Baby Tales
Breeding Habits

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  • cinnomon bun

    it is so cool but i didnt know that animals had such short breeding times.

  • Rissa

    Short? What on earth are you talking about? Animals breed over weeks at a time… Notice that they are breed over different time periods. Its because of where they roam and whatnot…I think.

  • Erin

    I know, animals are breeding machines! The animals that I have adopted have bred about…. I lost count a few months ago they bred so much!

  • NY Nick

    Wow, those fruit bats are quite a busy species.

  • danielle

    to rissa: compared to us animals have a short bredding process!!Duh!!!☺

  • Joshua

    This is so amazing!

  • anonymous

    They had to make a game about this?

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