the country, and details annual in-state and out-of-state tuition charges. - College Investment Plans
Simply designed and quite ugly, but the offerings are great. The site is devoted to 529 plans (an investment plan operated by states to help families save for college costs) and includes features such as "Investment Reports," "529 E-ditorials," and "New Developments." Check out the resources for an "unbelievably useful listing" of related articles and links.

College Journal - Everything you wanted to know!
From the Wall Street Journal, this extensive section offers daily features that are presented in an easy-to-understand fashion. The site is also divided into sub-sites such as "Hitting the Road," "Money!," and "Grad School." Sign up for a job alert or surf the "College Toolkit" for further information and assistance.

MSN MoneyCentral - Family and College Home
MSN offers a variety of services for this topic, including daily "Family and College news" (from an assortment of news providers and Web sites), "Featured Articles," and a "Special Report." Neat tools include a tuition calculator and a second income calculator.

Student Advantage - Money:Investing,1061,c6-i72,00.html
Students only. This diverse section of an all-about-being-a-student portal/center focuses on saving money, current events, and the "latest." Includes an "Investing 101" section for beginners and stories about how other students invest their money.

Money Magazine - Real Estate
The "Best Places to Live," "Home on the Net," and "Cut Your Mortgage Down to Size" are just a few of the helpful features at this Online magazine. "Money 101" is a lesson (featuring a glossary and test) section, which outlines everything from "Making a budget" to "Buying a Home." The language throughout the site is easy, and the pages are not loaded down with graphics and links, enabling easy navigation. - Mortgage Center
What key factors do lenders look at when approving a loan? Do I qualify for a loan? is ready to answer those and many more questions. There may not be any pretty graphics, cute features, or neat sidebars here, but here's a site that lays down the facts. Choose from eight calculators, check out "Loan Resources," or find out which books are good for beginners. - Mortgage and Debt Info
Yes. It's the fool again. This time to help users get through credit card debt, check credit, and get an online mortgage. Offerings include techniques on how to save money, traveling cheaper, and the right way to "get the most bank for your buck."

Yahoo Finance - Mortgage Center
It's not the most aesthetic site, but there is a ton here. National averages are posted and resources include calculators, a glossary, and local lenders. For loan novices, "Education" uses features from other "money" sites to go through the motions. The site is clean and focussed, well rounded, and easy to navigate. - Mortgage Information combines to-the-point info and catchy headlines to bring users into the world of mortgages without falling asleep. This site is diverse, incorporating news and daily rates, along with general knowledge, useful tools, and archives. The content is presented and written in a way for anybody to understand.

INSURANCE: - Insurance Comparison Service allows consumers to save money by obtaining instant insurance quotes from over 300 leading insurance companies. - Insurance Companies Credit/Financial Ratings
A.M. Best reports on the financial condition of insurance companies. A.M. Best's ratings are recognized worldwide as the benchmark for assessing insurers' financial strength. - Insurance Resource Center helps you figure out what type of insurance you need, how much of it you should purchase, and how to get coverage at the lowest cost.

Money Magazine - Health, Life, Home & Auto Insurance features everything you need to know about insurance from the basics to advanced money-saving strategies. It also has financial calculators to help you determine how much insurance you need and to calculate returns on various policies.

Yahoo! Finance - Quotes and Information
Learn the basics about insurance and perform cost comparisons on Yahoo! Finance.

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