Dolphins: Spy in the Pod

Part 1 | Full Episode

Dolphins: Spy in the Pod takes an in-depth look into the secret lives of a variety of dolphins as the specially designed “spycams” often interact and engage the curiosity of their subjects and film examples of their intelligence, communication, and relationships.

In the first episode, the most widespread and best-known dolphin, the bottlenose, is introduced. Females and males live in separate pods and are free to come and go, but there’s usually a core group that may be friends for life. A female stays close to her calf for two years teaching it valuable lessons like following stingrays to locate fish buried in sand and learning how to scan large kingfish with their sonar one by one to find the weakest and slowest ones. Spy Squid even discovers that dolphins rub against coral heads to help shed off old skin and replace their outer layer once every three hours.

Spy Dolphin documents the inventive fishing techniques of the bottlenose in the shallow waters of the Florida Keys. Working together, one member gets ahead of a mullet shoal and beats its tail to stir up plumes of mud from which the mullet try to escape but end up leaping into the mouths of waiting dolphins. Meanwhile, Spy Tuna follows spinner dolphins to show how they perform their unusual corkscrew leaps, stream bubbles from their blowholes as they whistle out their names, and combine with other superpods to form an incredible megapod made up of over 3,000 dolphins.