Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies
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Filmed in the mountains of Montana, this poignant, engrossing chronicle focuses on an extraordinary stallion, whose life has been recorded since his birth in the wild in 1995 by Emmy-winning filmmaker Ginger Kathrens. Buy the DVD. This film premiered November 4, 2001.

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  • Otherlyn

    I pray that people everywhere will come to appreciate the great gift that America’s wild horses are…and that the BLM will someday be dismantled, to let God and the horses decide their own destiny.

  • Laura

    Please be aware that the BLM is going to “manage” Cloud and his band out of existence. All of these horses will be rounded up. The BLM is talking euthanasia because of budget cuts. They will all die.

  • anna Stockley

    I cannot believe that anything as beautiful and wild as those horses will be rounded up and killed. Is there nothing one can do to stop this ?

  • anna Stockley

    I cannot believe that anything as beautiful and wild as those horses will be rounded up and killed. What can we do to stop this practice ?

  • Monica Brown

    I loved the video on the horses in the Rockies. The footage on the horse was wonderful. And the mountains were beautiful. I have always wanted to live in the mountains. I loved watching Cloud as he was was growing up. I have always been interested in photography and horses. God has surely blessed with so many beautiful animals and places to enjoy. Let God have control over nature, that He has given us. God bless you in your work. Monica Brown

  • sean bennett

    blm needs to be stoped now killing these inocent animals especially if there not hurting a thing.

  • ElvenAngel

    I bought a horse form the BLM.. He’s sweet and very friendly now. But I thought it was sad looking at all those poor horses rounded up and not back where they came from, otherwise known as ‘home’.

  • Lori

    I love watching wild horses roam and interact with each other. It is so beautiful. I bought the Cloud DVD’s on and I loved them. I will cherish them forever. I hope that someone comes along and disbands the BLM. They should never interfere with mother nature. Some of those wild horses could be decendents of our war heroes. They don’t deserve to die. These horses are not doing any harm? What about all the other wild animals on this earth? Is the BLM going to round up all the squirrels and do away with them? It’s stupid to just pick an animal in our world to just do away with. They are God’s creatures and God wants them on this earth just like you and me. Maybe, instead of doing away with them, the BLM could have anyone sponsor the horses and these people could pay to take care of them individually.

  • Elois Gibson

    I so much enjoyed the story of Cloud. Please let me roam free and not be killed.

  • Phil

    I watched this wonderful documentary on Sunday evening with my wife and 5 year old daughter. We thoroughly enjoyed admiring the beauty of wild horses in their habitat.

    I do want to warn other parents who may consider watching this with their young kids. There is a part in the documentary towards the end where a pony is born without the use of its hind legs. After nudges of encouragement from other horses, a dominant horse realizes there is something wrong with the small horse. Then surprisingly the adult horse bends down and grabs the pony by the neck and strangles it to death lifting it off the ground several times. I realize the horse probably did this to put the pony out of its misery however this was very traumatic for my 5 year old. She cried the rest of the night and then woke up thinking about it. If you watch this online, be aware of it, it is at the beginning of part 5.

    Otherwise, we saw a beautiful documentary.

  • Jacqueline Ducre

    I saw part of the documentary on Sunday eve. and I went online to see the whole thing. It was beautiful. I would love to see more!! How can we stop the BLM from hurting those horses?????? Please tell me there is a way!!

  • james seay

    why is blm rounding up these horses, is it because the ranchers want grazing for them selves, who do i call to protest.

  • Yvon

    Any one can tell me if the Arriflex camers used bt Ginger Kathrens ia a 35mm or a Super16, and perhaps the model number. It would be much appreciated. Carrying this camera as Ginger has must be hard on the back. Thanks, Yvon

  • Char

    So very good. Thanks

  • margie

    This is such stunning videography! I’ve been a horse lover all my life and it’s a treat to watch. The warning about the foal being killed is good to heed-it was difficult to watch as an adult. However, I’ve known many horses in my life and I don’t think the stallion was ‘euthanizing’ the foal. Horses are very much like people in that some are kind, some are shy, some are bold and unfortunately, some have a mean streak. They do have personalities! These horses have not been shaped by training. Training should bring out the best and dampen the negative in a horse’s personality. Anyway, thanks for a beautiful show!

  • Marjorie

    I have enjoyed these beautiful mustangs running wild. My only prayer is for the BLM to leave these beautiful horses alone and let them live so more generations to come can enjoy their beauty as I have. I would adopt them all if I had a million acres. They are so much fun to see and a pleasure to watch. Why on earth would anyone want to distroy them.

  • Rhiannon

    A heartbreakingly beautiful piece, told with excellent cinematography and poignant story telling. The horses are amazing to watch, each one so unique, each with personalities as varied as their colors. It is truly chilling to think that one day such enchanting creatures and their lovely habitat will be probably be destroyed.

  • Eduardo Morales

    Amazing when the red stallion killed the colt who could not stand up, amazing nature’s cruel protection, we should show this to all stupid terrorists in the world to teach them a lesson, not to impose their stupidity, kidnaping people left and right.

  • Saba

    Bravo! This was one of the most touching works i have seen on television in a long time. It captured perfectly the raw beauty of freedom and the pangs of emptiness are left with when that freedom is taken away. On a side note, Mr Morales , if ‘… we should show this to all stupid terrorists in the world to teach them a lesson, not to impose their stupidity, kidnaping people left and right’, we should also show this to all the stupid leaders in the world , to teach them a lesson, not to impose their stupidity, starting pre-emptive wars left and right.

  • sierra

    i love horses more than any one in the world.

  • Tess1

    I love Cloud! It is so col! I even started a website about it.

  • charlene

    Wow! this was the most beautiful documentary I have ever seen! Its so wonderful to see how beautiful nature is with its freedom…horses are amazing! I wish I could see more! =]

  • Jenni

    I love these horses, and I hope the BLM does not continue to round them up, and I hope that they discontinue their plans for the slaughtering of tons of wild horses, including Looking Glass, and Shaman.

  • emilee

    l love this movie l love baby foals

  • Irene

    What a wonderful video!
    I wish so much that we will always have enough space on earth for these wild horses.
    How happy they obviously are…

  • Mercedes

    Now I see the passion I expected from all of the above responses – all of natures creatures are so awe-inspiring, but the horse has such grace. I’ve loved them all of my life and pray for their safety and protection. Thank you for this contribution on their behalf.

  • Nazlyn

    I hope that blm stops euthanizing and hurting horses animals also have feelings.God created nature so let it be

  • Amy

    Wow. I watched everymovie and it is just extreamly fasinating. I have learned so so much from these movies. Lovely!

  • Jessica

    I don’t like BLM they are mean thank goodness that they let out cloud i hope they have more parts of that video to see if cloud has mad a band .

  • Alyssa

    Guess what? Right now, the BLM is going to kill 70,000 mustangs, and capture the rest! Not only will millions of horse-lovers cry, but the whole eco-system will be thrown out of wack.

  • camilla arendal

    i love cloud i was so happy to find the movie on net i we sees it before.. BLM is going to make a misstake if the round up horses to kill, dont forget horses was there before the humans. i am locking forward to se the new movie in the spring 09…

  • callie hillman

    i love this movie so much i have modles of cloud!!!!

  • callie hillman

    :]i was sad when looking glass killed the baby foal:[

  • callie hillman

    Ginger Kathrens couldent find cloud in the winter because HES WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rene Arsenault

    Being a horse lover all my life and watching Ginger Kathrens documentary was so beautiful and hard at the same time. Just finding out that BLM want to round every mustangs up so they can destroyed them is unbelievable. They are part of our herritage and they should be protected like any old house or cemetaries. We are what we are today because they have help us so much in our life since the beginning of time to even today. Quarter horses, paleiminos, pintoes, the canadianhorse and so many others are descendant of the wild horse. I am a canadian and I know we must do everything in our power to help and protect those beautiful horses in the wild.

  • Steph K

    I really like this video. Reading the comments, I do want to point out that what the BLM does is necessary, although they don’t always go about it in the best way. Horses are not native to the Americas, adult horses have no natural predators here, and they breed like crazy. If the population wasn’t managed by humans, they’d be likely to outcompete native wildlife and wreak havoc on the whole delicate mountain and desert ecosystem. Obviously, it’s a tragedy that any of them end up getting killed, and that part of the program should be managed more effectively. I’ve heard that they’re starting to use birth control for the mares in some places, which seems like a good idea. But it doesn’t make much sense to talk about protecting the horses from the BLM or letting nature take its course, because the horses aren’t in this environment naturally to start out with.

  • Don C

    What a beautful story of Life, Cloud has now touched my Heart and found myself going out in my back yard breathing the beautiful air Called ” Freedom & Peace ” It sadens me to hear about the Killing of these beautiful wild horses :( and the selfeshness of Man and disreguard Life that God Created for All Men to learn from. Now i understand the Love John Denver had for nature & Life even more. Some Day all this will pass and peace shall Reign forever and ever, and the selfeshness of man will no longer RULE !

  • emily

    I hate the BLM! I want to give them the pain they give to the horses! When they die, I will spit on their graves. I love horses and I wish for no harm to them, this is cruel. What if they liked it if they got rouned up and killed? or choose life? Where they run free and enjoy their peacefull lives. I hope the BML was reading this, to just see what they’ve done to nature. God should send them to hell, then we can laugh at them from heaven.

  • Emily Van etc.

    Why do you all think BLM is the bad guy? If all those foals born were left free, the area wouldn’t be able to support so many grazing animals. They would starve, and most die. BLM is rounding up yearlings to auction off, so they will hopefully go to loving homes. Yes, I would love all these mustangs to roam free too, but the fact is, they can’t. BLM is taking a healthy amount of horses to sell and release the rest.
    Mustangs are not native here, and really are not wild, they are feral. They are domestic creatures that live and roam freely. So it would be a shame for them to eat all the food and starve the animals who ARE native, say big horns and mule deer. The eco system is really much better off with BLM controlling the populations. And actually, the horses are much better off be owned and cared for by humans (they wouldn’t starve, be killed by lighting, etc.). But, I agree, it is sad some die. This problem could be fixed by people instead of breeding their horses, adopting a mustang.

  • RoseAnne DuBois

    I have not yet seen this episode yet but i will get ready to in a little bit but by all the comments that i have read and i am dieing to see this movie and i am also a big horse lover so to all you people out there i am with you all. these BLM people are really getting on my nerves and i am only 16 and i have loved horses all my life and i hope that we can win over these nasty people and stop them from killing the creations that god put on this earth for us to cherish and to enjoy but not to kill. i have all kinds of horse movies and i watch them every day but i know that some day that i will help save these beautiful creatures from being killed i will help ssavve these animals from being extinct and i will trample anyone who gets in my way and i dont care who you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • callie hillman

    when cloud was a band stallion in his band one hore looked like barbaro

  • Rene Arsenault

    I am a canadian and a big horse lover. Seeing this documentary about Cloud and the wild mustang sure was a great one but a very very sad one seeing what people who are the BLM have no feeling for them, but employed to control and I thaught to protect them also. I do hope that President Obama will do something about this awfull thing that is happening to these horses. If they have roundup to many allready why do they go back and get some more. Just leave them alone like they were met to be. They are part of our heritage even for us the Canadians.

  • lalalala

    Please make sure I don’t get rounded up and killed.

  • Magnus

    Wonderful views…no film is better than this. In this film I could see much of the attidudes of horses and it points me out attidudes of the horses in our barn.
    Amazing film!!

  • chayna eller

    I love to watch them mate!!!!

  • Andrea

    I think Looking Glass is a stunning stallion,but his additude is terrible. He must have done it for mercy. I agree about the BLM. There isn’t much land and I am sort of ok with auctioning…But not killing. I want to go to the ArrowHead mountians now!Cloud is an ok name…I think he has grown out of it though..He is muuch more regal…

  • Vyctoria

    The wild horses of America i wish were appreciated more

  • Marina

    I really liked cloud and his family, but it was sad that his family died. Other stallions died too, it was really disapointing, and horriblethat they were eaten by other animals. I wish that stallion wouldn’t make that little foal die. The foal just had a problem on it’s hind legs. I liked that in the ending Cloud was content, and he had a family with a mare and foal. the part i liked was when his father rubbed himself in the water, then on the dirt.It was funny.
    I think, if Cloud was token care of, he been with a beautiful coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cloud looks like cloud and snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kerri
  • Linda

    Here is what you need to do: Contact your congress person and senators. Follow link via PETA.

  • EthanQ

    A lot of the horses at these auctions end up at slaughterhouses. Isn’t that sad. These horses are part of the American West. They helped settle this country. It’s just so sad.

  • Bat Jelly

    Most of these horses do not go to slaughter houses or are killed… that’s total & pure BS… the slaughter houses (only located in Canada) use surrendered horses (private owner) or Canadian wild horses… it is illegal in the US to do so… they are to be broken & adopted… the homes they go to are highly regulated because they are government property… most are taken to a horse breaking facility in Colorado… it is a program ran by the prisons for eligible convicts… most people in the program become professional horse trainers… it is one of the most successful programs in America… most of the horses go on to become performance horses (ie jumping, saddlery, etc)… how do I know this? I was involved & so are hundreds of other people… PS horses are not a natural part of an American ecosystem… they were introduced by Europeans but their numbers increased after the great depression when people could no longer afford them…

  • Taylor

    Cloud is soo awesome, blm should just leave them alone.. if you go to you can make donations and get the latest updates on the wild horses :)

  • Maren

    these horses are wild no one should be rounding them up!
    plus thats mean!
    anay way what is happening to clouds heard and him?

  • maren

    what bat jelly says is true!
    my dad did a review on it for work but i still feel bad for the horses!

  • Elisha Celeste

    Beautiful film, but I am left saddened and outraged. I found a site offering ways to protest the BLM’s horrific and unjustified ’roundup’ plans. PLEASE go to the site and do what you can! Here is the link:

  • lucy

    Some of you might not know this but I believe it was about 1 or 2 years ago when they were capturing the wild horses and killing them…then they would send them over to China or Japan for food..because they consider horse meat to be a delicacy…The government put an end to it..I believe it was because of people like us who want the horses to be free, wild and happy.

  • lucy

    Well I guess they are still doing what I mentioned is sad..follow the link that Elisha Celeste posted we have one more month to help this bill for the horses get through the senate!

  • harriet hoyt

    i say leave the wild heard alone ive watch the first cloud and they belong to the wild without them there
    wont be anymore wild horses and too me the sucks if its illegal then why are the going to do it? im against animal cruelity is wrong on anyone who dose it and should be punished and not nicely ethier i say leave them horses alone can anyone talk to obama abput this and tell him to stop this most stupid and wrong doing yet cuz he most do something about if hes our leader and all that thank you for reading this everyone

  • George

    I believe that BLM should adopt as many mustangs as they can to individuals that will care and love them. As far as killing any of them, I believe if they leave them alone, that the population will take care of itself.

    Just like deer, predators keep the population down. Wild horses will be the same, God will regulate them, we don’t need polititions messing it up.

  • roxy

    Roundup started yesterday. After receiving over 10,000 petition signatures. After a letter from Congressman Grijalvo to BLM to STOP. On a news show this morning there was a BLM guy pulling dead grass out of the “desert” at the end of summer to prove the horse can’t survive – is this either a slap on our face from BLM or is reflective of the intelligence we can expect from all BLM? I’m not one to blame the fighters for the war – but really – dead grass in the desert – WOW, how incredable! You can see with your own eyes on web that the “rangeland” is bountifull and the horses are fat. Is there still time to stop this? Please try – call, e-mail, do everything within your power!

  • christy denham

    I thought that the part where the baby horses gets killed by looking glass was the hardest part for me to watch.

  • excalibur2009

    Bat Jelly, Are you really that nieve and gullable?Most of these horses are mot adopted which suites the horse slaughterhouses quite well. Its true that the mast horse slaughter house was closed in the US, but they are attemptiing to opem one in Billings, MT. All so sad and wrong.


    ……………where ever they are located, it is a privilige to see them running free. I wish we could just let them alone, and let the mother earth care for them naturally………

  • Kate Frizzell

    People, the reason these horses have to be managed is because humans have wiped out all of their natural predators. Wolves and cougars can no longer keep up with the wild horse population. If we let them be, the population would explode. Horses would die of disease and starvation, and we’d end up with less than we have now.

    Humans wiped out the natural order of things, so the BLM is doing their part to make up for the things we’ve done wrong. For the most part, they try to do things as humanely and with as little injury to the horses as possible, and they try to get rid of excess horses by adoption. Horse slaughter has been banned in the United States, and these horses are safe and their population is healthy.

  • Mariah

    This video was heart touching. I now wonder if there is a way to start protecting the wild horses from being captured and killed. This clip has inspiered me to start noticeing nature more and more. I am proply going to think twice about becomeing a vet. Thank You Ginger Katherens for inspiering people to protect horses.
    This has changed the way I see nature.
    Thank You Ginger

  • Sierra :)

    I love horses!! i watch this video like 100 times!!

  • carol patey

    it sure is nice to see some people still interersted in the wild mustang. we lost over 8oo here a few years back and the govt dont seem to care abouat our history they never left any to reproduce here in alberta

  • rebecca

    i love clould he is such a heathy looking whild horse


    they should leave the horses alone leave them in the wild they are god creature mother nature will take care of them as they see fit, these people should mind there own businesse i am writing from ottawa ontario canada its not fair for what they are doing.

  • Madeline Bolbol

    I strongly urge you, President Obama, to end the round up of wild horses, protect them, do not instill fear in them in confining and then slaughtering these beautiful creatures, our heritage.

    I pray for peace on Earth…..let it start here at home.

    Let us extend our humanity to include all sentient beings.

    Madeline Bolbol

  • Diana mays

    Humanity.This was the most heart touching and beautiful video. More people need to see what really take place.I have had and honor to see wild horses.I cry . Because I felted so blessed to witness the wild horses.Please leave them alone.Stop the round up. Thank you for watching over them. God Bless.

  • Lynda

    What a wonderful movie! As a very proud owner of a decendant of these horses, I believe the BLM is doing a good job to keep the horses. They have limited pasture and forage. I have been blessed to have up there and seen the horses firsthand. Without periodic culling, they would rapidly overgraze themselves out of house and home. And they don’t “kill” the horses. They are adopted out.

  • Fran Alala

    Where is Cloud now? Was he released from that pen in september 2009

  • Hailey

    I think killing wild horses is wrong and even catching them is wrong. One day I hope that the blm will stop rounding up wild horses.

  • Roxy

    reply to Emily Van etc,

    News Flash – Big horn sheep are NOT NATIVE to North America. Check it out on Wikipedia: “The bighorn sheep originally crossed over the Bering land bridge from Siberia”

    Where as, our current day wild horses, are in fact (now proven – links) to have originated in North America, then went extinct here (probably due to mans overhunting them and not understanding at that time thier real attributes), but after traversing across the Bering land bridge into Siberia, eventualy accross to Europe and Africa. Then 500 years ago the Spanish brought them back here, and then some came in the Pyrors are from Lewis and Clark 200 years ago, where they had lived in perfect harmony with all other wildlife until European MAN came (another news flash – unless you are Native American – you are an invasive species)! It is interesting that the American Wild horses have resorted to those original characterists of the North Americn wild horse some 8,000 – 12,000 +/- years sgo!

    You are correct though, domestic horse breeding is akin to puppy mills and dog breeding business. Stop breeding until there are no longer excessive numbers, build the cost of humane elder care and euthanazia into breeding and owning any animal (I’m sick of paying tax dollars to clean up profeteers messes). In the mean time, spay, neuter, geld, whatever – and ADOPT!

  • maddy

    i love cloud and i love horses i feel bad for the other horses though

  • JenJ

    Its been years since I’ve seen this video! thanks for having it on here-In a year I’ll be in a position to adopt a wild mustang-It’d be nice if they could all stay free but we know better than that.

  • cjade

    I feel so bad for the horses that get rounded up….. I am only 12 and I still absolutly adore these horses! I would like to adopt one of the poor horses that get rounded up some day but hopefuly by then this practic will be shut down!! Am I right?!

  • jlu

    I adore horses and apriciate Ginger Kathren’s work.Horses SHOULD NOT be rounded up and killed if they roam either in a corral or the Arrowhead Mountains!Thank God that Cloud and his band escaped from the trap in chapter three!I feel in sorrow stongly of Dusty’s death,but i encourage Ginger’s work.May God bless her & Cloud.

  • Lily

    I am the most horse crazy kid ever!My dream is to be with horses and this video was amazing!
    God bless you and cloud!

  • Min Min

    I am a huge horse lover and I can’t belive anyone would do this to horses. To round up horses and kill them is not just wrong but also cruel! I hope by writing this I will help Cloud and his amazing herd of wild horses. God bless you Cloud!

  • Jazmine Diaz

    Ginger Kathren I watched all of your videos about Cloud and i want to know how Cloud and his family are doing and how is Image and what about Flint has he got a family yet well I hope so and my brother and I want to know if you are going to make another video of them well I hope so. Hope Cloud is happpy

  • fan of Cloud

    to: Ginger Kathern
    please do another movie like Cloud.
    I miss all of the shows but my mom couldn’t find one copy of a peice. do one for other generations that could belive in how inportant horses are in our world and to keep that memery alive for thousands of years.
    From: shannon renaee siler who wants the magic of horses to come free of it’s prison!!!!!!

  • FredRock

    While I love the story and grandeur that is displayed in this series, the fact that it portrays th BLM in such a negative light is disturbing. Without the BLM, there would be no wild horses. They are the deer of the west; doomed to overpopulation and starvation. I love seeing wild horses as much as the next person, and I understand how romantic the idea is, but reality is more brutal than portrayed, and the BLM can only do so much to please the masses of ignorant people.

    If you want to stop the BLM’s plans of eutheneisia, then maybe try helping them out a little instead of simply wanting them disbanned. All I ever hear is bad seniments towards the BLM, when they’re actually trying to do their best with what they have. It isn’t their fault government cut their funds, go yell about that to the government. That’s what I would do.

  • Cody

    I’m geting mad BLM is taking over 2,500 wild mustangs from northern nevada about a year and a half ago i did the same thing there was this black wild mustang born and me and my mom went up there and watched him every day and they took him its cool tho we bring carrots up there and they will come right up to us there mostly friendly i got kicked by a stallion once but stuff happends im really mad tho cause the black horse he watched 4 about 6 months and they took him

  • Lynne

    If he horses were meant to be free, they will thrive forever the same way they always have. Man does not need to interfere with nature. Nature seems to do very well on its own. America is blessed with the land to accommodate them. Let them be free.

  • Mara

    I love these horses so much. They’re so beautiful. I’m praying that the BLM won’t take away Cloud and his family from their home. They have a right to stay were they are, and the BLM should let them be free, as wild horses.

  • Shirley

    Boy,Roxie,your about as mean thinking as the BLM.what’d these wild horses do to you.the horses your talking against they stand for part of our history,just as the american Indian.And to inject the mares so they will never foal which would cause the wild horse to be no more,and people who think that,that is ok are badly mistaken.they have as much right to live as any animal,evn your pet dog or cat.people who mistreat a dog or cat or etc. are prosecuted to the letter of the law and punished as should the BLM for what they’ve done to all the magnificent beautiful wild horse.They should be made to release all the wild horses to the public ranges where they were born and lived for a good while and should be allowed to live there and thrieve forever.Then the BLM should be prosecuted to the letter of the law and punished for what they’ve done ,for the deaths and abuse,crippling,starving and etc.Punish these men and women of the BLM.we as tax payers should be able to have a say as to how they use the money and its not for the use of abuse and killings of these wild horses

  • Lily

    Once again, the movie was so amazing! Looking glass was hard to watch but it still was a touching movie! please keep filming cloud! Hope some day someone can convince the BLM to leave the horses as wild as they are. I agree, we should have a right to say to stop using money for animal killing. Keep it up!

  • Angeline

    Ranchers, Farmers, and Cattlemen, all need to realize that the damage done by wild horses can be stopped humanely. No one pays any mind to the millions of cattle that damage our earth, in fact they don’t even know that a cow eats 10x more than a horse does. Also if fencing was put up appropriately you would hear less from land owners stating that they’re land is getting destroyed. People just don’t realize what KILL means unless it’s done right in front of they’re eyes, then all who are for this absurd slaughter would be begging for it to stop.

    Keep shouting out your opinions in behalf of this beautiful animal, we will stop this ridiculous act of selfishness.

  • sharon

    i love this show and horses! i think that it is good what the BLM are doing because, as every one of us know,you have to have space and food to live which,wild horses would not get due to over poplation. what i don’t agree with is that they kill them.i would like to say to roxy that every thing destroys it self (and that every thing on earth has an end)(it is the way of life!!!) ,as seen with looking glass and the fowl and with the Native Americans,if you can’t live with that go hide in a closet! great show!

  • Brian Bird

    here’s how to help!! i live 30 minutes from the arrowheads! grew up seeing them…please help here!!!!

  • ashley leger

    i just wish that the BLM someday realizes what they are doing to the only freedom left of horses. If they could actually know what they are doing then maybe they will stop. I wish the the horses that they rounded up could talk and tell them that what they are doing is wrong. If only wild horses were left to be wild, the way nature had intended.

  • ashley leger

    if people are really that stupid to let the BLM take these wild horses out of their homes then those people should be kicked in the head. and the BLM state that they are helping the land by keeping it from being over grazed. well if it got over grazed then some horses would die and the population would be decient again. some (including all in the BLM) think that horses cant take care of themselves. well those people are dead wrong. you want to know why wild horses run with a spring in their step. Its because they know that they are free. The BLM takes that spring out of the wild horse’s step because they think its helpful. Who exactly is it helping? no one. Its just killing the wild horses just as if they were toys that you could throw away when you get tired of playing with them.


  • Faith

    I just want to let you guys know about the killing in the end.

    The stallion who did ‘it’ was the leader of another band. Usually, if a lead stallion conquers another stallion and takes over the conquered stallion’s herd, he will kill all the foals of the conquered stallion.

    I think God put it in their instincts so that only the strongest horses will breed.

    Another reason is probably the stallion wanted to rid the foal of its misery.

    And yes, I agree with everyone else, the documentary was wonderful and I enjoyed it greatly. If only the whole world was filled with nature such as that.


  • Michael J. Kelly

    I have had the privilege of riding with the BLM to count wild horses in Nevada. These horses are mostly descendants of horses left by the Spanish beginning in the 1500’s, which are called Mustangs, and then the United States released in the latter part of the 1800’s Thoroughbred, Standardbred, Morgan, and Draft horse stallions to lend the crosses of these breedings bone, height, and substance, so that these crosses on the Mustang could be rounded up and used by the US Cavalry as mounts. They make very good mounts today, with the proper understanding, and training at the proper pace. This is not for the total amateur. In reading the comments, there is some serious minsinformation going around. The BLM has a very tough job, in the 1990’s and due to a Federal Law that if my memory of history serves me correctly originated in 1976 through the efforts of ‘Mustang Annie’ the BLM was forbidden from serially slaughtering Mustangs, By the year 2000, there were more Mustangs than the BLM Land could support when draught and wet years were taken into account. The BLM began a Program to round up and Auction off suitable Mustangs to qualified owners. So worries about Slaughter are minimized as long as the BLM is adequately funded. This of course means that some of us may have to give up other federally funded programs.and In our present economy it may mean giving up Food Programs for feeding all grade school students, or universal health care for all. What about it, what are you willing to give up to Save the Mustangs. Think about it. What’s worth more to you? The BLM now has competitions in different Regions of the USA to demonstrate the many uses for domesticated Mustangs. Make a point to attend one of these events. They are truly entertaining and inspiring if you love horses. Vaya Con Dios

  • heather larson

    some ppl say that some ppl can wisper to horses. my freinds in troy,tx say that i can. i have two mustangs off the plains in coloredo my dad cant get near them but i can sit on there backs all i want i have acoplsed in love breackimg them it means that i have saddle broke them for love not for prize money in some show.

  • Katherine

    Just a note – People seem to believe that the BLM kills the horses they round up. This is completely untrue. What happens to them is even shown in this (amazing, memorable) documentary; they are put up for auction to be sold to locals as ranch horses. The BLM doesn’t kill the animals. The BLM doesn’t hurt the animals. The BLM does what it has to, because if the land is over-grazed, it will not grow back well enough to sustain even a small population of wild horses for many, many years, at which point all the wild horses would have long starved to death. Ginger’s horse, Trace, that she rides in the documentary, was a wild mustang rounded up by the BLM and auctioned off. Rewatch it if you somehow missed that, because that’s what happens to all the other horses as well.

    So, one more time: The BLM DOES NOT KILL HORSES. So stop broadcasting that, it’s absurd.

    Read the comment posted by Michael J. Kelly, who seems to have a firm handle on the situation, or visit the National Bureau of Land Management (BLM)’s website:

  • poor horses!!!!!!

    they may not kill the horses but they take the horses OUT of the WILD a lot of horses are tamed after being WILD all there lives how would you feel if your life suddenly changed? why not just move the WILD HORSES to a new place where they can live and stay wild? it would just make more sence

  • Emily

    I am happy that Cloud lived to find his own family. I am very touched from the film. I hope he’ll live forever more. =D

  • Charlotte

    Okay, maybe the BML should do that sometimes, I mean round them up, but I agree with poor horses!!!!!!. They should just take them to a different area, so they can still live wild and free. Its terrible that they auction them off, and most likely they separate foals with their mothers A LOT. And that brings distrust to humans from Mrs. Horse Mom and Little Foal. Its terrible! But I am glad Cloud and his band did not get hurt, or trapped. *Growls at the thought of it* So I hope he lives a long and happy life with his herd and never get horses stolen! Long live Cloud!

  • poor horses!!!!!!

    thank you for agreeing with me charlotte they could always move the wild horses into new areas i would hope that wild horses reproduce so that there young may give birth to new young and those young can give birth to new young and so on yes i too bet they move the mothers away from there foals to sale off the faols would cost a large price but i think the mother would cost a mediun price cuz in some ways the bml is evil i know they are just trying to help but by saleing WILD HORSES they are only makeing it worse

  • Wild Horse Protection Act FB

    Thank you for making this beautiful film, helpful to see and try to understand the deep connections in family within Cloud’s and Ravin’s band.

    14 days ago I formed a fb page Wild Horse Protection Act, daily posting actions to take to help end BLM deadly wild horde round-ups and too to end harassing, harming and extermination of our wild horses.

    Thunder in our hearts and wind in our hair, we are circling in protection for our wild horses, all of us together, but we must hurry, please keep sharing truth and calling, writing our leaders and press.
    BLM targets 12,000 wild horses to be “cleared” by 10/10, the round-ups and resultant suffering and deaths have begun, please rise up for our wild horses

  • Tena

    This is not playing smoothly on my computer. Is anyone else having trouble?

  • Anumpeshi

    Anumpeshi Aduddell

  • gio

    People make me sick.

    Leave these beautiful horses alone.

    People are the monsters.

  • Elm

    The film is beautiful, heart-wrenching. Thank you, Ginger.

    I am sick about the activities of the BLM with regard to America’s wild horses. People who treat animals with such cruelty simply have not evolved past a primitive state of mind where compassion and caring just don’t exist. A lot like the Nazis and other groups who commit atrocious acts against humans. Hurting animals is just as wanton and evil. They refuse to learn that animals have emotions and can feel pain.

    I’m sure those people feel powerful and gleeful as they round up the wild horses and burros so inhumanely. I wonder how they treat their families. They only worship money. God help the wild mustangs.

  • gerri tanner

    beautiful video. someone has to be able to stop what the blm is doin’. these horses are our heritage. they fought with us in wars, they helped open up the west and now they are treated unfairly and for what, so cattle can have the land and bp can build their 730 mile gas pipe line and others who just want them gone. it is not right..what is wrong with people today. it is a cryin’ shame.

  • julio astudillo

    i just know that i love the whole nature and ofcourse horses and i hope some day the could be free for ever and destiny their own future :(

  • tori

    are you crazy or stupid they dont kill the horses the sell the horses dont you listen?

  • tori

    i think the BLM is ok they take way to many horses but they dont kill them and they give them to a safe home were they can get trained and ridden wat i dont like is looking glass he is beautiful but horrible and cruel wat he did to the baby horse

  • Grace

    <3 Beautiful video.
    I can watch this everyday and not get tired of it. Im happy that there are still places untouched by people and horses can rome free

  • Viki

    I am so angry I cant watch it just because I LIVE IN IRELAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why am I something worse than Americans???? Really I’d like to watch it because it is educational and interesting for me but noooooooo I cant watch it becaus I LIVE IN IRELAND. )8 (

  • natalie

    aww i doesn’t let me watch it :( i love cloud and his family and i hope to see them one day!

  • kelsey

    OMG! I love Cloud! He is so cute! I wish one day i get to see a wild horse in its own habitat

  • Donna

    For all the people who don’t believe the wild horses should remain free, this truly displays that notion. It’s obvious that wild life takes care of itself… BLM should take a lesson here.

  • Marj Stonecypher

    January 18, 2011

    I have seen this movie of Cloud serveral time on Public Television and never get enough of the beauty of the wild horses and the Rockies. I also take photo of horse when I see them as I have three of my own. I also know that these wild horses can take care of themselves, as it is proved in this movie. I am yet to see them in the wild. Have been to the Rockies serveral time, but not the right place. Someday I plan to see them. My brother is now living out there. I agree with serveral that BLM should take a lesson from this movie. Have they seen it?

  • hannah

    well if the BLM gets shut down how will we have horses

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  • aekcto07

    I wish all of the people positing here would educate themselves about the truth before spewing their ridiculous rantings. I’m hoping alot of what I’m reading is from children because it saddens me that adults would be so oblivious to reality.

    If the BLM doesn’t manage these herds they will ALL die eventually. And to the people who suggested rounding them up and taking them somewhere else to live, have you considered what would happen to the herds in their new location? The cycle would begin again and the herds would have to be managed. This is reality people, your not living in a Disney movie where there is unlimited amount of food, water, space and all the personified horses get to live happily ever after. This isn’t the movie Spirit, this is real life. Have you ever considered that if the BLM really wanted to be rid of these horses they would be? The fact that there are still herds running today proves that the BLM is trying to keep them relatively free and healthy. For what its worth I have seen first hand what overpopulation of an area does to a herd and it is not pretty. I’d much rather see these horses rounded up and sent to people who will care for them rather than suffer the disease and starvation that comes from the type of life some of you are proposing. If you really want to help these horses then help support the BLM or better yet…take that money and go get yourself an education because your ignorance is not helping anyone.

  • Savanna

    i love all the horses but Mateo is my favorite. I don’t know why he just is.

  • Nicky5

    I watched this complete episode. I did not see any mustangs killed by humans on this video. BLM roundup of the mustangs showed the wild mustang adoption. The BLM roundup is to reduce the numbers of wild mustangs in the wild. If they were not rounding them up, then you all would be complaining because they would be dying in the wild from malnutrition. Then, you would want food dropped for them. Best to look at all sides of the argument instead of just stating that the BLM should stop rounding up wild mustangs.

  • Tasha

    This was so amazing i watched it online since i cant find the pbs channel lol. but oh my goodness so many times i wanted to cry because these horses including clouds family doesnt have the freedom they used to have all because of the BLM Roundup. I really Hate the BLM roundup they are so pardon my words stupid and selfish. They cannot see that taking the mustangs away from their homes is tearing everyone and everythings out of balance because of that and many other things. I hope that things return to the way they are supposed to be. Clouds a beautiful Stallion and he and his family deserve their homes. Not to be captured under civlization or whatever. I love Mustangs :) they are so beautiful

  • laura

    i live in england and cannot watch this episode, can i watch it anywhere else ?

  • Wild Mustang Robin

    Please join my group “Petition to Save the Wild Mustangs” on Facebook or watch my You-Tube video “Wild Mustang Robin”

  • Wild Mustang Robin

    Save the mustangs! They are forever FREE!

  • allison

    think that they should be left alone they seem to doing fine with any human help let them remain free

  • Sara

    The BML is going to wind up killing all the mustangs…cloud had been perfectly fine until he was rounded up.

  • Rebecca

    Who wouldn’t like this??? Cloud is the best mustang that I’ve ever seen. (in an episode). I am very glad that she has captured these episodes, because now we all have a wild mustang that willd forever be free.

  • Ashlyn

    I believe that there will be a time when bad people will be gone from the earth and horses like Cloud and the other
    mustangs will be able to remain free. The BLM will be gone (yay!!) and the wild horses will be left alone. For more
    information on my beliefs, go to Thank you so much for your videos, Katherine! I love them. (Ashlyn)

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  • Dc

    You people are ignorant. The BLM is there to manage the herds and make sure that the horse don’t end up dying of starvation. There aren’t unlimited resources, resources have to managed, overpopulation would lead to the horses suffering and dying needlessly. In other areas overpopulation is managed through the use of hunting seasons, because we have an affinity for horses we round them up instead and auction them off to good homes.

    Learn the truth before you go around preaching

  • Brittany

    thats so sweet i wish i could go with u and watch the wild horses run free and wild. O i love wild horses my fav is Cloud

  • Nat

    Awww…..I cant watch this it says it is unavailable :(

  • cheryl

    wild mustangs…the spirit of the american west a symbol of freedom.Loved this film……… from a canadian

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  • Lethie Lanham

    Just watched this on line. What a wonderful story of Cloud and the other wild horses. I became a fan of wild horses about 6 mo ago. I was so captivated by them, I wanted to see them in person. I have some handicaps so a trip would be hard on me. However, I managed to go from FL to CO to the see the Sand Wash Basin Wild Horses. It was a trip of a lifetime for me and I am so thankful that I was able to accomplish this goal. Since that time, I have been keeping up on what is happening to the wild horses in various states. It is a heartbreaking thing to see them being rounded up. I don’t have the answers about the management of these wild horses, but I hope that some changes will come so that so many of them don’t lose their freedom and spend the rest of their life in holding pens. Putting all these aside, this was a beautiful story that Ginger did. I too have become a true fan of the Wild Horses and can’t seem to get enough of them. Maybe I will be able to go back and see them again one day and I encourage any horse and nature lover to take advantage of this opportunity to go and see them in the wild.

  • Carol Myart

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    WOW!!! that is SO cool. i feel sad.=( God Bless You, Anne!!!

  • Claire

    Stunning! Breathtaking! Amazing! I could think of dozens of adjectives that would describe this beautifully made film and it’s sequels. Wild horses are so beautiful, and the presentation of the material is excellent. Thanks, NATURE!

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  • Mr. Johnson

    According to some estimates, the US had a population of between 20 and 30 million wild horses during some parts of the 1800s. Most of them would have been living in the 10 states that the BLM manages wild horses on. So, those 10 state should have been able to support easily 10 million horses.

    Nevada, where most of them are now, is 90 percent public land. And yet, the BLM seems to want us to believe that the 10 states that could support 10 million horses, at LEAST, over a century ago, can now support just 35,000 or so and any more than that is overpopulation?

    I smell a rat. A very large one. And it’s the welfare cattle ranchers, paying a buck thirty-five per month per head to graze cattle on our public lands. They want the horses gone so they can run cattle for profit. And it IS a profitable business. Assuming year-round use of the land, and a herd of 10,000 cattle with a third going to auction every year, a rancher will pay 162,000 dollars to the BLM but net 3.3 million for the sold cattle assuming an average auction price of 1000 dollars per head. We, my fellow taxpayers, are getting SCREWED by “big cattle” but not half as hard as the horses are.

    The BLM has actually rounded up entire populations of horses from their ancestral ranges, saying that the range couldn’t support those horses, and once they were rounded up, on that VERY SAME DAY, brought in hundreds or thousands of cows to start grazing on those SAME ranges. The lie is obvious.

    Currently, the ratio of cows to wild horses on public lands stands between100 to 1 and 400 to 1. Up to
    400 cows for every mustang.

    I say that the cattle ranchers need to pay a lot more for the privelege of using our public lands, or have to
    comply with a defined ratio of horses to cattle (and I say it should be no more than 50 to 1 if that much),
    or maybe even kicked off our public lands entirely and be forced to raise their cows on PRIVATE LAND. The .gov subsidy of the beef industry needs to come to a total end. Pay more or get off, ranchers!

    Yes, I like beef. It’s my favorite food group. But if I have to pay more for beef in order to ensure that the horses are left alone to live their lives in peace, I’d be glad to pay the premium.

    I should mention that I do approve of LIMITED roundups. I think it’s good that people get the chance to own a real wild mustang. I’ve met a few of those mustangs and they are great horses and if you build trust with them the right way, those fine horses will give their lives to you willingly.

  • Horsecrazed

    Cloud is a beautiful stallion don’t let hgis band be destroyed!

  • Milnemom

    The scene involving the horse grabbing the foal and killing it was extremely intense for our 11 year old horse-loving daughter. Heads up.

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