Cold Warriors: Wolves and Buffalo
Video: Wolves Hunting Buffalo

Breathtaking footage of a wolf pack going after a herd of bison in Canada’s Wood Buffalo National Park. “Cold Warriors: Wolves and Buffalo” airs Wednesday, December 18, 2013 at 8/7c (check local listings).

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  • Noel Morgan

    Excellent….but I always want to get a better glimpse of how it’s shot

  • S Williamson

    This program makes the claim that wolves require one buffalo a week to live. However I remember reading the wonderful book called Never Cry Wolf in which it was discovered that the wolves lived primarily on small rodents.
    Which is true?

  • Lucas

    Just watched the premiere of “Cold Warriors: Wolves and Buffalo. What an engaging episode with excellent cinematography. I have overlooked wolves in the past, but will no longer! Kudos to the cameramen and crew for offering us a glimpse into the strategic minds of the wolf as a hunter and as a parent.

  • Russell Turner

    This is one of the most fascinating pieces of many that I have seen on Nature. The photography on Nature is always breathtaking, but Jeff Turner’s images are spectacular. His efforts are outstanding and the results are wonderful.
    I had no knowledge of Canada’s Wood Buffalo National Park. The images of both the animals and the landscape were magnificent. But the most moving image was to see the factory for the extraction of tar sands oil despoiling that and threatening the area.

  • Steve Ellis

    A fantastic episode! One of the best I have seen on Nature. A great examination of the relationship between predator and prey. It pains me to think that in today’s “enlightened” times, people are still out there slaughtering wolves. I pray one day this sort of behavior will cease.

  • Joel

    A wonderful lesson in communication.

  • carri ann

    Never cry wolf is fiction posing as fact. wolves can go days w/o food and will eat whatever they can, rats, rabbits, etc but big kills hunted by the pack are preferred.

  • Joanne Brown

    Interestingly, Wood Buffalo National Park is also the site of whooping crane breeding. It must be protected at all costs!

  • Vincent L. Catty Sr.

    It’s Always so many new things we can learn about the way animals live, hunt, n even co-exist… By tuning in 2 what u make possible 4 our children n ourselves, Helps 2 edjucate as well as give us a greater understanding about natures inhabitants…. This Goes Out 2 Those That Make It Possible 4 Veiwers Like Myself… THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!!….

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