Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies

NATURE presents the compelling story of a remarkable denizen of the West in Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies.

America’s wild horses lead an exhilarating but perilous existence. The climate can be brutal, mountain lions and other predators stalk the young, and their dependence on public grazing lands for sustenance often puts them in competition with livestock interests. In some places where these magnificent animals roam, it is not unusual for a wild horse to fall victim to an illegal horse shooter.

Against this backdrop, NATURE presents Cloud’s story. Filmed in the mountains of Montana, this poignant, engrossing chronicle focuses on an extraordinary stallion, whose life has been recorded since his birth in the wild in 1995 by Emmy-winning filmmaker Ginger Kathrens.

Get the latest news on Cloud and his band in Ginger Kathrens’s Cloud Blog.

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Online content for Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies was originally posted November 2001.

  • k d

    Is it true that the BML is going to destroy Cloud & his band?

  • Blondhorsecrazy

    Please do not let me them destroy Cloud and his band..this is an outrage! What can we do to stop this??

  • CynthiaSantovena

    You can help cloud by signing this Care2petion and pass it around

  • Patti Brown

    I watched that movie! I cannot believe BLM would want to even consider destroying Cloud and his herd. This group have horses with names and they mean something to us. I am totally opposed to the destruction of this group of horses. Now, we are always trying to preserve animals from extinction, but why are we allowing part of our heritage to be destroyed? Isn’t there some sort of government land these beautiful creatures can roam on..freely? Are humans taking over that space and destroying the horses’ space? This is truly sad! We, human beings, are selfish and ignorant; this is unbelievable!

  • Laura Schmidt

    It is true…. get involved!
    Cloud and his band could all be gone. Sign the petition and contact your legislators and tell them this needs to stop!

  • Karen Grabianowski

    Cloud and all the wild horses are well known throughout the U.S. and other countries because of Ginger Kathren’s world renowed photography and are known and loved by children and adults because of these wonderful films shown on PBS the Nature series. The Pyor Mts., home to these beautiful horses for centuries, is such a small area compared to America and Montana. Why can’t men LEAVE THESE HOSES ALONE? Get copies of these series and watch before BLM make this diasterous, evil deed. Cancel this plan NOW !!!

  • Linda A. Sachs

    Is Peta aware of this planned destruction of Cloud and other wild horses? I think the word “humanity” should more properly be called “inhumanity” with proposed plans like this! Why won’t people live in harmony with nature rather than constantly manipulating for domination and destruction – BAH! HUMBUG!

  • connie smith

    being from kentucky horses are a very important part of our tourist and how can anyone look into these majestic creatures eyes and destroy them, we should be ashamed.

  • Teresa Chin

    The BLM is trying to exterminate the Cloud herd. Please go to the Cloud Foundation website and sign the petition, write emails, faxes, letters and call to protect them. Deadline is July 11th, 2008!

  • Karen Holverson

    Please sign the Petition….Call your Congress Members…Tell them they mustn’t allow the slaughter of our wild horses including Cloud and his family !!

  • Kristen

    They cannot destroy him because they will jepordize his herd. He is an important part of the dying freedom of horses. If they destroy him, there will be trouble, and I guarantee it. Destroying Cloud will not come nicely. He is wild and destryoing an animal fror doing nothing wrong is wrong. Humans can be very inhumane. If they are going to “humanely” euthanize cloud, then I will no longer support any BLM!

  • Haley

    cloud, I haven’t seen colud in ages…I love cloud I love horses…I have Clouds breyer set i saw evey single episode of cloud I didn’t miss a minute. I’m so exsited!!!!! I won’t miss a minute on Nature ethire.

  • Rose McCutcheon

    What do we need to do to stop the slaughter of Cloud, and his troups. Cloud is a beauty : Government is wrong on this issue.

  • Darla Casner

    I am the government. This is a government “of the people, by the people and for the people”. I see not good purpose for destroying these animals, that provide much enjoyment for those who view their beauty. Go find something worthwhile to wipe out, like terrorists.

  • SRamirez

    Please do not destroy the horses, they are beatiful animals. You dare destroy God’s earth and all that is in it for some of the stupidest reasons you can think of. I don’t know who voted for you all,but you are a sorry lot of people who want to destroy everything good and beatiful. Why don’t you look for the terrorist and all these other fools who wish to destroy the U.S.A.and really find ways to help our people, animals and the land. Please start and be the grovernment you should really be. Thanks

  • Faith

    I am also of the government We The People So are everyone of you who see this.Sing a loud song of NO!
    Sign -Write-Call- Fax- E-mail ect.- LoveThis Site and what you do-Thank-U

  • Martin

    This decision must come from armchair bureaucrats who know nothing about horses, and never saw those they (willfully?) plan to “restrict”. BLM seems out of independent expertise in horse matters, and all they must hear are cattle ranchers about grazing rights (money$$$ for BLM).

    Yet, Cloud makes his voice heard loud and clear through us, let’s not forget this fabulous part of our North American Heritage vanish and do all you can to get heard!

    I’ll never forget this night, in October 2003, when I stumbled on Cloud’s Legacy: The wild stallion returns. I had just began helping a friend her 6 month old grey Paint filly called Heavenly Magic. I knew nothing about horses at the time, but Ms. Katrens fired what is now my passion: Horses.

    Magic became my horse, and I cannot believe I almost missed knowing this incredible relationship one can have with them.

    Horses are God’s gift to mankind. Act now!

  • dedie rhodes

    why would any sane human want to destroy the most beautiful creature GOD made PLEASE DO NOT HURT THE HORSES what is wrong with people

  • deandra

    i think that cloud is a lovely horse he is so cool. and that he and his band are going to be killed! no way let’s stop this people he as gone throu all lot!

  • Mark Johnson

    Darla has it right. “We the people” need stay involved in the decisions that effect all of our lives. I urge anyone who has a heart and and a mind of compassion and common sense to protect the few wild lands we have left that can give us such gifts as Cloud and all wild horses that roam “our” public lands. Click here to get involved:

    Support PBS!


    Mark J.

  • Kaleb

    I Think that horses are like humans, we want to live and so do they. Why would we kill them? I have horses and I love them, I always wanted to visit Montana and the wild horses, that is my dream and if there’s no wild horses to see what would be the point to visit there. don’t KILL! It’s Wrong.

  • Scianna Augustine

    According to the BLM’s preliminary environmental assessment, the plan is to remove up to 38 horses from the Pryor Mountain range in the summer of 2008. And no, they probably won’t be slaughtered outright. They will be gathered, and some may be adopted, and some will probably be put down, and others may go to holding facilities as “unadoptable”. You can read the BLM’s plan here:
    There are several ways you can help:
    - First, get the information about what’s going on, not just for Cloud and his herd, but for all the wild horse herds. The BLM makes their plans available for public comment – so read the plans and then make your opinions known as an EDUCATED citizen.
    - Remember that the BLM is not the enemy – we are. As human habitation takes up more land, the wild horses have less room. Right now, there are no proposals for more land to be added to the Pryor Mountain range. More land = fewer horses removed.
    - The BLM has to assess the range’s ability to support ALL the wildlife over the long term. We not just talking about wild horses, but deer, elk, bear, and all the other range residents. There has to be enough forage and water for all.
    The question is: what are we willing to give up in order to protect these natural treasures? Are we willing to rein in our own expansion so they can thrive as they have for centuries?
    I hope you will use Cloud’s story as a way to start educating yourself about the wild horses of America. And I hope you learn as much as I have from Bansidhe, my beautiful six-year-old mustang, who also once roamed wild. Now she teaches me new lessons every day.

  • perry mckinney

    who are the B M L and why do they get to brand them and noone else. what do they own the land and why are they auctioning the horses off that they do brand. Is it legal and why hasn`t anyone said anything before 7/6/08 why has it taken so long………..

  • Colan Butler

    I totally enjoyed the story about ” Cloud “. I saw it 2-3 years ago and wanted to tell my granddaughter how to find it. Thanks for the rerun. The photography is wonderful and the scenery is great.

  • Caitlin

    I LOVED the movie! To me, when Cloud got hurt I was kind of sad that he got hurt but when he was healed I was happy.

  • Mikki

    Great program! Let’s hope Congress will pass laws to protect the wild horses.

  • MadGirl

    That horse show was very violent. I wish the mamma horse didn’t have to kill it’s foal.

  • Horse Lover

    Cloud would like never die or never give up. He just was so brave! He was my favorite horse in that movie! I love Cloud!

  • dee

    PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION….WE ONLY HAVE UNTIL JULY 11TH Call the congressmen listed on the web site! PLEASE!

  • Michelle

    Up to 90% of herds in Nevada have been removed to permanent holding pens and face being sold to kill buyers. Yet no one seems to care about them because they don’t have names. In reality, the plan is to remove up to 50 animals. The BLM plan actually increases the population goal. Removals were cut off when Ginger Kathrens begam complaining about them years ago. If the BLM had continued with semo annual roundups this would not even be an issue. The plan is not to euthanize animals. They are to be slated for adoption, and breeding quality animals returned. The BLM plan is to improve habitat and watering area, and make it harder for stray cattle to reachteh horse grazing areas.

    Cloud is not going to die at the hands of the government, This is an absolute untruth spewed forth by leftists protectionists. As a wild animal, he could just as easily sustain lif ethreating injuries in a fight, fall in a hole, or be attacked by amountain lion. Should we kill all the other band stallions so Cloud never gets injured? Should we remove any possible other threats and trap and kill all of the predators??

    The anthropormophization of these magnificent animals is disgusting. This isn’t a backyard pet. It is a wild animal. It could care less if it’s name is Cloud or catfood.

    If you want to really do something to save a mustanf adopt one or donate to a facility that adopts and rehabilitates them. This whole issue of Cloud being killed is an absolute farce until someone actuall comes up with concrete proof via governemnt documents that literally states the Pryor Mustangs are going to be rounded up and killed.

  • Carrie Gobernatz

    The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has recently proposed ‘EUTHANIZING” tens of thousands of our wild horses – once deemed ‘America’s National Heritage.’ BLM has created it’s own monster by rounding up 33,000 wild horses instead of properly managing them on the wild ones’ designated herd areas throughout millions and millions of acres in the Western United States. These are OUR public lands and OUR wild horses, not belonging to BLM, the overseers, but to YOU, the citizens of the United States. Now, our American Mustangs could pay for BLM’s mismanagement with their lives. We are asking concerned American citizens to CALL MONDAY !!! MORNING, July 7, 2008, to express your protests, objections & opposition to the BLM’S plans to dispose of our wild horses
    Secretary of the Interior
    Dick Kempthorne (202-208-3100)
    Director of the Bureau of Land Management
    Jim Caswell (202-208-3801)
    Thank you.
    The Alliance of Wild Horse Advocates

  • Freda Rubin

    I would like to knoe I can buy the videos or DVD`s about Cloud Stallion of the Rockies, and the othe Clouds DVDs. Would like to get them for my husband. Thank you very much. Freda Rubin

  • Ron J. Klein

    Please someone tell me (through this email addy – where Ginger Kathryn is from in Ohio? We (her and I) have some interesting roots together both being from Ohio, and having horses on a farm there. Also, some in my family also went to BGSU and I (though going to OSU for a couple stints) also went to grad school at FSU, like Ginger. Thanks, Ron Klein. Long live the wild horses and to heck with human interests … haven’t we exploited and used enough of everything this beautiful natural world offers already?

  • Lisa Fisch

    Does anyone know how Cloud and the other horses are doing today? I believe the film is from a few years ago…. any updates?

    I feel so sorry for the future of our world. It seems like nothing gets fixed or resolved and we just keep adding more and more problems to the pile. There are so many problems from our wild horses to the loss of our Polar bears. I feel sorry for our children and what they will have to be burdened with and the sadness of the loss of wonderful animals. Gosh people wake up!

  • Linda S

    Petitions are good but will not carry as much weight as getting letters,emails and phone calls to your Senators and Congressmen! Call them,write them, email them people! Tell them we DON’T want this to happen and they will not get re-elected with our votes as this is an election year! Our votes carry more weight this year than ever! Its up to us as voters and advocates….get your kids involved too! They are the ones who will never see these horses if we let it happen now!

  • Bailley

    Yeah its bad that the BLM is going to take some of the horses…. but if they dont we would have a overflow of wild horses… A mare can have a foal every year for her entire life…. Thats a lot of foals… And then the fillys grow up and have tons of foals…. the Blm is only controlling the population…The wild horses arn’t going to horrible places either…. The BLM has realllllly strict regulations…. You have to have certain types of fence…. at a certain height…. Its actually really hard to get a wild horse… then the BLM comes back 12 months later and sees if the horse is doing ok… if its not… they take it away… You arn’t the actual owner till after that meeting… Maybe you guys should stop critisizing and start learning and researching

  • Heather

    These is the best program I have seen.

  • marie myers

    I think this is the best show thatt i have ever seen i LOVE horses i have 16 of my own it is sooooo cool because i get to ride them and train some of them i have a few colts on the way i have 4 stallons they are sooooooo beautiful

  • marie myers

    One day i plan to breed two of my colts because a couple of my bff’s want horses i tell them it is really expencive but they wont listen will u give me some tips so i can give them some of the tips because they have never had a horse like me i am getting ready to diliver 6 colt and that will make 22 horses WOW!!!!!!!!!!

  • Diane Huff

    Thank you for airing this program again, I had seen it in the past and enjoyed watching this icon that represents the freedom of the United States. I just hope Cloud was able to live his life free. It would be nice to see a newer episode of he and his “family” if ever possible.

  • Nancy

    Will this be available for purchase?

  • Heidi

    We have to stop this maddness! They cant destroy cloud and his band he and the other horses are the simbol of true FREEDOM. It is an outrage to take these horses out of there home, they were here first and deserve the right to live a long free life.

  • George

    Maybe all of those who are so against any of the ideas by the BLM could put a better plan together, maybe they could adopt the 2500+ horses, or give them the $26 Million needed to care for them. Believe me I want to protect our heartland but we must use common sense for the good of ALL (humans, animals and all other forms of wildlife).

    BTW, Euthanizing is not the primary solution, Please do your research before assuming!,2933,374268,00.html

  • Howard Smith

    I am no longer morally or psychologically opposed to political assassination, although I would not violate any laws myself.

  • Sara

    Hmm, an easy solution would be for the BLM to adopt the method of another mustang sanctuary. I forget the name, but they’d give the mares and fillies a type of birth control. I don’t think it would permanently sterilize them, it just kept them from having babies every year. The best part about this solution is that you don’t wind up with a lot of mustangs you have to adopt out or kill.
    Also, would anyone had said anything if it had been some bad other than Cloud’s? What if the band in question was a bunch of nondescript bay and sorrel horses?

  • Ken Higgins

    Two or Three hundred horses in the wild hardly seems like they would have much of an effect on their suroundings. Why not allow more to roam free, let more schools and people know of their existents, and let them become a symbol of Americas freedom.

  • jojo

    leave the horses alone
    they didnt do anything to hurt anyone!!

  • Judy Porter

    It is beyond my comprehension why anyone would even think of destroying these beautiful, graceful, creatures that GOD has put here on earth for us to enjoy. I am so tired of hearing about the Bison in Wyoming and other wildlife being destroyed. Nature in its natural habitat is one of the most beautiful, calming and enjoyable things we have to enjoy and what an education it is for our children and grandchildren.

    I ask of you to think twice before doing such a horrible act.

  • Dusty

    freedom for the horses….the BLM needs to find more compassionate people in offices that actually know how to manage the land. They go thru this every couple years…….leave the horses alone!

  • HEidi Helene Christensen

    The wild horses were there FIRST! Stop allowing the cattlemen to graze their cattle on the wild horses range. Wild horses are MUCH MORE important than cattle – even IF the cattlemen pay you money!


  • Christie Larner

    Please stop the abuse of our beautiful national treasure mustangs. These horses should be protected. They are the our western heritage. If the BLM can only hurt and abuse, new people are needed to manage this treasure.

  • Lenna

    The BLM just doesn’t know when to stop, do they? WE WANT OUR WILD HORSES SAFE!!!!!

  • lissa

    i love cloud and all the other horses…very beautiful ginger..your words are wise,,,the blm has to do capture or we would be over run by horses but i do wonder if thier are far better places the money could go…where does it go?

  • lissa

    what ken said is a really good idea,,,

  • maria

    i saw the episode it was sad,happy,and cool.i never imagined a horse killing a foal

  • Ursula

    The BML has done a lot of mistakes in the past and will do it again. I heard that they are planning to kill the biggest wild horse herd in the US (if I am not mistaken they are in Nevada)for dog food…. Also whatch this link I am attaching here…

  • karen

    Is there any information on what happened? Are the horses safe or have they been ‘removed’….gawd I hope not, what a tradegy. Re Ursula’s link I started to watch it and got nauseous – had to turn it off – I couldn’t bear to see what happened. Lots of accidents at the Calgary Stampede with chuck wagon racing, etc., but never heard of anything bad with the bucking horses – or maybe they keep it on the hush hush, regardless – rodeo events are cruel!

  • Emily F.

    I think the BLM should think about this plan over and over until their brains hurt!
    I may only be 12 years old, but I am a smart female! I love Cloud and his family, (and I have the playset with Cloud, Flint, Sitka, and Bolder), and I don’t want Cloud to die!
    And, Judy is right! Why would people want to kill God’s creations?!

  • Sam

    I may be only 12 but i dont think that we should even have the BLM. Why do we have the right to take the horses, they were here first!

  • Jacques

    What the hell?? If anyone hurts these horses I’ll go to their houses and hurt them. End of story. The horses have been here way longer than these idiots. E-mail me where they live and I’ll go take care of it. Their too scared of anything that can defend itself, so they have to go kill horses? Thats wussy !!

  • Alicia

    Just goes to show us That MONEY TALKS and those G-DANM CATTLE RANCHERS AND BIG GAME TROPHY HUNTERS WILL GET THEIR WAY!!!! The BLM is so corrupt their getting paid off and you know it. They have no interest in protecting these animals. If they did why to they keep reducing the lands that were reserved for them by the federal wild horse act in the 70’s. I guess when it comes to money we show just how inhumane we really are as a people. I am native american and horses are a very sacred part of our lives what will i do when I can’t show these beautiful animals to my kids and grand kids. We should hang our heads in shame for letting it happen!!!!! Times may be tough for a lot of us but we can still have compassion for all living things. I not against hunting or the cattle peoples rite to make a honest dollar the problem is its not being done honestly. THE BLM DON’T TRUST THEM!!!!

  • Heidi Helene Christensen

    go to and READ and it will tell you who to write to and who to call! The ranchers want the mustangs dead so there will be more grazing space for their cattle and THEY pay the BLM money! GO and SAVE CLOUD AND other wild horses everywhere!

  • Marybeth Jarubas

    When I was 8 years old I wrote a letter to the President. I am 48 yrs old now and grew up when they were running these horses off cliffs by air. I wrote and begged for them to stop. I receieved a response and I believe my mother still has that letter. I was overjoyed when they started to protect them. Now we are during a circle and out to destroy them again? What the heck is my daughter’s generation going to have left? It really makes me wonder. My friend owns 2 adopted wild mustangs. They are beautiful creatures and so loyal. I myself have a adopted x-race horse. Please don’t kill them as they deserve the right to live.

  • Courteney

    What happened to Cloud? I have a question, what was Cloud’s moms name?
    Check out my Breyers at

  • Diana

    could you pass again the story of cloud wild stallion of the rockies

  • Alaina

    Well, there is a place that is prtected by the government…Its Assiteague Island. They could roam freely there. The only time they would be by people, is the Round-up. But I doubt they would sell him. That land is protected by the government so no one could hurt them.

  • Toni Siegrist

    Please do not kill the horses. I love horses so much and am participating in riding them and being with them a great deal of the time. I want horses to run free without fear of suffering, pain, interference or death.

  • A Person

    Yeah, I heard the BLM is killing 30,000 wild horses! That is terrible! The very though makes me sick!!

  • camilla

    i love cloud i love the movie, and i got sad then i read that blm is going to kill so many wild horses, but i hope is not true.. ginger keep up the beautiful work.. camilla from norway

  • person359

    That is terrible! i am a horse lover and that makes me soooooo mad! they cant do that! there has to be something we can do to stop this! what did those beautiful creatures ever do to us!?

  • bobette

    the BML are out there to save the wild horses, not destroy them! Mountain lions kill enough of them as it is without the Bml killing loads too. Yes, there isnt enough land out there for the vast numbers (because the factories all want more land or the farmers) but that is what the adotion programs are for. It is outragous!!!!!

  • Elke

    The BLM is only following the law. Senator Burns added a rider to the 2005 Appropriations bill to have the wild horses rounded up and sold for slaughter (for human consumption abroad). I live in AZ and we have wild horses here that are at risk. I see them routinely in the forest…but I also see 100’s of head of cattle….eating the same grass. The gov’t. will tell you the horses are destroying the habitat…but it’s not true. It’s the cattle. The rich cattle ranchers (Senator Burns is one of them) lobby congress to make sure that their cattle graze on public lands and want the horses gone so their cattle will have more to eat. I have seen this with my own eyes and have pictures to prove it.
    Please, please, please educate yourselves and write to your Senators to protest this amendment that Senator Burns introduced. Wild horses are a symbol of the great American west. It takes all of us to save these wonderful animals. Please get involved and don’t rely on “somebody else” to do it….it takes ALL OF US!!!

  • danni beth groves

    Hi my name is danni i am 13 i wish that i could go with you to film Cloud. It has been a dream of mine to meet Ginger kathren. i think what she is doing will help cloud and his band. I go to todd county MIddle school and i will graguate for 8th grade.I hope to talk to Miss kathren about going with her on her next trip to see cloud.If she may see this. All that she is doing good for them i will fight with her!!!!!



  • donald oowney

    I have just become aware of this through coast to coast. I cannot believe this. Can we not leave anything alone?

  • joe schhmo

    Go BLM

  • valerie

    leave wild life alone .

  • Jessica

    Why Would they kill the wild horses when horse pretty much ARE the US just rember when …. horses are in war back then and all they had FOR trapatashon was HORSES i am a huge horse lover and have one that has a happy and heathly life. I just don’t think this is right at all I maybe younger but I still am strongly agansed wild horse slaughter. it is just not fair for the horses what did they EVER do to them …nothing. I love cloud and I have his breyer I am 11 years old. Please Stop Slaughter of wild horses!

  • Jessica

    O and people dodn’t be all like I HATE BLM they only follow the law. Plus most horses are sold to happy homes with loveing care. Slaughter os wild horses is wroung yes! but would it be better if they reused them. wild horses on the othere hand can defened them selfs. but if some one just could not take care it would be better to go to the ‘killers’ then starvie to death! just think would you rather be starving and have no water just set out with no care or anything not knowing how to take care or would you rather get it over with fast and not fill and pain.
    I know what you are saying to your self But But WILD HORSES KNOW how to take care of them selfs. Yes they do but to MANY of them will cause alot of probles and it would be better if they were in good homes.
    Thats just my Thinking O wel

    Jessica 11 years old

  • Alexis Pearce

    Hi! i’m Alexis and im in miss yochums whoa club i have gotin hundereds of signatures and ive been in it for 3 years dis is my last year in it thow since i have to go to south im doin some really good art projects where sending to wyoming and all i have seen the pics of the horses that were rounded up and 1 was killed and pushed under the trailer trambled to death and several were hurt……it almost started crying ;(

  • Jennifer

    Did any one know that the Australian government is planning on killing tons of wild horses? Just cuz they are causing “problems”

    The Australian government completely sucks, and they are all stupid old fat politicians.

  • N/A
  • Guess

    Jessica, your 11. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Jen

    Alaina, Assatege island is for ponies, it could never support so many wild horses.

    The BLM doesn’t seem to understand that there are so many places that would be perfect to keep the wild horses, they just don’t put them there, instead they think that killing them is the best way to go, when, in truth, it is actually the worst way to go!

  • SaveCloudNow

    What is the reason for making these beautyous creatures-that were here before us-into a hamburger and a jacket? We have WAAAAY more than enough to eat-pigs, cows, other things. i dont like eating animals but HORSES?! NO!!! not cloud or any horse! Why cant we leave him and his herd alone? if we do the world wont explode….let them be. They arent hurting us and why would the government want this beautiful creature to be killed? Why? i want reasons!

  • shane

    cool, make another one!

  • HelpCloudNOW

    This isn’t fair! What has Cloud and his herd done wrong? What? They aren’t hurting anyone! Why should we hurt them? They have feelings! We have feelings! Why are they doing this, what can we do to stop them? Cloud, Sitka, any horse deserves to live! They never get a chance! Not once! They are always killed for doing nothing wrong! What can we do to stop them? I want to stop them for good!!!!!

  • Lizzy

    The wild horses aren’t doing anything wrong! Their wild, open, and free lands are getting smaller quicker. They say there isn’t enough room for the wild horses! Oh come on! The only reason there isn’t any room is because they are taking the land away from these majestic animals! I for one am very happy that that Texas governers wife (or whoever it was) is stepping up and buying land so the wild horses can roam free. I cannot believe that they want to remove over 30,000 horses (or was it more). Outrage. We need answers and fast to solve this horrible problem. This documentary on Cloud really moved me.

  • I love quarter horses

    I think that,well,gosh.The horses are doing what they were bred to do,and if we had a problem with that earlier,we should have done SOMETHING.We shouldn’t be waiting until NOW to do something.The horses need our help.We all need to step up and do something.This is horrible.All I can say is,why?

  • Alexi

    I just found out! Is it true? They can’t do it! Are they ok?! What happened to them?!

  • Sasha

    I can’t believe the BLM would do this! Than again, maybe I can. Anyway, it’s an outrage! Too bad wild horses can’t say “Go jump in a lake. We were here first!” I’m going to do everything I can for these horses. But how?

    P.S If there is another Cloud book of movie, I think it would be cool to call it Cloud, A Legacy Continues. That’s just me, though.

  • tulipe

    I just saw Ginger Kathrens film about Cloud and the families..on an european TV channel. So beautiful, and what a social organization they have between them, incredible. Like an human community. By the way, are the still all over there?
    Thanks so much for this great film in that great nature. Keep it alive!

  • Jean Kern

    I saw today the most wonderful storie of Cloud on Arte, a German/French tv channel.I was very touched by all the aspects of the social life these horse are living.To hear that maybe this will end by human interference makes my hart cry. I myself are fighting for the survival of orangutans at Borneo. What are we people doing to our planet ? It makes me so angry.
    I want to thank Ginger for the most beautiful work she is doing and hope that these wild horses will live freely for ever.

  • megan burke

    im only 13 but i have watched cloud he is beautiful how could they think of doing something like this it makes me sick i don’t know how they can sleep at night they must be stoped i will do whatever it takes to keep him and his heard safe. for cloud!!

  • david ball

    i like nature clould wild stillon of the Rokies and Clould wild Stillon Return and this new one

  • bülent

    musste kotzen über den film

  • Al Kitt

    Dear Ms. Kathrens:
    Your efforts to protect feral horses are perverse and self-serving. You have also disingenuously decided to call these feral horses “wild.” There are no wild horses in the Western Hemisphere. The horse, and many other large mammals, were extinct thousands of years before the first Europeans sighted North America. All horses and asses (and their hybrids) were introduced into North, South and Central America by the Spanish and the Portuguese (they also introduced many other alien species, including the pig). All of these species, when escaped or released from domestication are feral, not “wild.” If an elephant were released from captivity in Alaska, would you call it a “wild” elephant? I hardly think so. All of these alien species are very destructive to the environment, a fact you choose not to mention in your puerile, manipulative, biased documentaries. You are also guilty of anthropomorphizing feral horses in a most nauseating way. All feral horses, and all feral pigs, cats, dogs, asses, donkeys, and birds must be extirpated as soon as possible. The BLM is not doing a very good job of this because it fears bullies like you. Feral horses compete with endangered native species such as the pronghorn antelope, a beautiful animal that you would obviously sacrifice to your film-making career. If you wish to keep horses on your private property, by all means do so. But spare us this nonsense about “wild horses.”

  • Erika Fischer

    Because I think it normally representative of the lowest common denominator, I abstain from TV but rent videos, and recently viewed “Cloud.” What fabulous footage and what a privilege to see horses in the wild, over time, and through Ginger Kathren’s lens and commentary. I am a horsewoman, and so is my daughter. I am purchasing the series for her because I think it is priceless in its footage and depiction of the precariousness of life in the wild. We are poor stewards of our priceless earth… I understand the need to cull herds and keep balance, but the commentary of the gentleman above is frightening. If he had his way, the tomato would never have become a staple of Italy or the potato of Ireland. And the worst virus ruining this planet right now is Man himself…… Too bad we can’t cull a few of our own….!

  • computerlover

    i really love horses and for that i have 3 horse posters but im going to get more.

  • computerlover

    i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove horses so mich i want to help the earth and get rid of gas using cars and start using electrick cars instead. that we all help the earth.

  • John

    Al Kitt you are not alone in your opinion. We should strive to return the wild places to as much of their original state as possible, which includes removal of feral animals. Just because the horses are beautiful creatures does not make them good for the environment.

  • NTF

    I agree with Al Kitt!

  • Stephanie

    First of all, for those of you who are saying the horses were here before us: newsflash, they weren’t. They were brought to America just like all the people here. Now, I love horses more than anything in the world, but be intelligent! These horses are overpopulated and are starving to death due to not having enough resources for all of them. Would it not be better to sell them off than have them die by the masses through disease and starvation? Before making a decision, RESEARCH! THINK! Use the brains God gave you and you will realize that stopping the auctions and relocations would be harming these beautiful animals. Of course slaughter is bad, but the majority of these activities are benign.
    <3 Spork

  • Roxy

    Yes – please do your research. I wrote another blog similar to the one above, # 103, and I thought I understood. You would only be able to write a blog like my other one and #103 if you have NOT done your research.

    Read all the blogs, then go to the Cloud Foundation and read the actual BLM minutes. Then find “Bush, Oil, and Mustanags”.

    Read, reaad, read. Research, research and then research some more.

    The horese are not overpopulated. They do not die of disease. If they starve, they starve in the wild where they belong, and other wild animals will eat them. Slaughter is not benign. Reducing stallion to mare balance is nothing short of a form of torture.

    One of the other bloggers today has said everything just right. This is a Bush era mess.

    Like everything in the previous 8 years that I believed has turned out to have all been based on greed, curelty, lies, inhumanity, etc. I believed it when they said they were on Gods side, on the side of our constitution. They made up reports (WMD), they changed factual reports (EPA), they made up wars (9-11), etc, etc. This part may likely be edited out and not posted, but please post the rest.

    What about all of God’s creatures, and all of God’s earth. And what about our constitution?

    Go the the Cloud Foundation website read the BLM minutes for yourself! Listen to Ginger Katherine’s recent radio spot.

    Then, perhaps you will be moved as I was to send e-mails to all the politicians and groups listed. Be carefull about other sites, I may have made a terrible mistake by supporting one already, they “say” they are for humane and balanced regulation, but read the small print and see who their backers are first. I am going to stay with the Cloud Foundation.

    We must save these God given national treasures, these beautiful horses that brought us across this country. We are responsible for them.

    See the movie “Never Cry Wolf” – very funny, very enlightening and related to this issue.

  • roxy


    1/2 of Cloud’s herd will be rounded up. Cloud may not even be on the range when the 3rd installment airs!

    See The Cloud Foundation July 09 News and Ms. Kathrens new video spot (U-Tube).

    Someone else is not going to fix this – YOU AND I ARE GOING TO FIX THIS.

  • Sandy


  • Save Cloud And His Herd | Willie Nelson

    [...] can preview the Cloud programs online at: Many of the horses that millions of people have fallen in love with may be removed and face [...]

  • Valerie Kennedy

    These wild icons of American freedom that our government is hellbent on wiping out are living, breathing art serving only to make our American vistas more beautiful and inpiring. Without BLM intervention they were thriving. It says everything about us that these horses, so simply and intrinsically good are treated with casual, callous indifference by our own taxpayer-funded Bureau of Land Management. It would be so easy to make the effort to fix as J.A. Ginsburg said, “wrongs that wouldn’t be that hard to right,” but people have to speak up and let our government know that our wild horses, especially Cloud and his herd, are wanted by the American people and we would never want to see them be lost.

  • Julie

    BLM is not going to destroy the horses. You need to do your research and get the facts straight. There are plenty of documents that detail the BLM plans. Maybe you should actually read them for yourselves and find out what is really going on.

  • Roxy

    Julie – I’d love to read them – where exactly are they on the internet – please provide links.

    You may also enjoy reading last years BLM minutes, obtained via lawsuit under The Freedom of Information Act of how to kill wild horses. Or reading up on the number of horses sold under the Burns Act “without limitation” in the last 3 years and what that means. Or reading GAO and BLM statements that they can’t feed the horses that were already been rounded up before this mid July when they have since rounded up hundreds of more horses and “zeroed out” entire herds – all in the last few weeks.

    All this and more is on The website.

  • kala

    i love cloud he is dear to me.he is a role model for us-if you get stuck keep trying and its just so sad.
    OPRAH HELP US. well she helped the puppy mills now WHAT ABOUT CLOUD WE LOVE HIM.

  • CB

    BLM is rounding up Cloud’s herd NOW.
    Foals who are just a few days old and barely able to stand up are being pursued by helicopters. Stop the slaughter! Call, write, contact news stations and any show you can think of to spread the word.

  • Makendra Silverman

    Hello – I am in Lovell, WY at the round up of this herd that we all love so much. We just got the list of horses to be removed today and the BLM is going to take all the horses from the Forest Service area– from the 21-year old Grumpy who used to be with Raven to Conquistador who you know from the programs to young foals and young bachelor stallions. The BLM is not paying attention to genetics. They are taking Electra. Cloud’s sister– she is Cloud’s sister, remember her? Well, she is the only mare that the older band stallion, Prince, has left and they’re a good couple. Why is BLM targeting her, she’s twelve years old! Cloud’s family will be heavily hit: his daughters Cloud Dancer and Rain– both of whom you’ll meet in the new show, and his grandfoals Image and Arrow will all be removed. The answer is not to adopt them, the answer is to call your senators, congress people, the media, Obama (202-456-9000) and Secretary Salazar (202-208-7351). Talking to the BLM is a waste of time, don’t let them transfer you down. They have not started rounding horses up on top of the mountain, please help to stop this unnecessarily massive (70 out of 188) horse removal that will destroy the viabilty of this herd. If we can’t save the most famous wild horse herd in the world, what hope do we have for the rest? Please start calling, faxing, e-mailing and pounding on doors — this roundup needs to stop. Please help us keep you up to date by joining our e-mail list at It is a minute to midnight for Cloud’s herd– help us save them. Thank you.

  • Roxy

    We will eventually all see/hear yesterdays taped interview with Don Glenn as reported on blog page where BLM promised to adopt out all horses – they have changed their minds in the 11th hour = Per Don Glenn horses over 10 will not be adopted – they will be sold without limitation (Burns Act) = slaughter! Please, everyone keep calling and e-mailing!!!! WE MUST STOP THIS! They are allas important as Cloud.

  • LL

    It’s already happening: see this link:

    PBS – where ARE YOU??

  • Natasha DeMatto

    Please keep calling your US Senators and urge them to support S.B 1579 The ROAM Act (Restore Our American Mustangs)! The companion bill in the House (H.R 1018) has already passed. The Senate never heard the last horse protection bill (though the House passed it/think it got squashed in Committee on Natural Resources). Phone calls do make the difference. Call everyone referenced on the Cloud Foundation site, plus your senators. Call your local media–PBS, too, and urge them to have timely programming that reflects this important national story. Spread the word!

  • tabitha

    Why would anyone harm such a natural beauty wild horses!?! That is a true crime.

  • Ginger Kathrens

    Thanks so much for the outpouring of calls and emails to try to prevent the destruction of Cloud’s unique herd of Spanish Colonial horses in the Pryor Mountains. The BLM plan called for rounding up all 188 Pryor wild horses plus foals but called off the round up after they had captured about 145 horses. The reason given for calling off the round up was a concern for the health of the horses that were coming in footsore and were being run around on the mountain top. One foal, only a couple of weeks old could barely walk when he arrived at the bottom of the mountain. Another was left behind with its mother because the foal could not keep up with its family on the 10-12 mile run from the top of the mountain to the trap in the desert at the Britton Springs Corrals. This is a 5,000 foot drop in elevation on rocky trails. It was just too much for these little ones and many adults as well. On most days, the frightening journey was made worse by the 90 degree heat. Many had respiration rates that were still very high even after resting for a half hour or more. Cloud’s daughter, Rain, collicked and Brumby with Jackson’s band tied up. Both appeared to be fine the next day and were eatting. We traveled up to the mountain top to view the horses that had been released including Cloud and what remained of his family. Little Jasmine, Cloud’s filly daughter, who is three months old could barely walk. You can view the YouTube videos at BLM will be offering for adoption and sale 54 Pryor horses and three foals on September 26 in Lovell Wyoming at the BLM Britton Springs facility. Adoption applications can be accessed on line at the BLM website.

    We continue to work for the freedom of those incarserated–particularly the older animals that were removed from the Custer National Forest. BLM removed all the bands on Commissary Ridge in the FS, including the proud 19 year old band stallion Conquistador who you may remember from the first Cloud film. 21 year old Grumpy Grulla who was with Raven for years and is in the first and second Cloud films also stands in the corrals with a rope around her neck. A red tag dangles from the rope with her sale number. It is incredibly sad and unfair and we will never give up trying to preserve the herd and these lovely animals. Keep fighting for them. Trust I will never give up.

    I note that there are people who have posted comments regarding the “feral horses”. You can read Dr. Jay Kirkpatrick and Dr. Pat Fazio’s article on the subject on our website. The wild equids of North America are a returned native species that evolved to a finished form on the continent and were returned with the Spanish Conquistadors. Cloud’s herd descends from these Spanish horses as well as the horses of the Lewis and Clark expedition that were stolen by the Indians in the Pryor Mountains in 1806. They are the rare Spanish Colonial horses and they deserve to be preserved, not rounded up and sold.

    We are having a gathering of concerned folks on the West Lawn of the White House on September 29 at 8am. We hope you can come! Then, we will be splitting up in groups to go speak with our respective Senator offices as well as Senators on the Energy and Natural Resouces Committee to encourage them to vote fo) sponsored by Senator Robert Byrd of W. VA. This bill would help to prevent the destructive of our remaining wild herds and return some of the 19 million acres taken from wild horses since the Wild Horse and Burro Act was passed in 1971.

    I hope to meet with you on 29th. IN the meantime, let your Senators, the President and First Lady know about the fight to save a legendary herd and all the mustangs in the American West.
    Thanks so much,



  • roxy

    Al Kitt. #97 – so the buffalo and wolves, that were extinct in Yellowstone and now re-introudced are not “wild”?

    You should go pet one of them, up close and personal!

    As for feral cats – they are promoted in my city – they help control the rat problem in the orange groves, that then come and chew on roofs and attics, and can spread horrible disease.

    And as far as keeping horses on ones own personal property – that is exactly what our Public lands are -and I/we pay for it with my/our taxes, and I/we want the horses to be properly managed, Natural management first, but then hunting permits for mountain lions and wolves would have to be reduced.

    You err, yourself, by your own conclusion – they are not “introduced” they are “re-introduced”.

    How is man bringing the horse back around, any different than a bird or wind carrying seed? Wind from Africa crosses the Atlantic bringing all kinds of stuff – would you put up a massive wind break?

  • # 2 cloud fan

    Cloud was the best ever! he in a big inspirator in my life! He is number 1 in my all time book. His adventures made me wanna become a stallion myself. I wish i was a son of cloud so i can carry his abilities of being a BA wild horse. He showed up those other fella’s and told them their buisness. what an amazing horse this guy is. that movie was the shiz, i cant wait till i see the second an third movie. im STOKED!!! I loved this movie it was the shiz nit. Boo YAA!! The end was pretty amazing i would have to say… seeing him with a lady an a child is pretty mature of him. i wanna roll in his crew sometime and show those other stallions whats up. 2nd #1 fan all time later doggy!!

  • Marisa

    nice flick…do what you do

  • M. T. Nicholson

    Please save these wild horses. Like our national forests, parks and seashores, they serve to remind us of our nation’s past and future. So pure!

  • roxy

    M.T. Nicholson and others of like mind, You and I are the ones that are going to save the wild horses! Visit PBS Engage, the Cloud Blog, and visit There is lots you and I can do, find all the ideas, research, links needed, and contacts. Join in TODAY. Its ideas from all of us that we haven’t even thought of yet – its not too late to save our American Wild Horses.

  • lily d from bellaire

    loved it!

  • makendra silverman

    Watch the new show Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions on PBS stations nationwide, Sunday, Oct. 25th on Nature. Then join Ginger Kathrens for a live chat on this website. Follow up with e-mails, phone calls and letters to your government representatives to protect these animals in their wild homes.

  • jean

    The roundups conducted by the BLM are not only extremly costly to the taxpayers, but totally irresponsible by effecting the long term generic viability of the herds. I believe the horses have a legal right to stay on the land and should be allowed to roam free the rest of their lives. Shame on the BLM for trying to eliminate our true American heritage…the Wild Mustangs!

  • Michelle Jackson

    I’ve adopted two mustang fillys when I was 13 years old, and am thinking about doing it again. It was such a rewarding experience. Do you know if they have any of Cloud’s offspring I can adopt?

  • Katie

    My heart breaks for the wild mustangs – thank you for all that you’re doing to preserve and protect them.

  • Grace

    The episodes touched my heart. i want to put a stop to the rounding up of the horses. i want to go see the mustangs.

  • n williams

    I too, am outraged that the horses would be violently rounded up and robbed of their freedom to live peacefully on public lands. What can we do to stop this? Please let us know how we can vote out government officials who would stand by and let this happen?

  • Susan Waidman

    Ginger Kathrens inspired our family to make the trek up the Pryors to meet Cloud. Not only did we see his band, we also met Ginger and Trace. Our family treasures these moments…and it saddens me that BLM has such a limited view on maintaining an ecological balance, let alone a diverse genetic population of wild horses. Letters and calls to my Senators tomorrow!

  • Erica from Alaska

    my computer won’t let me access the live chat. id love to talk to you and learn more about your experiences. its hard to think that you compressed two years of observations into just a short time on television. i was glued to the tv the entire time. by far, one of the best documentaries ive seen yet.

    Its disturbing to know that birth control substances are being used on these young mares. In some respects, that could be considered a genetic disturbance, could it not? Since the drugs render them permanently sterile? I doubt that a great deal of research has gone into the implementation of these drugs. Late season foaling is not only dangerous for the foal but also for the mother. seeing as it is hard enough to survive a winter providing for herself, but with a brand new foal in the picture, it seems impossible. And how is it that with all the mountain lion attacks on wild foals that there is still a need for this “birth control”. It deserves some investigation.

    Thank You Ginger for your devotion and wisdom.


  • Jill Robinson

    I watched the end of an episode last night on the TV and at the end Ginger told about the horses being rounded up and sold off at auction. I have cried ever since. I cannot get over the thought that Cloud and his wild friends are not there anymore. My heart aches at the grim reality of this. :( Who has the right to do this?! Noone, EVER! I have followed Cloud for all 14 years and it always made my heart sing to know he was out there, still, living the way his ancestors had for thousands of years. To know they are gone now is just too much!!! And who has Cloud ??????? I would like to know!

  • Jennifer G

    Everyone – to help, go to At top center, you’ll see”Get Involved”. Type in your zip code. This will take you to contact info: email, fax and phone for your Senators. Call or write them and ask them to vote for the R.O.A.M. Act, which will strengthen protections for the horses in the wild. They work for you, so tell them what you want them to do!

  • mike stipek

    i could not believe at the end of the show that all those beautiful “free to roam” horses were rounded up and auctioned. It greatly saddened me when there is so much going wrong in this world why do we waste our tax dollars on such a stupid thing as to take a symbol of freedom and destroy it.


    Here’s where you can sign a petition:
    to urge your Senator to fight for horses like Cloud.

  • LENA D

    This is horrible!!! Horese are the greatest gift god has given us. Our goverment has not right to destroy these beautiful animals. They need to be left alone. Nature will take care of them!!!!!

  • Lisa

    we need to stop this!!!!! are they already dead?

  • Madeline Hepburn

    I loved the episode of”Cloud:Challenge of the stallions”, I think he’s beter than Phantom Stallion. Breyer made models of Cloud , I’d LOVE TO SEE THE CLOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sincerely Madeline E. Hepburn

  • Kaycee

    They’re not supposed to destroy CLoud I thought because of his color but even so DOWN WITH THE BLM!!!

  • Nicole

    Has mankind not ruined enough of our civiliation that it is also going after the true beauty and life that G-d created. Must mankind be so destructive and control what was meant to be free? Stop looking at your ego and take a good look at what nature has to offer…appreciate its beauty and freedom…then leave it alone.

  • Robin Tremblay-Costello

    DISGRACEFUL is all I can say about the human race. When is the destrucion by humans ever going to end? Thes magnificent animals are here for a purpose and whether we know what that purpose is or not – shouldn’t make a difference. Do humans know why we are here? Do we even know that answer or assume? Certainly wouldn’t be to destroy everything on Earth and elsewhere. These horses live freely and in peace is all that matters. Humans have NO RIGHT to destroy any living being for their own selfish reasons. Disgusted and disgraced to be part of this human race.

  • carlynn chapman

    This is unforgivable as are so many other situations with our beautiful planet and those animals that inhabit it. Please help us keep what is left for our children and our childrens children

  • Sylvia

    I signed the “petition” but much to my disappointment was prevented from watching the video due to rights restrictions in my region. Am I restricted from viewing because I happen to live in Canada? Nevertheless, I was able to see the photos. What a bumer!

  • darla hill

    This is the best that man of lil brains can come up with,KILL AND KILL SOME MORE!I bet some of these horses will be used for research,to suffer out the rest of their lives.We wouldn’t have this problem,if man would of not killed off the prediters,but greed and killers and abusers ,keep getting their way with animals.some people are just takers,some just killers,ect,put them together and this is what you get……….Dead,abused and torchered animals!This world has been losing its beauty for very long time and leave it to men and we won’t have anything left or any reason to be or look outside.Man don’t deserve ruler of the earth or the animals,they just keep destroying everything.

  • needabiggerboat

    I am horrified that wild horses which are a big part of our heritage are being taken off of PUBLIC land. That is the peoples land and being taken from their homes to be sold or slaughtered for what reason. I have been following Cloud’s story and his family for years.They have a right to live free.Please protect God’s beautiful creatures. Let them live out their lives in peace on the peoples land.

  • Julie van Niekerk

    They are WILD, They are HAPPY – Then along comes man and DESTROY what is BEAUTIFUL.

  • Anumpeshi

    Horses came from the rainbow heavens,they have brought sacred messages to mankind here,but mans hearts have turned black and cold, and they no longer here,if you take a life you will loose your life,and you are killing all lifes breath that is connected as One,We are all living breathing spirits,and we are here to become illuminated vessels to discover one anothers divine essence,By taking the divine spirit of the mustangs ,you are taking all that is left that is sacred on our precious Earth Mother,Please,open your hearts to hear the cries of the mustang spirit,they weep,they bleed, they have babies just like you and I,they see things beyond human intelligence,listen with your heart,wisdom shall then come to you thru the whispers of the trees

  • Helen W.

    Why would anyone want to kill these beautiful and precious animals. They are precious, and part of our world. This world belongs to them as much as it does to anyone of us. They have just as much right to this land.
    Please do not destroy these precious animals.
    Have some feelings and a heart, SAVE THESE BEAUTIFUL ANIMALS.

  • jomarie

    perhaps obama or perhaps his wife,Michelle. and others should watch a round up and perhaps see the final destination of these beautiful horses. please stop this craziness and let the horses be FREE.

  • Flo

    By concerting our intention on what is natural, best and divine for these magnificent creatures: that will pass to be. Prayerfully yours, Flo

  • Lucille Hedges

    What have we come to? That any organization has decided to kill such beautiful animals is unthinkable. On the one hand we are trying to maintain endangered species and on the other destroy wild horses. Our horses are and always have been an integral part of our history.

  • Monica

    Horses are personally my favorite animals. Leave them alone & let them be free! God put these precious animals on this earth for a reason.8)

  • Shelby

    this outragous wild thing should left alone in order to remain wild. fight for the wild things.

  • stevo

    I hope all of those who are passionate about wild things understand that there are other wild animals that are pushed out by horses. The ecosystems they now occupy did not evolve with horses as a part of them. Ginger’s own statement that the horses are decended from those released and lost by spanish conquistadores shows she is aware of this. The horses are beautiful and inspiring, but since they are not a natural part of the ecosystem, their numbers grow without a natural limiter other than system collapse. The BLM which remember is the citizen’s government, does not have the MONEY to maintain and manage this species. I believe there are on the order of 35,000 wild horses on public lands in the West, and another 20,000 to 30,000 horses presently under BLM care. Think, people, of the cost of caring for that many animals. If that many animals were roaming free, the impact on the environment would be so much the greater. The beautiful footage captured by Ms.Katherens wouldn’t be so beautiful if this range were overgrazed and trampled by many multiples of horses that would be there without BLM actions. It may seem sad to use birth control, to round up and hopefully have wild horses adopted (if they are not, they are added to the 30,000 already managed) and ultimately, unfortunate culling. But would a destroyed Montana landscape and starving masses of horses be preferable?

    Roxy and Ms. Katherens, I understand your passion for these animals. But you are doing a disservice to our natural environment and the other readers of this blog by arguing they can be left to multimply on the public lands. Wolves reintroduced to the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem were wiped out in the early 20th century by humans. Their loss to the ecosystem resulted in imbalance where the elk were overgrazing the willows and cottonwoods resulting in loss of river dependent species and other disruption throughout the system.

    I am not opposed to the maintenance of the wild horse population, but let’s all be honest with what that will require. Honesty is especially important here given the obvious passion of the kids who are on this site. We need to support our government, and the BLM in this particular instance. The BLM has obviously been receptive to public input with respect to Cloud’s herd. Please don’t just rail against OUR government. Become educated, learn how all species can either thrive or be sqeezed out of their natural habitats in the wild, and support our government and our natural environment with your willingly paid tax dollars.

  • Sue F.

    Does anyone know where Cloud is today? I heard they auctioned off his babies but what about Cloud and his mares?

  • Patricia Brown

    Please save these beutiful define and magnificent wild horses.

  • lg

    that was such an inspiring video!!!! you have taught me and my family so much!!! those horses are so magnificent!! like… cloud, felvet, rain, shadow, flint, shaymen, image, bolder, and many other beautiful stallions that passed away when just a baby!i really do hope that you keep this up!!! it is so amazing and i wish i could fill in your shoes for a day just to see what these animals are like.i would like to hear the adventures you go on every day!i enjoyed watching it very much thank you!!!

  • Z


  • Jeanne Walker

    The horses should not be removed. I understand that some kind of management is necessary so that the numbers don’t outgrow the area. But what the BLM proposes is overkill. I agree that some of the cattle should be removed from the range. The horses are supposed to be protected, and to me that means to keep their lives as normal as possible not gather them and lock them in pens. I can only hope that reason will prevail and a solution that will benefit all involved can be found. Horses are one of God’s most magnificent creations and just to watch them run across a field or meadow is enough to bring tears to my eyes. I love most animals and horses are at the top of the list. There has to be a better solution than what is being planned.

    I loved most of the film on Cloud and the rest of the wild horses. The last part where the Stallion attacked the disabled foal broke my heart. I know intellectually that it is part of the process of nature and I understand why Ginger Kathrens kept filming, but my heart doesn’t understand. I’m sure if I had been the one filming I would have made the colossal mistake of interfering and trying to save the foal. My heart has a hard time accepting some of the harsher aspects of nature and the survival of the fittest. But none the less, these animals freedom and way of life must be preserved.

  • Julie van Niekerk

    To destroy Cloud and his herd is trying to tell us that humans have this urged to kill and trying to show power. These wild horses have proved to us humans that they can survive without the”helping” hand of humans. Show your authority in a different way and become humane. This planet needs humanity desperately.

  • Roxy

    Reply to stevo – Yes, we are in complete agreement: “Become educated, learn how all species can either thrive or be sqeezed out of their natural habitats in the wild, and support our government and our natural environment with your willingly paid tax dollars.” You can get that education on many sites already mentioned. Please tell us all where else we can get more education.

    You have not paid attention – no one has rallied against “The Government”. It is a specific agency that is and has gone unchecked – start with googling the George Knapp investigative report. Also, to follow your advise, no one is saying “no managment” – absolute agreement with you – natural management. For the children, President Obama ran and won office on transparency,accountability, and ridding the government of wasteful agencies – it is an American right and responsiblity to hold our elected officals to their promises.

    Please help save all the other wild horses at risk – they re being eradicated for one reason only – human greed.

  • Robin R

    I agree with Roxy. We should be saving all of these wonderful horses (and all other animals). It is ONLY HUMAN GREED that is killing them. WHY WHY WHY??? WE MUST SAVE THEM. Hold the politicians to their promises.

  • Madison Wells

    that is just horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what is the reason for the blm to do such a horrible thing!!!!!!! NONE.

  • Tatum Johnston

    It is unfair too cloud he should be left alone in peace.also Ginger I forgot her last name but she came too my school Mc.Kenzie school on 12/11/ and my class mates learned alot that day we might try to somehow help preserve horses and where they live not only that but also saving the enviroment.If everyone saw this video or website I am sure that the world will change . Sincerly Tatum Johnston

  • Mary Duer

    I have been a horse lover for 60 years and the movie about Cloud is the best I have ever seen. Thank you so much for your dedication.

  • Ashley

    I love all three of Cloud’s movies. I couldn’t stop watching them, and was sad when they were all finished. Those are definitely videos I’ll continue to watch.

    I think humans should be ashamed of themselves. Look at all the animals we’ve forced to extinction. Must we add wild Mustangs to that list?

  • eddie

    Why don’t we re-introduce lions and rhinos while were at it. Maybe even a cheetah.

  • Sarah

    Bless Cloud, his family and other bands of wild mustang still out on their land. The video is awesome, educational to a point of understanding how bands of wild mustangs connect or live in the wild. I am an ower of a wild mustang “Charlie” very gentle and loving. Shame on you, BML.

  • bayli bilby

    i am a huge fan of cloud.i watch the DVD every day.He is the one who made me want a new colt.have u ever herd of breyrer horses.if not they are about 7 inches long.i have been looking and LOOKING the cloud model for at least 4 years.i am 10 years old now and my birthday is june30,2000.All my friends are horse lovers.Oh have i told u i love love love love horses.Please write back

    your new friend
    Bayli Bilby!

  • Yo

    I saw some clips of him and just fell completly in love with him and I would do everything I can to protect him and his band..

  • Shirley

    I don’t know you Stephanie but I was just reading your comment on 6/14/09 stating the horses weren’t here before us,you need to recheck what your saying.I don’t know if you read a Bible or not,but horses right along with the other animals were here before we were,if you recall we were made regardless the wild horses are very much apart of our history and heritage.they played a big part in building this U.S.A..From the first leaders of America to the settlers,soldiers (calvary) pony express (mail).So yes we have alot to thank the horses for and respect them for who they are.And I for one love horses I grew up with horses and I will sign every petition out there plus e-mail our Senators and congressmen and women,to save Cloud and all the wild horses and to illiminate the BLM for good,they’re the most cruel inhumane heartless people on this earth.It makes me sick to see and hear what they’ve been doing and are doing to these magnificent beautiful horses.And I do understand you love horses to,so we all need to concentrate on saving these beautiful wild horses like Clloud and all his family band.

  • ruben

    I have a question about a 2 year old horse that was given to me and i am trying to find out what type of horse she is.What website or how i can go about finding out about her.i can use the help.Thank You and God Bless

  • Gabriel

    I hate that everyone is so savage in our world. why can’t we leave this band of horses alone? They are the greatest! They are just so beautiful and amazing to watch. Especially because we have domestocated many horses it’s a good feeling to know that such horses with so great of attitudes are out there in this world still today. One question, What is the real name for flints color? i want a horse like him. I’m pretty sure it’s blue roan but i’m not sure…

  • Shirley

    Boy am I glad we don’t hear from Al kitt who wrote on 4/12/09 anytime soon,he sures knows how to dampen a good day with his negative attitude about these wild horses and Ginger Kathren’s take on them,him saying they’re not wild horses,well he’s all wet as they most definitely are wild horses and they’re not domesticated horses turned lose just for the fun of it.Ginger K.we have to keep fighting for these magnificent beautiful and wild horses.Cloud and his band and all the wild horse bands.The Blm need to give them back all the land they’ve taken from them and turn all the captured wild horses in holding pens lose and let free to roam on the ranges where they were born.As God so intended for them to roam free and prosper and have many foals and build families and like I said be forever free to roam.Get the cattle and oil and gas people and God knows who off their ranges and return it to the wild horses.I will e-mail everybody and anyone that I can think of that possibly do something about the terrible hateful heartless inhumane BLM people that should be prosecuted to the letter of the law for all the wrongs they have done to these horses that have done nothing except try to live their lives as God so intended them to do and that is free on their ranges where they were born forever and ever.

  • Roxy

    eddie says:
    December 30, 2009 at 9:23 pm
    “Why don’t we re-introduce lions and rhinos while were at it. Maybe even a cheetah.”

    eddie, could not agree more. We humans are eradicating almost all wild creatures around the world. We must stop or future generations will be like in the science fiction movies, just stories and pictures of what once was and the question they will be asking is “why?”.

    This is all avoidable. Did anyone notice the wild horse portion of the Grammies in the Michael Jackson spot? it was clear that the wild horses were on the same level of consideration as polar bears and whales. Everyone please take up action, go the The Cloud Foundation and follow the progress and make your voice heard in Wahsington DC to save Americas vanishing wild horses before its too late..

  • Mikayla L.

    they should NOT destroy cloud and his band they mean something to alot of people how can they even think about doin that its outrageous!!!!!!!!!!

    grrrrrrr to the people who want to do this

  • Isabelle M.

    Cloud is so beautiful. I’ve watched all of the films, and I love them. I wish the BLM could understand our love of these wild horses. Don’t they know that there aren’t many wild horses left in the world? Don’t they know that each time they round horses up, they are taking away what matters most to the horses – freedom and famly. If you ask me, they aren’t very smart to be capturing and selling the horses. They should be HELDPING the horses and not catching them. Oh, by the way, I wanted to ask you if I could write a book about Cloud. I LOVE him so much, and I want all the world to be able to know about him and see him and try to help him and all the other wild horses stay safe from the Burea of Land Management. Thanks! Isabelle

  • samantha johnson

    Cloud is the living spirit and whoever would want to destroy him and his band are heartless and feel no pain. If I had a chance to talk to them I would say this. You are a heartless demon who has no respect for the natural beauty that has kept our kind alive so long. If you want to destroy the planet then go ahead and try. But those of us who have’nt lost our hearts will always be waiting for your next move.

  • samantha johnson

    How stupid can the BLM get can’t they see how many people here speak from the heart to save this courageous, peace loving, wonder of nature that gives us all hope.

  • natashia

    ASPCA Advocacy Alerts:

    U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s Wild Horse RoundupsASPCA Position: Oppose Action Needed: Call the White House today at (202) 456-1111 to notify the Obama Administration of your opposition to the cruel wild horse roundups currently underway in the West.

  • Sweet Pea

    Why hasnt anyone called the ASPCA or PETA on all those cruel ranchers for leaving their cattle out there in the wilderness alone were they have very little food and no water? If its good enough for the cattle its good enough for the horses. (in response to stampede to oblivion) Those excuses dont even make sense. Why dont they round the cattle up and haul them off. Or take them away from their owners for starving them out there. I think we just need to say you know what you guys are right. The horses cant survive and neither can your cattle, no horses, cattle, or burro’s allowed on these lands from this point forward. I have a feeling the ranchers would then be first in line to argue the point that the land was more than fit. How many of the BLM are ranchers? Just for curiosity’s sake.

  • Lee

    Cloud’s herd is still in danger. They are rounded up every year and horses removed. There are now less than 200 in the entire state of Montana. Cloud himself could easily break a leg during the round ups and the loss of his family members is stressful to him. Horses do form attachments to each other. Anyone who has had more than one alone knows that they do. Now the forest service wants to build a two mile fence out there to block grazing access by the horses. It never ends. Write or call your Congresspeople and the President.

    Horses evolved in North America. Horses were part of the landscape with our native wildlife for thousands of years. Horses migrated from North America to Asia over the same land bridge that humans migrated the opposite direction. (over a long period of time, they didn’t just march thousands of miles passing each other in the night) humans found horses to be easy prey and they eventually ate them to death. There have been thousands of horse bones found in North America with tool damage on them, showing that they were killed by humans. There have been cliffs found were entire herds were stampeded off to their deaths. The same nature that let horses to be easily domesticated in Asia led them to their extinction in North America. There is no documentation of horses actually damaging habitat for wildlife, there is no problem with horses harming wildlife in North America. There are no problems with horses starving either. There is no over-population especially in the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse refuge where Cloud lives.

    The Bureau of Land Management does not make any money on cattle grazing on public lands. In fact they lose hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars annually on the grazing program. Less than 3% of US beef is produced on the range and if you want to talk about non native species causing destruction of the ecosystem COWS are the big problem. There are millions of them out there compared to a 30,000 or so horses. Small family ranchers are not the problem, it is big agribusiness, mining and oil companies that want the horses gone. Wild horses are in the way of the Ruby Pipeline that British Petroleum wants to put through several Western States. There is no financial advantage at all to the BLM removing horses. They are removing them for political gain with special interests. Millionaires like Ted Turner and big corporations like Hewlet Packard and Coca Cola have grazing rights on public lands at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars to the American taxpayer.

  • poor horses!!!!!!

    think of all the poor horses witch have already died! i feel sad for each and every one of the horses witch have died or been tamed i mean tameing a horse is fine if it can no longer survive in the wild but if not let them be wild and free!

  • poor horses!!!

    last time i made a comment there was no second vedio of cloud or i had not seen it (yes i know i spelled some thing wrong) but when i saw the second vedio of cloud and his young i decided that lighting was a huge thret if you noticed what happened in the first episode with lighting then the second you might see im right in a way of your own

  • poor horses!!!!!!

    yes i just noticed i put three !!! instead of six please forgivee that and two comments ago i was saying horses other then trace trace got a awsome owner who desurves trace! trace was a lucky horse and i hope that trace knows that traces owner rocks! i will hate you if you disagree i have strong faith in traces owner and trace himself!!!!

  • bobby jr.

    the rocky mountains are awsome

  • Bandshee

    When will human beings learn, that they do not have the right to say who/what lives and dies. If world governments demand the destruction of species, then maybe they should look at the Human Race and start controlling the rate people are multiplying. They say Cloud and his species have no real predators to keep them under control – who/what is there to control humans?

    These wild horses, have the right to life, when you compare their numbers to the human population within the state, what actual harm are they doing to the environment…. NONE. They live from day to day, looking after each individual within the herd and yes they have Freedom and maybe that is what the Government and officials hate, a creature who stands defiant and enjoys what mother nature intended.

    The authorities and the human race have a lot to learn from Cloud and his family.

  • Mustang Freedom

    i soooo agree with you “Bandshee” maybe we should start getting rid of our kid…i wounder how people would act to that…

  • a wandering soul

    mustang freedom; we do kill our own kind, on a daily basis , off at war and in places home to some, and a far distant thought to others. but fact is; we DO have freedom fighters, and we do have peace keepers, but sometimes ( and in the current society mostly) its the violence that keeps people quiet.. so im sad to say that so many horses have been lost for the greater good.. but fact is, if they’re so protected, and over bred – just my opinion on it- we have to rid of some. … the way they’re doing it? i may not agree with it.. but id rather look to the future and speak proudly about those who run free.. and are what every one wishes to be. as aposed to having to look out at starvation and death because we waited TOO long to step in…

    yes i know im contradicting myself in what i say. but its all true…

  • Daija W.

    Cloud and his gang are strong spirited and i believe that they will live on. But please use all your resources, get supporters, and make sure that he and his gang go on. It is not fair that they and others like them must die while we, the killers, live on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Erin

    “The story we here about how the west was won are all lies. The history of the west was written by the horse. Wherever a settler left his footprint there was a hoofprint beside it. Men came further and further west to stake there claim on the great American wilderness. But they encountered a strength that couldn’t be tamed wild horses, mustangs. The settlers called them parasites that would stip the land and starve thier own herds. They couldnt domesticate them so they destroyed them. Isolated and hungry they were on thier way to disappearing from the face of the Earth. Sometimes when the light disappears an after image remains ,just for a moment. Mustangs are an after image of the west, no better than ghosts hardly there at all. No one really wants them not ranchers, not city people thats their destiny. Let them disappear once and for all along with all the misfits, loners, and relics of a wilderness nobody cares about anymore. Lucky for us a few mustangs survived hidden away in the mountains. We need to protect them for they are the hope for some kind of living memory of what the promise of America used to be and could be agian.”

  • gabrie;a perez

    ken is a really nice preason what shes doing to help is is a really pretty hours.A canion got in fire
    some horeses died

  • Gabriela fernandez

    cloud had a baby its name is stone

  • Tarafina Ravynheart

    What is the current status of Cloud and his band? Are there more roundup’s targeted for his area? I would like to suggest that anyone/everyone reading this thread go to the Department of the Interior’s feedback form. The DOI controls the BLM. They need to hear our outcry. They need to know that we care about these horses upon whom the West was won. These horses are a rare and diminishing species.

    Link to the feedback for Department of Interior:

    Please be articulate and rational. Do not rant. Clearly state our plea that the extermination of wild horses and burros be stopped. NOW.

  • horse lover too

    enjoyed the story on Cloud, beautiful cinematography, amazing shots – but I’m sorry the story was so fairy-taleish. The author couldn’t possibly know some of the facts she stated. I get it! but jeeze. Just show these amazing animals to don’t talk down to viewers. Sometimes less is more.

  • meemee

    that horse is pretty. i love horses like that . one time went2 the mouitians and i saw a group of wild ponys.they were so pretty. i got 2 pet a baby pony.

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  • Badriah M

    Cloud, you ARE the True Phantom~ Your real, so is the phantom, But you live the true life of a mustang~ Stay free~

  • Badriah M

    ~If anyone here loves horses, or just loves Cloud, Fight to keep them free. They deserve the right more than anyone else, they need to, Stay Wild, Stay Free, Stay with their Spirt strong, to stay alive. Help the Mustangs~

  • Kristian R

    It is an outrage that BLM will sterilize so many horses of the Rockies, but not provide late-season birthers with additional food to help them and their foals make it through the long winter.

  • Rachel S

    Not saying that BLM is right to exterminate horses, but these horses are not native to that land and are invasive species. Humans introduced them here and know different humans are trying to undo what people before them have done. They are taking away grazing lands from native elk and sheep.

  • Janet Ferguson

    Rachel S: To Quote Laura Mac Donald:

    “Elk numbers have grown by 44 percent, from about 715,000 (5,148,000 AUMs annually) to over 1,031,000 (7,423,200 AUMs annually), between 1984 through 2009. (Source: Elk Population Reflects Success of RMEF’s First 25 Years, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Press Release, April 27, 2009,

    Pronghorn antelope, estimated at approximately 26,604 animals (63,849 AUMs annually) between 1922-1924, are currently estimated at a minimum of 780,800 (1,873,920 AUMs annually) in just the nine states affecting wild horses and burros(5), Sources: (a)2002 Pronghorn Antelope populations obtained from Pronghorn Population Totals as of 2002, Nevada’s PronghornAntelope: Ecology, Management and Conservation, Nevada Department of Wildlife, 2003, Table 2, available at:; and,

    (b) 2006 Pronghorn antelope population estimates for MT, WY were obtained from Conservation of the Northern Yellowstone Pronghorn: A Report and Possible Approach for NPCA’s Involvement, Blank, Intern, Stevens, July 2006, National Parks Conservation Association, pg. 1, MT/WY average.)

    (while the national bighorn sheep population for 2008 is estimated at 70,000 adults (168,000 AUMs).

  • Lynette

    They ARE NATIVE as the most recent scientific research shows. Google it! They were re-introduced. Besides why does that matter? They are wild now and have been wild for centuries. Sheep and cattle are not native but yet they take the grass from the wild life. So for you that is OK? You should be on your soapbox telling the welfare ranchers to keep their cattle on their own lands and let the wild horses have the range that was given to them by law. The few wild horses left, less the 30,000, the latest guess from the BLM, is far, far less then the millions of cattle and the over 250,000 elk that roam our public ranges. If the ranchers weren’t fighting to graze their cattle on public lands then their would be no reason to remove the wild horses and burros.

  • Rachelle

    All of these comments harassing the BLM are made in ignorance.
    The program to round up and sell off healthy mustangs was designed to keep mustang herds in check, so that farmers would not resort to illegal shooting and other brutal methods to eliminate mustangs completely. BLM keeping the herds in check is saving their lives. I support mustangs and will do everything to keep them wild and free, but please, direct your anger to the proper place, the farmers that wish to kill them all off completely. The BLM is working to save them here.
    As a side note, I have met many mustangs that were bought from BLM auctions who are some of the most intelligent, happiest domestic horses I’ve met.

  • jack

    how many series are there

  • tasha

    Hi i really really like your videos of cloud.he is a very pretty horse.i like your idea of watching is really cool.but i do feel bad that one of there foals died. :( that episode was sad. and yes how many series are there????do you like watching the horses??? why ???? (June 4 2011) i know two horses named jorden and bucky i ride friend owns them.i also know a race horse.we dont live in the city or the about you.where are the wild horses???what state???

  • Jesus

    The blm is so weird they want to preserve mustangs and they’re sending them to the slaughter house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 F**k BLM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO MORSE SLAUGHTER FOR HORSES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jean

    Makes me sick that BLM wants to destroy these magical, beautiful creatures. I am just lost for words. They are God’s creatures…can’t they just be left alone? What is this world coming to??

  • Abby

    I’m in Canada and know many people who would adopt these magnificent horses… I myself wish to drive to the states one day and pick up 3, then give them the best life possible…
    Unfortunately I am seeing well from both sides of the story… the BLM is keeping the horses from eating themselves out, but euthanasia is seeming to not be the best idea… I know that on Chincoteague Island where the wild ponies are, they are using this drug on the mares and everything is going fine…
    Another thing is that if people, mostly race horse owners, weren’t so irresponsible with today’s domestic breeding, we would have more room to take the mustangs in to control them in the wild… for God’s sake!! There are just too many horses to try and save…

  • Lover

    Hey =] I Was Inspired The First Time I Saw This =] I’m Going To Film Wild Horses Like This Woman, But I May Not Get The Chance To See Some For The Lower Of Population Where I Live. But I Hope To Find Some Wild Horses To Film =]

  • Conny

    People, horses are NOT native to North America. They were brought here by the Spaniards. Since there aren’t enough large predators to keep the size of the herds in check, we the people have to step in and AT LEAST GELD as many stallions as possible to prevent overpopulation and keep the herds healthy.

  • Iris

    Hi mustang lovers,
    I am betting that many of you are not knowledgeable about horses and horse care, or you would not be posting things like “Cloud loves his family” and “the govt. should stay away from Cloud!” In reality, range life is harsh, with the majority of mustangs not living past their 10th birthday.

    Mustangs are actually feral, quasi-invasive species, much like feral cats. (No, I am not a rancher, and yes, I love the natural world.) Yes, they are intelligent and form groups of their own kind. No matter what this filmmaker says, though, horses DO NOT “love” each other. Any colts will get their butts whooped by daddy when they hit puberty, and mares will try go with any stallion they see. How’s that for family bonds? They may LIKE being part of a group, but they sure as heck don’t LOVE each other. You’re confusing them with humans and human emotions.

    You may argue that mustangs have been in America for 300 years. However, they are STILL a domesticated horse species. The ONLY reason that a domesticated species should exist is because there is a demand for them. The niche of experienced handlers that could “tame” an aggressive, 1000+ pound animal is tiny. Because these mustangs are breeding like rabbits, most go without a home. Many starry-eyed owners, unable to deal with their “beautiful wild horsie” send them to Mexican slaughterhouses where they endure hell only to be bled to death. Also, range mustangs will most certainly DIE a painful, slow death. If it were me, and I had to choose between starvation and “falling asleep,” I’d certainly choose the less painful way to go.

    By not gelding and spaying some of the mustangs, we are setting them up for overpopulation, food shortages, and agony.

    Also, what is with the phobia of euthanasia? It’s much better than a painful death by slaughterhouse, starvation, or the elements. The horse doesn’t KNOW it’s being killed, for goodness sake. It’s like falling asleep.

    I’m 100% sure that Cloud would rather be in a loving home with scritches and treats than roughing it out on the range. And that, my friends, is a conclusion drawn from years of EXPERIENCE with horses.

    (If you disagree, PLEASE post down below in the comments. I would love to educate you.)

  • Iris

    Also- if you want to get a mustang, PLEASE do your research first. Unhandled mustangs can easily kill a person, and they are not used to human contact.

    *Also, a technicality- mustangs are not WILD! They are FERAL! Much like feral dogs and cats. The only true wild horse left in the world is the Przewalski’s Horse, and they are from Asia. People, please do your research. I feel like I need to fact-check your posts.

    *Additionally, the west was not won by mustangs. Mustangs are the descendents of the “cull” horses that the Spanish dumped in America. When people needed a better horse, they took European horses and the most superior mustangs and created new breeds. The modern mustang was not the horse that most cowboys rode off into the sunset.

    *Also, it sounds like the BLM is trying to SAVE Cloud from a painful, premature death. What’s the problem?

    In reality, mustang roundups are beneficial to both horses and the land. Seriously, if you’re going to go crying rainbows, at least do your research. Then you can go cry rainbows all you like! :)

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  • Amber Bley

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