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For thousands of years, wolves have hunted buffalo across the vast North American plains. Although westward settlement of the continent saw the virtual extinction of these vast herds and their eternal predators, this ancient relationship was not lost altogether. On the northern edge of the continent’s central plains, in a place named Wood Buffalo National Park, buffalo and wolves still engage in epic life and death dramas. By following one pack of wolves, wildlife filmmaker Jeff Turner captures how these two animal species live together in what seems like a forgotten corner of the world. Buy the film. Cold Warriors: Wolves and Buffalo premiered February 13, 2013. (Video limited to US & Territories).

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  • Marney

    I have to say this oe was good. I have a thing for wolves and nature. The filming was good s well.

  • peggy m spates

    I agree…it is a pity Montana, Idaho and other states are trying to eradicate this beautiful and noble dog.

  • Mountainman

    MAGNIFICIENT!!!! The photographer has captured perfectly the balance between these two wonderful species and brought us superb views of the stunning scenery as well!! Bring him back soon!!!

  • Bernt

    Not a dog, but a wolf. There is a difference.

    The endurance of these creatures is incredible!! Beautifully shot episode. I wish we were harder at work developing and implementing an oil alternative for cars.

  • Dan DeMann

    While the wolf is part of nature, unlimited growth of the packs is not responsible management. I do believe that wolves should be re-introduced back east all along the eastern seaboard. (historic range) This would help to keep the urban deer, black bears and congress people in check.

  • John

    Wolves are dogs, Bernt. Dogs are wolves.

  • Blaine

    Wolves are part of the Canine family. They are supossibily the animlas we, Humans, domesicated and became dogs. Science just proves it.

  • Delia

    @ 45 min the wolves smell death approaching. Cool!

  • Patti L.

    Thank you NATURE. Natural balance in wildlife is beautiful. Humans (in all our intelligence) get to be the worst predator of all. Am hoping more people can resist the arguments in favor of more oil/gas drilling in these naturally beautiful parts of our planet.

  • Anna

    Actually you are all partially wrong. Canis lupus is a species under which there are several branches of subspecies. Canis lupus lupus (European wolf), Canis lupus baileyi (mexican grey wolf) as well as several others including Canis lupus familiaris, the domestic dog. All dogs are wolves but not all wolves are dogs.

  • glenda

    This movie took forever to watch because it would not fully load or even load for even more than a minute at a time. Did anyone else encounter this problem.

  • Amir C.

    This was an awesome video and I found it wonderful that I came to PBS just for fun and my favorite animal, the wolf was on the front page. This was wonderful and this also shows that wolves aren’t as vicious as people think and that their social rank is from parents to pups and not just randomly picking on one wolf but reminding others who’s older.

  • Peg

    yes, I also had problems with the time spent trying to watch online-not as bad as some, but distracting.

    I am a handler for rescued wolves and wolf dogs that cannot be returned to the wild. All dogs have the DNA of the wolf in them, which is why it is so hard to prove the difference between a wolf and a wolf dog (those bred with dogs-bad idea by the way) in a court of law.
    If you have ever had contact with a real wolf and a wolf “hybrid” you would understand the difference.Their body type, their gate, their attitude, their eyes and the way they smell.
    The dangerous part of breeding these beautiful animals with dogs is: dogs bite people because they have no fear of us and mix that with the wild wolf and you end up with a wild animal that has no fear of you and then try and train them and/or bring them into your home. When you get into a compound with a wild animal in captivity or a “captive born” wild animal-you are in their territory-and their rules.

  • Hazel

    One of the BEST wildlife films I’ve ever seen!!! Keep up the good work!

  • Joe

    Some underlying irony due to the helicopter [oil] used to film the hunts.

  • candy

    Wolves are the largest member of the wild dog family.

    “The domestic dog is an extremely close relative of the gray wolf, differing from it by at most 0.2% of mtDNA sequence. In comparison, the gray wolf differs from its closest wild relative, the coyote, by about 4% of mitochondrial DNA sequence.”…..Canid Genetics Molecular evolution of the dog family by Robert K. Wayne

    “The wolf is in fact a wild dog, a member of the scientific family Canidae, which includes domestic dogs as well as other dog-like wild animals such as foxes and jackals. “Scientists believe that wolves are the direct ancestors of today’s domestic dogs. They think that early humans domesticated wild wolves to make them useful companions and work animals. Since that time, selective breeding has produced the many varieties of domestic dogs, some of which are very un-wolflike in appearance and habit”. Wolf Pack, Sylvia Johnson, Alice Aamodt, First Avenue Editions, ISBN 0-8225-9526-5

  • Babaganush

    Filmmaker Jeff Turner got an immensely lucky break by getting the chopper to follow the Delta pack: he experienced the unbelievable – to humans – sense of “approaching death” or Angel of Death if you wanna call it, when the alpha male stopped pursuing the buffaloes and instead run good 5 minutes or some 2 miles toward the dying buffalo. He knew that is getting a freebie, but how did he sense it? From such a distance? I think that he, the wolf didn’t even see the dying animal from afar, he only sensed it. A shame Turner didn’t look closer into this, for me fascinating subject.

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