Cold Warriors: Wolves and Buffalo
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  • John Rogers

    Re; Cold Warriors: Wolves and Buffalo

    Did you really intro this show as “wolves and buffalo try to get along” ?

    Wolves eat buffalo…how ignorant you appear of the natural world. Why is the wolf so attractive that it is OK for them to decimate buffalo, elk in Yellowstone/Grand Teton and moose in Minnesota. The only hope we have is that more hunting of the wolves will become available…

    “I hope he(the wolf) isn’t hurt” (your story quote)…

    I hope the buffalo, elk and moose aren’t hurt.

    See how many tourists come to Yellowstone/Grand Teton when there are no more big game animals left.

    How about a Nature special on wolf predation on livestock ( and the cost to the taxpayer), big game and their threats to humans.

    John Rogers

  • Peter

    Magnificent film. The circle of life in my living room.

  • George Spiteri

    Good Job – Great Show!

  • jj

    Incredible footage. Ever wonder why bison can run so fast and manuever so well for such a huge animal? Watch this and you’ll have a hint. Too bad some like J Rogers can’t watch this film with open eyes and see what magnificent animals wolves are, and even go so far as to lie about “threats to humans”.

    Note that many visitors go to Yellowstone specifically to see wolves, and to see them living as part of a bigger system where they co-exist with bison and elk as they did across North America for tens of thousands of years prior to human persecution.

  • KJ Linarez

    Great footage. The wolves and the buffalo are amazing creatures, both co exiting in a harsh environment for hundreds of years. And it may have gone on for hundreds more were it not for humans. By the way J Rogers, people do go to Yellowstone just to see the wolves.

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