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Turning up every once in a million are diamonds of the most extraordinary color  a bright, bold, beautiful pink!

Experience the spellbinding allure and timelessness of Earth's most valued and mysterious stone.

It began thousands of millions of years ago, 100 miles beneath the surface of our planet. In a perfect storm of geologic fury, billions of tons of the carbon rock we know as ordinary coal were transformed by heat and pressure into the hardest, most brilliant and most coveted substance on Earth: diamonds.

From geologists, miners, designers, and dealers to physicists and engineers, discover just why diamonds are the world's most valuable rock. Enter this world of diamonds and begin a treasure hunt that will delve into the planet-forming processes of the past and bring you to the edge of the future where the full power locked inside this remarkable crystal may quite possibly change the way we live. And get a privileged glimpse at one of the rarest diamonds ever found -- a rich, brilliant, perfect red!

Join NATURE to find out how diamonds are created, mined, cut and polished, auctioned, and even what the future may hold for them.

DIAMONDS airs on PBS Sunday, September 30th at 8 p.m. (check local listings). Watch the preview.

View the Production Credits.

This program first aired on PBS on February 8, 2004.

Interactive: Diamond Formation
Dominating Diamonds
Interview with author Kevin Krajick
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