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Filmmakers take us deep into the snowy owl’s tundra home on the North Slope of Alaska to observe the daily struggles involved in raising a family of helpless owlets until they’re able to fly. Buy the film. Magic of the Snowy Owl premiered October 24, 2012. (Video limited to US & Territories).

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  • Dave and Ghost

    Awesome movie!

  • bella

    Watched this tonight- absolutely awesome! Loved it when the little owls swam across the river. Have a question on a flower that was shown- white with pink on the ends of the petals (or shall I say that’s what I thought I saw). What is it’s name? Thanks.

  • Karen

    This movie about birds, so rare, is why I support pbs. Thanks for another great episode.

  • Patti

    I love all of the nature programs. I am so thankful to PBS for making them possible.

  • Alexa

    wow! wow! wow! Fanastic show! Thank you!

  • Sarah

    I had other things that needed to get done last night, but as soon as I realized this segment was about Snowy Owls, I had to drop my chores and watch the full hour, uninterrupted. It was so worth it – the show was AMAZING, thank you!

  • Mark Story Jenks


  • Becky

    Touching, beautiful, such caring, wonderful parents. Wish some people were like this. A wonderful creation from God. Made me cry.

  • Laura

    I was in tears (and I had a glimpse of a teary-eyed teenaged son as well!) and in awe of the mother owl, especially when her weakest chicklet was dying…. such tenderness she displayed trying to feed, comfort and shelter that little baby. She clearly understood her baby wasn’t going to make it and showed what humans might term a conscience. And the rapid-fire adjustment to reality when that chicklet died — she fed it to her other chicks so they would survive. Just amazing!

  • Jake

    It would be a crime to cut away funding for PBS. with such horrendous waste in govt, medical, and military, and they look to PBS for savings. What warped priorities some segments of society have. This knowledge will help us save the planet, if we take care of its most vulnerable. These creatures need every bit of help we can provide them. Its man not nature that damages their habitat.

  • Saajid

    The vid said that the snowies lay up to 14 eggs, the largest of any owl. I was wondering,how big is the largest egg amount made by any bird?

  • Annie

    Simply wonderful. The footage was superb. They are truely amazing birds and so magnificent. Thank you so much.

  • Tom Reichner

    I tried to watch this, but it says it is no longer available. What’s with that??? Frustrated.

  • Sharon C Hayden

    I saw this and like the others, I too felt compelled to watch this, I found it moving when all the little owlets crossed the river. and the one that was struggling with courage to cross. This made me contemplate my own struggles with courage and family. Thank you PBS for not missing a step on quality entertainment.

  • Judy


  • Ben

    I have watched so many Nature pieces and they are all so spiritually restoring. Also, masterfully and beautifully recorded and composed. The Snowy Owl episode is breathtaking. The ten minutes of the mother caring for having to deal with death of her sickly owlet are profound. Thank you PBS and thank you Nature. One more reason to support and stand up for Public Television.

  • Ryan

    Absolutely wonderful. And to the cameramen, it took a lot of –something– to press on and take these amazing shots. With all those mosquitoes, I would have tossed the camera into the river and wondered why I was there! Thank you for bringing this episode to all of us.

  • Cosette

    My daughter and I were fascinated with this – couldn’t stop watching! What a wonderful show! A week later and she still remembers so much we learned from the show! Thanks!

  • Roy

    Sad we cannot see this program and others like it, Nova for example where we live here in Mexico. Very frustrating as well.

  • Jay

    Thank you for producing a wonderul show. Thank you for your work with nature and the environment. Thank you for bringing value to my home and to the next generation. Thank you.

  • Tammie

    The photography was beautiful. As an Alaskan, a birdwatcher and having spent time in the Arctic watching these owls for years… the assumptions made by the narrator that they were having a hard time surviving, that it was unusual for the female to go hunt, that it was far for an male owl to have to go more than 2 miles to hunt for food and so many more comments in the script were misleading and way off base. The anthropomorphism was completely over the top and diminished the program and Snowy owls. It is not unusual for a chick to not survive when there are several chicks in the brood, the female always leaves the chicks to hunt once they are a certain size, their hunting range is as large or larger than what was protrayed. These are magnificent birds with incredible abilities for not just surviving, but thriving in the Arctic. Normally I see Nature as a science program, this program missed the mark with the human drams and was not up to the standards the program usually meets.

  • Southeastern Wildlife Photography

    this episode was just the best on snowy owls that I’ve ever seen…

  • Cindy Munger

    I have tried to get my granddaughter to share my enthusiasm for birds. I think this was the one that did it ! This kind of work is what gives me reason to support public television at this old age. It is so worth it !

  • Daniel Kaplan

    Although I love the Nature series, this episode was too boring and I would not recommend it, however I would recommend the Duckumentary.

  • Adam

    This was yet another fantastic episode. Thank you so much for sharing this online and for the great awareness yall bring about. As an educator I appreciate the educational resources as well!

  • Gary

    “Touching, beautiful, such caring, wonderful parents. Wish some people were like this. A wonderful creation from God. Made me cry.”

    Umm, what about the lemmings that serve as nothing more than food for the owls? Are they a wonderful creation from god as well?

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