An Original DUCKumentary

Ducks are ancient creatures.  True originals, ducks practice habitual lifestyles that have been essential to their evolutionary success for millions of years.  There are more than 120 different species of ducks—many with delightful names like “Buffleheads,” “Shovelers,” and “Woodies” that embody their charming personalities and curious mannerisms.  Despite the glorious display of their iridescent feathers, these webbed-footed waterfowl maintain a reputation for being clumsy and awkward.  But in reality they are surprisingly athletic birds; some have been clocked flying almost 100 mph, allowing them to outpace eagles and hawks.  Ducks have an uncanny knack for survival, and their exuberant behavior never ceases to entertain.  Take to the skies with a flock of green-winged Teal. Watch Wood ducks raise a family. Learn why Goldeneyes head north in the winter.  Each bird is unique, full of surprises, and will leave you eager to learn more.

An Original DUCKumentary airs Wednesday, November 27 at 9pm (check local listings).

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  • Sue Segade

    Can you tell me when this will be on? I have Cox cable in Orange County CA

  • fultonk

    Hi Sue,
    The show premieres Wednesday, November 14 at 8/7c. You can confirm the date and time with your local public television station by going here: Thanks!


  • Santa’s Grotto London

    We have recently just got rid of a malard ducks. They are menace to our garden, however, they were very cute at the same time.

    What sort of times are these shows on in the UK?

    Many thanks,

  • Lori

    Hi, I would like to view the show but was unable to click on the link shown. I live in madera, ca. Can you tell me of any showings in my area?
    I raise white crested ducks and Rouen, they are family to me :).

  • Suzanne

    Please note that domestic ducks dumped at ponds do NOT have “an uncanny knack for survival”. Please do not release domestic ducks at ponds & waterways.

    Looking forward to this program about wild ducks.

  • Wade

    Is there a DVD that one can purchase? I am unable to tune in tonight, but would love a DVD copy for my den!

  • Kim

    Excellent! Well done.

  • amanda mcc and doug h

    PBS – Please show us the credits!!!!!! Where was it shot? Who was the narrator? We don’t know because you treat us as if we are commercial network viewers and don’t show us!

    ps – the duckumentary was outstanding – we just want to know details!

  • Gae Bergmann

    Could I purchase this episode and how much would it cost? It was wonderful!!

  • Bob Greene

    Duckumentory is perhaps the best produced Nature I’ve seen. The story-telling is believable and of course the photography is fabulous. The unique thing is the use of common phrases – “sitting duck”, etc. Never thought about the meaning of those phrases and I’m sure I will remember the wealth of information easily. Thanks for great work!

  • Mary Anne Hughes

    I caught this show quite by accident and it was spellbinding. Incredible footage of diving ducks swimming and feeding and wood ducks emerging from their treetop nest for their first flight. For those who love ducks, it is a must see. Thanks for the show!

  • pjarchrn

    Great photography and an interesting species. Too bad the commentary couldn’t resist using every lame reference possible. Long on wise-ass; short on specifics. After the number of days until eggs hatched I heard no mention of the timeline to maturity.

  • Elmer

    Great program

  • Jennifer

    Watched it, loved it. Trying unsuccessfully to find info on who did the narration. Can you tell me whose voice that is? Thanks.

  • MattK

    Do I detect the narration of Paul Giamatti?

  • jms

    When ducks fly in a “V”, why is one side of the “V” longer than the other?

    Because there are more ducks in the longer side!

  • Stephi

    when will this be available to watch online? I don’t have a television and would really love to watch this ASAP

  • Emerald

    WOW. This went immediately to my top 5 favorite episodes. Sensational footage, an absolute delight to watch from start to finish. Loved the end credits. And nobody gets eaten! :)

  • Jerry in Texas

    I missed it. Will there be an encore for this show???

  • David Shannon

    Great show. It would have really helped with captions showing the locations.

  • Brady

    I find it interesting that the narrator uses the word “designed” rather than “adapted” or “evolved” when discussing the ducks’ bills.

  • fultonk

    Hi Jerry,
    You can check your local public television station schedule for rebroadcast here. The full episode is also available on our website here. Thanks,


  • Maxine

    Looks like I am not the only one who wants to know who narrated…the voice was very familiar…come on PBS…let us know!

  • Steve in Iowa

    I missed it. I heard it spoke about forced copulation in Wood Ducks. I have seen that in Mallards regularly and occasionally very brutally but in twenty years of raising and releasing Woodies and watching hundreds of pairs form bonds and mate on my pond I have not seen one case of forced copulation in Woodies. Go figure?

  • fultonk

    Hi Maxine,
    Actor Paul Giamatti narrated the film. You can see the complete list of production credits here.

  • Ed Sullivan

    The credit for narrator was at the very beginning, and also on the Production Credits page here. It’s Paul Giamatti.

  • Zohan

    Are all ducks edible?

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