An Original DUCKumentary
Infographic: All About Ducks

Sure we know Donald and Daffy, but there’s much more to ducks than we’ve seen in cartoons. In reality, ducks—members of the Anatidae family—are extraordinarily complex creatures, the product of millions of years of evolutionary adaptation. Here are some facts and stats about ducks.

Duck Infographic, PBS Nature An Original DUCKumentary

Produced by Kate Fulton/Designed by Karen Brazell

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  • ron and sue

    This is good, share!! Sue!!

  • Jonathan

    Great infographic! Ducks will be theme of the week =)

  • Sue Hanneman

    Simply amazing.

  • Linda Kelley

    Last evening was one of the most enjoyable hours I’ve experienced in ages! Duckumentory restored my faith in TV viewing! From the first moments of watching the baby ducks hatching, I was completely engaged, fasinated, and on the edge of my seat awestruck! The miracle of their lives, their rapid fire immersion into the world from chicks to adults, made me feel quite weak and insignificant as a human being. This is the kind of show that inspires the rapturous wonder of childhood in me! Praises to the wonderful script, and delightful narration by Paul Giamatti, and to all involved in this totally amazing . program. Thank you , from my heart

  • Darlene

    Wonderful show! Thank you very much! Scared me when the jumped out of the nest!
    Any way to get a paper copy of the infographic above?

  • Nelson Balcar

    After years of my downplaying “nature shows” and their too-touchy-feely and “lacking in scientific rigor” aftertaste, I started easing back in to the show “Nature” becoming quickly amazed at a whole new level of human exploration and interaction with the vastness and fullness of life on this globe of ours! It’s really quite hard for me to convey the WOW effect in, and visibly on me that your programs have generated! One after another, they seemed to outdo the earlier ones.
    And now “Ducks” comes along elevating this comical, “yah, I know all about them” life form into ANOTHER example of how we take our selves so seriously proud while vastly under appreciating the wealth accumulated in the DNA of our biosphere.
    Where this unveiling of wonders takes us humans is my big fascination!!

  • Dee Gee

    It would be best to correct the above graphic to avoid confusing anyone. The notation about the oil gland points to an area under the tail. True, it’s at the base of the tail exactly where the tail connects to the body. However, the oil gland is on top of the tail, very close to where the circle is placed showing the pointy wing feathers. Aside from that error this is a beautiful piece of work! Well done.

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