Clash: Encounters of Bears and Wolves
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Yellowstone National Park is a world of predators, scavengers and opportunists. In this vast and complex kingdom, two dominant predators reign supreme: the grizzly bear and the wolf. Size and power square off against speed and teamwork, as mighty grizzly bears contend with powerful packs of wolves for control of the food supply. Normally these two fearsome hunters would rule their ranges uncontested, but in Yellowstone they must share resources, or face starvation. Buy the DVD. This film premiered in January 17, 2010.

  • Tristan

    Immensely enjoyed seeing this nature, showing the true conflicts of an ecosystem, and the difficulties of life for all creatures. Keep up the great work Nature!

  • Gabby

    Loved this episode of Nature, it really shows the true ecosystem of Yellowstone National Park.

  • Angela

    Loved the program and wanted to see it again however it will not play due to rights restrictions. Sad for us British Columbians.

  • M. Michel Gallant

    I am very disapointed that i can’t watch your videos on my computer because of my region (Montreal) due to rights restrictions.

    Well,yes i was thinking of donathing money for helping you guys, but i think i will send it to HAITI.I think they need it more than you.

    M.Michel Gallant

  • Jack

    As good as it gets–I spent 3 weeks in the park in 09 and saw some great stuff but nothing like this. Of course I didn’t have a $$$$$$$ camera to capture what I did see.

  • John

    thats b/s you film these animals in Canada but wont let us watch, kys.

  • Jessica

    thank you Nature for such great shows. showing both sides and keeping every thing as it should be. you do a beautiful job filming the world.
    I’ve been to yellowstone many times but you renew my love every time I watch you films. :) thank you.

  • Teju Vishwamitra

    What an awesome experience! Although I sat in my cosy & warm home in Cincinnati, OH to watch this episode, I know fully well how much struggle it must have been for the film crew to photograph this (& other) nature episode(s). My sincere thanks to all of them for providing such unique viewing experience.

  • Gerald De girolamo

    How can I purchase Hummingbird and grizzly/wolf DVDs. Thanks

  • Julio Quintero

    I did notice in a couple of scenes that you can see the denuded pine trees in the background. They looked dead. Then, at the end the bear did not hibernate.

    I was in Colorado last year and I rode up the mountain I noticed all the dead pine trees. I asked the driver why that was. His response was that the Winters don’t get cold enough now to kill the beetles that are destroying the pine forests. Apparently, the relatively warm winters keeps the bugs eating through the winter.

  • 13 yearold girl

    it waz good

  • Marilyn

    The December bear, could it be that winters are warmer (a la global warming) so the bear’s innate clock is off? This was a wonderful Nature series, like all of them. I would like to know more about the theme song to the Nature series. The orchestra sounds so wonderful and vibrant.

  • Jay Smith

    As a naturalist, “Nature” is my favorite program, and this episode is one of the best–loved it! Great filming in that it reveals some of the character in individual animals, and the general traits of the species, and how they’re interdependent irrespective of rivalries, and predator/prey relationships. Two questions raised by depictions of the film that were not answered: the relationship between the black bears and the grizzlies–how do they get along? And what happened to the grizzly at the very end–did he (or she) eventually hibernate, or remain out in the wintry landscape?

  • Goody

    WOW! Superb job. I really love your narrations. They help me relate to, and understand what the animals are thinking while in their natural habitats. Please continue your GREAT work!

  • Martin T Pond

    How do I get a copy?
    I want to do a carving of two bears fighting. During your presentation I saw exactly what I needed to make my carving in wood realistic.

  • Geoffrey Gluckman

    Another fantastic show. It really emphasizes the interdependence between animals in the wild and how that is not something humans could possibly manage. great job!

  • Luka

    Those bears erk the heck out of me, mooching off everyone else’s efforts; people that do that to me leave some blood behind.

  • Denis

    Ciao mi chiamo Denis e sono un italiano.
    Amo la natura quella selvaggia “wildlife”, il mio sogno sarebbe un giorno venire a YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK o al DENALI NATIONAL PARK.

  • Giselle

    AWESOME VideO!

  • phil

    The wonder of nature at it’s best

  • John V.

    I thought this episode was wonderfully well done. Enjoyable and informative.

  • Noelle

    Really loved this. Great look at the interaction of the wildlife of Yellowstone :)

    Loved the bits with other animals too, such as the robin and owl and the coyotes wit with kills.

    The bear near the end along the lake was cute. Seemed to be really enjoying himself haha.

    Especially paid attention to the old bear called “Scarface”. This program made him seem so cool.
    I did some searching and found out he was later killed because he raided some cabins. The article made him seem so vicious in comparison to how he was portrayed here :O Nonetheless, his impression was lasting to me :) RIP Scarface.

  • Jessica

    Thank you so much PBS for this beautiful show called Nature.Love Wolves and bears are amazing as well.

  • Topher1980

    Excellent!!!! Could not have been displayed any better!!!

  • Delbert

    This was very good one. I love the Nature and scenery. It is very interesting to see the inneraction of animals who are natural enemies. Thanks for providing this for us to enjoy.

  • Isa

    I love that bear that they showed in the end. He’s so smart, and kind of lazy too. =) It made me laugh. I love watching these Nature videos.

  • lilly

    John: If you didn’t clue in from the title, this was filmed in Yellowstone. Which is in Wyoming.

  • GrizzlyGirl

    I always knew bears were awesome, but WOW…if I could come back in my next life as a grizzly (preferably a big mean manbear), I’d consider that a nice jump UP the evolutionary scale. Until then, I’ll just make sure I don’t let my Nature Conservancy membership lapse!

  • Abbie Ellis

    Living in Canada, “North America”, it’s extremely frustrating that we are not able to view many videos because of the region we are in. Yet our country and it’s animals are commonly displayed in many of these videos. This alone should give us the right to view videos about wolves, elk, grizzly bears, cougars and so on. We come across these animals in everyday life due to the fact that our land is still habitable unlike many parts of the United States. Thanks for taking something that is ours and making it your own.

  • belal abdulah

    thats why its important for us not to hunt wolfes , they have the right to live just like us , not just wolfes but any wild animal

  • Arthur Ratke

    I enjoy watching your nature and science programs but I get a lot of sorry but this video is not available in your area Why is that I thought I was on the world wide web What is this?????

  • alexis

    wow this is a long video shorten it up a lil k but other than that it is ok good job peeps;)

  • alexis

    goood job people this is a good place to look at if yuo are loooking for ideas for a project at school then come here AlExIs ;)

  • samantha Minaj

    godiva chocolate rocks!

  • Michael Misiano

    I love nature. Im 18 and want to explore the world and its animals. Any one want to join me?

  • Clintonese LeVert

    Love this episode!

  • charlie

    The power of survival and adaptation really makes its mark in this episode

  • BJ

    I can not watch it

  • Tsuyako Nee Dels

    That was a great movie, i loved it!

  • Larry Noelker

    Wonderful accounting of the animals involved in this show. I’ve watched several of your full video’s and thanks for such a wonderful job.

  • rangerrickm

    CLASH: Encounters of Bears and Wolves– Granted, I am biased in my personal interests toward the Northern Rockies, Y2Y, Yellowstone/Grand Teton/Glacier………… but THIS is one of the best, most awesome NATURE episodes ever produced. A number of “recent” nuances in animal behaviour (toward the end: why do grizzlies hibernate,,,or not?) A most beautifully done , phenomenal episode !!!! Thankyou !!!!

  • adirondax

    Great video. Alexis , if it is too long for you, don’t watch so long. I think the length was great.

  • Karen Simons

    Great film! what a great way to educate people.


  • Leonardo

    Great and i can´t never get enough of your fantastic channel…..

  • Erydiam

    Wonderful Mother Nature as ever, thanks PBS by made these amazing Videos and for giving us knowledge about Nature…also to protect its beauty.

  • A

    Great! I learned a lot from this!

  • Sana Ahmad

    hi I’m from Egypt, the video isn’t working with me, is anyone facing the same problem ?



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