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The returning saga of Cloud, the wild stallion, finds us back in the Arrowhead Mountains of Montana. Cloud is one of two fathers who bring up each other’s sons. Bolder is his by birth, while Flint, sired by another stallion, is the colt Cloud raised. Now, Bolder has gathered some mares of his own, and Flint has joined a group of bachelor stallions. Who will rise to challenge the mighty Cloud? Buy the DVD. This film premiered October 25, 2009.

  • Cam

    My lord, Cloud’s still stunning. And has such a large family! I’m amazed that Shadow survived without milk and surprised that it took Cloud so long to drive Flint and Bolder away. I love Bolder, glad he got some mares. And I want to see more of Image! He has white socks as well as Bolder’s daughter.

    Thanks Ginger!

  • Steve

    Such a wonderful show. I watched it for the first time flipping channels and I’m mesmerized by Cloud and all the horses – look forward to watching all the episodes!

  • Finness

    I am so happy Cloud is alive. He is so beautiful, and again we have another mini version of him. Boulder and Flint grew up well and look big and strong. I praise the efforts to bring the plight of our wild horses to the attention of all. They deserve to be left in peace, after all they are part of our heritage and many others. Anyway I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful job, and hopefully more of your great films on the horses. Sincerely, Finness Harlow

  • Hannah

    Rain is sooo pretty i started to cry when i heard that dusty had gotten killed cloud looks magnifisent and bolder is very much alive amd i wonder what flint will do

  • Elyse

    Ever since I saw the first Cloud episode, I knew that I would want to see more. I am so thrilled that there’s a new episode of Cloud. I love wild horses or tamed horses and I enjoy watching anything to do with horses. Horses are amazing creatures, beautiful, strong, brave.

  • canter

    It was so wonderful to see Cloud again….. Sad that Sitca is dead….. I hope to see more of Rain and Image….

    Thanks Ginger for gain an insight into these fantastic world !!

  • Drew

    I know this isn’t going to be popular but… while the film technique was very impressive to say the least, but there was serious faults with the “documentary” aspect of the film.

    Primarily, these problems were concerning the alleged mountain lion attacks on the horses and colts in the winter that the filmmaker neither witnessed nor found any evidence to confirm. If the filmmaker is going hypothesize that mountain lions dispatched some of the horses during the winter, she should have had evidence. There are a variety of things that can kill a horse during the harsh winters there. Singling out the mountain lion without some evidence, was wrong.

    People have visceral reactions to such activities, and the fact that these large predators are still hunted in the west in shameful. The filmmaker’s willingness to place blame where there was no evidence will only contribute to this sad tradition. Ultimately, the horses are an introduced species and using the term “wild” to describe them is wrong as well.

    Otherwise, great work and film making.


    Cloud is the best horse around! i feel glad for bolder because he has a family now. i have been watching the cloud series from the start atleast once a month!Your filmmaking has never let me down! THANKS GINGER! oh and i have one question: Will there be another episode in the Cloud series?

  • daiusgooon

    that was coool

  • Oberzene Pruitt

    some people will see faults in anything. It ws a beautiful episode.

  • KHankinson

    I was heartbroken to learn that Cloud’s band has been captured and some of them auctioned off. Why would the goverment do this? I don’t understand! Is there anything we can do about this?

  • John Luerding

    I think the quality of film making and documentary was super. It only stands to reason, that a youngling horse could be the dinner for the mountain lions. Nothing else around would be predatory towards the creature but a mountain lion. Only way a mother horse would abandon its child is if the small horse died, fell, killed by predatory animals or was captured. Since all that could be found was a possible bone. As I said it stands to reason that it was killed by a cat and the carcass scattered to the winds by scavengers, coyotes, foxes etc..

    Any horse born out of captivity, in the wild where they are left to their own devices for survival are “WILD” The horses that were introduced to the area at the start of population, I would agree with Drew were not wild. Horses that came afterwards however Drew, are wild.

    As a photographer, all I can say to the filmmaker is such an absolute wonderful opportunity to observe and be part of a documentary.

  • Linda

    Thankyou so much Ginger for all your hard work. I to have looked forward to the Cloud Stories. These Beautiful Elegant babies are our American Heritage and I have such a heart for all horses they need to be left alone and the BLM needs to but out. When man involves himself all they do is mess things up.
    God Bless you ginger

  • marion

    Recommend that this documentary on the Wild Horses/Cloud in Montana — be aired during prime time on a weekday on PBS rather than a Sat. evening at supper hour (as I caught last part Sat. evening, Oct. 31, 2009) so more people/publics can be made aware of this horrible problem our fed government has been pursuing for some time. I was aware of it but seeing/hearing it really hits home hard. We gave the Indians the worst land in the West and called them reservations, and took their dignity and lifestyle away from then, and now the horses….

  • Barbara

    Thanks so much for documentary on Cloud an all the other Wild horses.It was so heart catching.I hope you will do another film on cloud to let us know what happens to him and Bolder and Flint.I guess the BLM needs something to do since the Indians have been put on a back burner now.What is it about our government that has to take everthing good in our country and turn it bad???
    thanks again for your program,I continue to watch them over and over.

  • CRM

    Drew, your opinion is not only not popular, it’s wrong. Of course the mountain lions kill foals, as well as young or injured deer, sheep, etc. It’s what they do. They are predators. And the filmmaker does have evidence, and has witnessed the results and evidence of kills. I don’t believe the lions are being “blamed” for attempting to survive, anymore than the bears or birds are. The point being made by the film is that nature takes care of population control of all animals if the they are all left alone, both predator and prey. It is not necessary that man interfere. If you’ll research the politics of the BLM, you’ll see that it is more about the ranchers and their polical weight than anything else. Wonderful film, Ginger! There are many, many of us behind these animals, fighting to preserve their right to remain free and isolated.

  • Debbie

    I immensely enjoyed watching Cloud & his family, Im sure that everyone is anxiously waiting for a follow up after the round up that occured. Please keep us posted.

  • Thaddeus Hudson

    What a beautiful film. It was as good as the 1st two. Cloud and his family has been in my life now since the beginning and I hope they are for years to come. I`ve learned so much from your films about animals I thought I knew about. What happened to the magnificent Red Raven? Keep up the great work Ginger, Watch out for those lions. You are one strong woman. I love your determination and dedication. Great film!

  • thuyle

    thanhk you so much for this video. I like so much. Thanhks!

  • Lexa

    Oh Ginger absolutely magnificent. It was a great film but i have been wondering what happened to raven and clouds mother. im sorry i havnt watched the first two recently and have forgotten. but i have to say that Shamen looks beautiful and his sons have such neat markings especially how their mane is black with one blonde streak. <3 loved it ^.^

  • joanne

    The roundup makes me think it is done for political reasons rather than care of the horses.
    More horses on the range means more prey for mountain lions and ranchers do not want mountain lions which might attack their cattle.– “thus control the number of horses”. It seems as though in this area nature could control its wildlife with food supply, weather conditions and natural prey. I believe these roundups are done for political and economic reasons. These helicopter roundups have to be stressful for the horses, and breaks up their natural family unity.

  • Mandi

    Amazing as always.
    @drew. I’m sure ginger has witnessed a few attacks…but why would any one want to plaster that on the T.V.? Especially when the people watching this are extreme horse lovers… no one wants to see a fragile foul being dismembered by a couger. Ginger also gets tips from the BLM, like she did with the one foal. Just as well, they are wild. There have always been races of wild horses around the world. But the ones in the begining were definately not as striking and elegant. Also, anything with out human contact is wild. I suggest you start looking into that. They are certainly not ‘domestic’. If ginger gets too close they will bolt. A domesticated horse on a ranch would rather run up to you in hope of something ineresting. Get some insight before attacking others on their hard work. =D

    Heart warming, just like the past two. I know you won’t be able to stop falling your ’second family’. I just hope you also won’t be able to stop sharing your memories and experiences with us who don’t have the honer of doing this ourselves.

  • keanna

    omg i would love to watch theses horses all day long i cant wait untill the next episode comes on tv i love this show good luck with the show cloud is amazing!!!

  • Spencer

    shame there’s no embed code available

  • Lynell

    Beautiful! I could just sit and watch them all day as well. It must be difficult to leave them for so long. I would love to know how the round up effected the bands. I had heard that Cloud was released but was “injured” and that some of Bolder’s band was kept while he was released. I don’t recall hearing anything about Shaman or Flint or what may have happened to the rest of Cloud’s band. The BLM needs to be stopped. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.
    Thank you Ginger for bringing Cloud and his family into our living rooms. I look forward to knowing more.

  • Christine Blythe

    I had tears in my eyes, watching this. Thank you so much for your amazing use of your camera and your passion which goes along with it. Bless you

  • Zoe-Anne

    I love it and my firend loves horses

  • Valérie

    Horses are my passion. I hope that someday I’ll see wild horses with my eyes… They are beautiful. This video is beautiful too.

  • Anna

    I love horses and have some of my own and they are amazing I love the show it really discribes the life of wild horses GOOD JOB

  • Irissa

    the show is amazing I adore Cloud it is a really cutE ahow it is great

  • megan

    i love the story it was sad when the horses died but i love it when the horse was born if you could get more images of wild hores i would watch them over and over again!!

  • Amy

    As a horse owner and lover, I absolutely love these documentaries. Ginger, these films are wonderful. I have learned tons! I watch my own horses doing so much of these same things. Watching your films has given me a much bigger respect for the “little” things my horses are trying to tell me.

    At first the film gave me the impression that the mountain lion was wreaking havoc on the herds babies as if the mt. lions are out of control…but then she mentions about the birth control shots that the mares are given by the BLM. That was when I realized that she was pointing out that if the BLM would leave the mares alone the mt. lions and other predators would take care of the population.

    Shame on the BLM for letting the ranchers woo them into doing such damage to these wonderful creatures.

  • Roxy

    Drew – your comment: “People have visceral reactions to such activities, and the fact that these large predators are still hunted in the west in shameful. The filmmaker’s willingness to place blame where there was no evidence will only contribute to this sad tradition.”

    First this is “PBS Nature” – have you watched any of the other Nature programs? The Cloud series is very tame by comparison.

    Then, somehow the whole point got missed by you. Ms. Kathrens wants “natural” wild horse managment -WANTS the cougars to be left “un-hunted” to be part of the managment.

    Anyway, something happened to the fouls, whether cougars, bears (unlikely), wolves (more unlikely), they are gone. If they were struck by lightening or other modes of death there would more likely be some carcus evidence left as seen in the first 2 shows.

    Ms. Kathrens and PBS Nature, thank you again for your hard work to share this wonderful part of the American wild world with us. We must all join you in efforts to stop the mindless and shameful eradicaitn of these american icons by the BLM. I heard you say on a radio spot that you will be continueing to follow and video our American wild horses – can’t waite for more and will check The Cloud Foundation often for updates.

  • Rudy

    I am very happy for Cloud. Please, keep making videos of him! I am excited to see Image grow and Bloulder; he is one stuuning Palomino Stallion. I can’t belive he took Shurmans mares?! I am also woundering how Flint will do. He is bold, just like Cloud. Maybe the way he raised him… Or, maybe he will turn out like Shurman? Hmmm… This is one exciting adventure and can’t wait for more episodes!

  • Anna

    OH MY GOSH this episode is amazing I am watching this show almost every day now I am really happy for cloud and I think that Cloud and his daddy were my favoriets PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep posting new episods

  • Irissa


  • stephhen mutinda

    too good to be true

  • Katie

    I Love Rain and Cloud they both are smart and very protect and are very pretty I have four horses Zoniya is myn the other three are Lighting, Harley,Billy Im sorry for the colts that died in the movie.

  • Gab

    I love Cloud! I’ve seen all his episodes and I hope there might be another installment in his life.

    I loved Sitka though! I wonder what happened to her
    Poor Dusty though. Looked just like my own mustang and was kind of hoping he would be rounded up in the BLM and then I can tell all my friends that my pony is a superstar XD (Guess not though lol)

  • Hailey

    I am so glad that cloud got to live this long and I cant wait until I get to see more of Image

  • Anna

    I am sooooooo glad Cloud got a band and I am really sad for the foals that died I think that one of my favoriets are firestorm and Cloud I LOVE HIM and I can’t wait to see the next one

  • Sheerah

    It’s awsome Video!

  • Aaron

    It stunning. Nature is more beautiful then anything man can create. Its a shame we choose the later more often then not. A truly amazing story, gave a new meaning to running with the wind in your hair. Ginger is quite lucky.

  • Kyra

    I am just amazed by the natural beauty that Ginger was able to capture in these films. The horses are magnificent and I have waited for awhile to see the third installment, I would love to have a forth come along in the near future. Ginger you do an awesome job with the filming and with these animals, your films show what really happens in the lives of wild creatures. I loved seeing all the new babies but was saddened that so many of them died. I can’t believe that Cloud’s favorite mare Sitka is dead, I know that she disappeared but I was really hoping that she would wander into the herd again and take her place back as lead mare.I want to know what happened after the round up. I know Cloud was released but how many of the others were as well. Does anyone know?

  • MacKenzie

    This is the best thing I’v ever watched. My love for horses increased after watching this just to see the natural beauty of horses was an amazing thing. I hope to see more of Cloud and the gang.

  • hannah

    thanks ginger for the last episode in clouds life sad sitka is dead she has been awesome she will be missed glad bolder has some mares hope flint will get some soon

  • Madison

    It’s truely amazing how God reunites families.I think Cloud and Velvet recodnized each other.I think Velvet chose to stay with Cloud.Maybe Cloud snaked her like that because he didn’t know it was Velvet at first.I’m sure Sitca turned to Cloud because she had a strong atachment to him and chose to roam beside him and the rest of her family.Also,I think Cloud was very sad when Sitca died,But i’m sure she died peacefuly.One day I hope to find my wild horse mountain and look for my own horse to follow.Thanks Cloud,and you Ginger,and all the other horses on that mountain for helping me relize life is hard on all nature.Encluding the ones we don’t expext to have trouble.I also thank all of you for bringing me closer to nature and horses than I ever thaught I would.

  • Tiffany

    i dont have a tv if u can imagine that but when i have time i enjoy watching your program i love horses more so when they r free…i’m glad someone has the bravery and nerve to withstand the weather n the dangers to film such a wholesome show…THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

  • sage

    oh my gosh sitka died it almost seems to me like cloud was sad sitka was my favorite and she was so loyal to cloud. and boulder defying shaymon like that and flint trying to do the same. i would like to see more of velvet and rain and cloud also image i love that name ginder u r amazinfg you have opened my eyes to the real horse.

  • Shirley

    I want to thank you for the splended video’s of Clloud,Flint,Bolder.Are you going back on the mountain to see them again.To see rainey,Image,Shadow,it has to be quite a wonderful feeling to see all these beautiful,and wonderful horses.God didn’t make a mistake when he created them as they are magnificent.From Raven.Plentatoed <Sp? Santa Fe,Sitka.I can't get enough of watching your video's.I watch them on a daily basis.Ginger Kathren I want you to know your are one terrific lady to do what your doing filming these Beautiful,majestic horses.And how is Image and all that were foals when you made the film of the Challenge of the Stallions,and how is the wonderful horse Cloud?Thank you so much.I've loved horses since I was a kid,but now I'm on the down side of 60.but I will alwasy wish I could see those horses in person as they steal my heart.

  • Shirley DYKHUIS

    I love Cloud and all his family,and all the bands.I would like to see more about them,I’m so sad that Sitka died she was Clouds most loyal mare and friend for life.Bolder,Flint,Image,velvet,storm are all precious to and I’d love to see more of them,actually all the wild horses especially Cloud and his band as to how they’re doing,thank you Ginger for all the knowledge you’ve given us about these beautiful horses that are being so mistreated by BLM.

  • Bill

    Well done, Beautiful, great story,will there be a continutation?

  • chelseys

    wow these horses are so lovely im sad sitka died thogh but cloud is so gorgse and i hope to see more
    i realy whant to see more of image hes so cute

  • A.J.

    OMG I loved that. I always loved sitka and I wished she didn’t die. WAIT I just thought of something else. Mabey she was captured by another stallion or by the BLM? LETS PRAY THAT HAPPENED.

  • Emily

    That was AMAZING!

  • Shirley

    The video of Challenge of the stallions is terrific Ginger K.,,you did an amazing job putting that together.I like A.J. hope that Sitka was won by another stallion not BLM,but I don’t think thats the case as you said she was 17 when she went off to foal and that bad lump in her side was not good.I don’t know it would be nice if she was still roaming free somewhere.Whats happened to Image and Shadow,Velvet,Cloud and all of them.Did they shipp Bolder and Flint out to Nevada somewhere,seems I read that somewhere,is that right??Poor Conquistador and Grumpy need to be released to run free for the remainder of their lives.It’s a shame they pen’d them up where they can’t do anything.The wild horses are magnificent and beautiful.they stand for part of this countries HISTORY.And they’re Gods Beautiful Creations and should be left alone and able to roam free forever as God so intended them to and thrieve and multiply.

  • hannah

    Gods beautiful earth has a style people and animals live and go but the movies of cloud gets you to know your family is always there and even at the worst of times everybody comes to help. life is a bit of a challenge a mare going to a stallion or a stallion stealing a mare is like a divorce which is very hard. through hardshp and rough times family and God are wth you.

  • AnuM

    Thank you Ginger for a great work and story! I really hope you can keep up the good work and return to the mountain as soon as it comes possible after the winter. I wish the horses have survived from the harsh winter it must have been in their mountain too.

    I found this wonderful site and stories when searching for some material about the horses living in the wild…Can you imagine that the youngsters today asking seriously “How can the horses survive in the wild without deworming and ferriers?” I see a real need for this kind of work, so I really hope that Ginger can continue it on her behalf :-)

  • Horselover1

    Thank you sooooo much for your wonderful videos, Ginger. I love watching Cloud and his family. I hope Sitka died peacefully. :( I love the names you gave the horses. You are sooooo lucky to be able to go to BLM land to see the horses!! Please keep making movies!!!

  • Ellen Bauchope

    Such a great series! Hope there will be a fourth one! As I live in France, this series dosn’t go on TV, but recently bought a magazine with the second episode of this in french! It seems to be an international success!
    I was very sad when Sitka died and even more so when Dusty was killed!

  • Shirley

    Dear Ginger K.,I enjoy watching the three video’s of Cloud from birth to I believe 9yrs.old when he captured the mare Velvet,who he knew back when he was a young foal.this video of Challenge of the Stallions was so terrific I never get tired of watching it and the other captured everything about these magnificent horses so well.I also would like to know if there will be a fourth video about Cloud and all the wild horse bands.I pray about our beautiful wild horses may they always roam free and multiply as God so intended them to do,and be left alone by the BLM as they don’t need manageing as God takes very good care of them and he also regulates and controls the size of the herds,by the preditors,the weather and as they become very old and die..I agree with you Ginger K.the BLM made their own problem with to many horses in holding pens,they need to return the wild horses to the ranges where they were born and return the land they took from them and let them ROAM FREE FOREVER AND EVER

  • Shirley

    hello,Ginger K. I am always in ah every time I watch your video’s about Cloud and all the wild horses.They’re all so beautiful and magnificent animals.It breaks my heart when I hear what the BLM has been doing to them and is doing.I wrote congress lady Kay Granger and Senator Coryne sp? and senator Kay-Baily Hutchison sp? and President Obama this evening about getting congress to remove Salazar and to stop paying the BLM and fire them and then prosecute each and everyone of them that were and are involved with the distruction and mistreatment and inhumane way they’ve rounded up these magnificent animals,I made the horses a promise I would write e-mail everybody and anybody that can help stop the insanity of the BLM and Salzar.I so hope you will make another video about Cloud and his family and all the wild are one incredible lady,you are to be admired for all that you’ve done and are doing for these beautiful animals

  • SARI

    I wonder how flint and image are doing i hope they are okay

  • Shirley

    I was on the website, and there is going to be a march on the White House this month,I believe its going to happen around the 15th of this month you go on those web sites and you can get all the information about it and a list os congressmen and women you can call petition on behalf of the wild horses against the BLM and the illegal save Cloud and his family and all the wild horsesI won’t be able to be in D.C.for the march but I will be making phone calls thats for sure.Our friends the wild horses can’t speak for themselves so we have to do it for them.I believe Ginger Kathren and other advocates for the wild horses are going to be there for the march and protest to save Cloud and all the wild horse bands.I pray the horses will be saved.

  • Shirley

    Hello,Ginger K. I was wondering how are Image, Shadow ,Flint, Bolder, Rainey, Velvet, Cloud, Storm, just all the beautiful horses, hopefully their fine and roaming free like they should be.Are you going to make a fourth video about all of them,I pray you will so we all can see these magnificent horses again.I just love Cloud and all the wild horses each one has a personality all their own.And Shadow and Image,Storm were so cute when they were little,I’d love to see them now that they’re all grown up. I pray they’re all alive and doing well.

  • Madison

    Cloud is the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen, apart from my horse of course! I love Image. he’s the cutest little ball of energy!

  • joyce

    Oohhh my goodness! This is a gargantuan revelation. Thank you for sharing and inspiring, as well as advocating, all of your love, time, and energy devoted to this documentary. Hopefully, the content creates a clear understanding to turn “We the People” and the BLM around to a new way of thinking and doing: to keep our wild horses …wild horses! It brought tears to my eyes. Tears of joy at being able to actually share some time in their lives ..the way wild horses live and should be able to continue living.
    Sending love to you and these wild horses,
    Truly, Joyce

  • Shirley

    Hello,Ginger K. how are things going for Cloud and all his family??I do hope all of his family and him and all the other wild horses are free and roaming their ranges where they were born.All the magnificent beautiful wild horses from Raven on down the line to image and storm to all the young foals that we haven’t seen that have been born since storm and image,I sincerely hope with all my heart that they’ll be able to all be released back on the ranges where they were born to roam free forever and ever.And I pray real soon that all the land taken from the wild horses be returned to them and the BLM will be fired and prosecuted for their abuse and inhumane treatment they have done and are doing to these beautiful animals.They have to be the cruelist,cold hearted people on this earth,how they can sleep at night is beyond me.Cloud and all his family and the rest of the bands don’t deserve the way they are being treated by the BLM and Salazar.Ginger K.I am still signing every petition on this I am e-mailing everybody and anybody that can or could help save our wild horses.I even went so far as to e-mail Ellen D.about our beautiful horses and their mistreatment,hopefully I’ll hear back from her.She does alot for different organization,abuse for animals.we’ll see.I just can’t imagine not having our wild Horses and Burro’s roaming their open ranges as God so intended them to do.

  • Shirley

    Hello Ginger K.,,has there been any thing new about Cloud and his band and all the bands.Did the courts bring charges against the BLM like they were going to??I sure hope so as they’re breaking the law doing what they’ve been doing and are doing to the wild horses and burro’s.And I do hope they’ve stopped using the PZP on the mares and stopped altering the Stallions.As they need to breed and multiply so they will live and roam free forever and keep the wild horse and burro breeds going for an eternity as God so intended for them to do.The wild hosres and burro’s are managed not by man,cause man can’t manage any wild animal,between the preditors and the severe weather in the winter time,keeps the bands to the right size.I would like any news anyone can share about these beautiful horses and burro’s.I keep praying and e-mailing anyone I think could or would help save our wild horses and burro’s.god Bless Cloud and his and all the bands everywhere.

  • Madeline

    Hello Ginger,
    How has cloud been? I am looking to adopt a mustang that has already been captured through two roundups. Do you have any edvice to keeping a wild mustang and taming it? I love watching cloud and his family! Is there going to be another seson? I love to see Cloud with Velvet and am so sorry Dusty was killed.

  • Thaddeus Hudson

    Hello Ginger, I love your films. I cant seem to get enough of them. I`ve just finished watching Challenge of the Stallions again, and Its better again for the 10th time. Your films do something to me that I cant explain. I`ve watched the other two over and over and I find them just as passionate. I love the music. It fits. Image is beautiful and I hope “Image, son of Cloud” is being thought abought as the next film. I love the way you showed the way that all the elements of their enviornment works so wonderfully together. I hurt for the loss of the beautiful colts that were lost to the lions but thats nature being shown at its self. If you do decide to do another film about the wild horses there, I hope you keep your simple passion and eyes and heart that are so filled with love for them that I can feel all the way to Atlanta. Thank Marty fo getting you to do the films in the first place also. Whatever happened to the magnificent Red Raven and his mare? I see several stallions that look just like him in the last film. Thanks again Ms. Katherns, You do good work.

  • Francis

    Theres got to be a fourth one by image, flint and or boulder

  • Shirley

    I also hope there will be a fourth Cloud video of Image,Bolder,Flint and all the off-spring from Cloud and Sitka,Shaymen .What ever happened to the magnificent Looking Glass,Santa fe and all.All the wild mustangs are so beautiful and exciting to watch,so please Ginger make another video about these magnificent wonderful horses.The President Obama and Ken Salazar and the BLM should watch your videos and then they might understand that these wild horses need to stay free to roam the open ranges and multiply like God so intended them to.They don’t deserve the way they’ve been and are being treated by Ken Salazar and the BLM.God Bless you Ginger K.for all you’ve done and are doing for the wild horses and burro’s.Your a terrific lady.

  • Jazmine Diaz

    These shows are my favorites I hope there will be one this year 2010

  • Toni

    I’m thrilled to see Cloud in such great condition, but it broke my heart to hear about the tradegy with Sitka. And Cloud’s little buckskin, Dusty. But everything happens for a reason, and Cloud will go on to sire new foals and find new mares. Image is beautiful. I had to pull up a picture of baby Cloud and then compare the two. I hope he stays the creamy champagne color of his father, and not darken to copper, like Bolder did. Flint amuses me somehow – the way he tries so hard to get mares from his stepfather, and yet just not too far away theres a chance of a mare and he never goes for it. I increasingly dislike Bolder for some reason. Maybe it’s the fact that he is such a challenge to Cloud? I don’t know.

    I hope there is more Cloud yet to come! Thanks!

  • Her Lao

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