Cold Warriors: Wolves and Buffalo
Infographic: Wolf versus Buffalo

An infographic comparing the formidable gray wolf and its impressive buffalo prey. (Click on image to enlarge or open in new window.)

Cold Warriors: Wolves and Buffalo, Infographic: Wolf versus Buffalo
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  • Marsha Cormier

    One of the most amazing programs I have ever seen demonstrating the depth of “intelligence” of the wolf, the fragility of existence and the incredible beauty of relationship between predator and this ancient, giant prey. The wonder and reverence that was articulated by the wildlife photographer filled me with gratitude for his work. The scene where the alpha male began a speedy race through the landscape, puzzled the photographer because even from his perch in the helicopter, he could not see to what the wolf was racing. But by following him, the mystery was revealed. It was quite simply an astonishing experience to witness, and carried me emotionally to the deep knowing that belongs to the Wolf. Thank you, PBS!

  • Tara

    I loved watching this program. Not only was it very interesting, but it was informative too. I was astonished by quite a few things! My heartstrings were tugged when the baby buffalo by the water was abandoned by it’s mother due to it’s injuries. As the narrator stated, you have a hard time figuring out to hope for. I also enjoyed the story stated above and the one where the mother and baby buffalo emerged from the woods with a 2nd buffalo baby. I do have to comment however on the bit about the oil refinery… it was very disturbing. Some people may look at the wolf as a vicious hunter, incapable of feelings… I say humans are 100 times worse. The damage we do to the Earth and the other species on it is unforgiveable.

  • Chris

    This was such a great program! I loved the infographic too!

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