Deep Jungle: The Beast Within

Can the secrets of our past be found in the jungle? And what can it tell us about our future?

Accompany researchers in NATURE’s Deep Jungle: The Beast Within as they explore tropical forests for clues about the origins of humans and what our own future might hold.

In a bid to understand the genesis of human aggression, primatologist David Watts travels to Uganda’s Kibale National Park to study chimpanzees. In the past, researchers had witnessed these primates hunting, killing, and eating colobus monkeys. Watts, however, made a chilling new discovery that these primates also hunted and murdered their own kind. The theory under investigation is that violence may help chimp groups cement social ties.

In Brazil, clever capuchin monkeys use heavy rocks to crack open nuts for food. “Deep Jungle: The Beast Within” marks the first time the behavior has been captured on film. Tool use, which was previously thought to be a skill only of primates — humans and chimps — reminds us that human abilities arose long before the evolution of our species.

In Central America and Cambodia, archaeologists ponder the ruined remains of ancient cities that once flourished in the jungle. What might have happened to these lost civilizations? And can modern cities avoid the fate that befell those that came before?

In the Central African Republic, primatologist Chloe Cipolletta enlists the help of the BaAka people in her effort to preserve the jungle’s future. The BaAka have lived in the forest for generations, and are experts at tracking the elusive western lowland gorilla. Together, Chloe and the BaAka are gaining the gorilla’s trust and in return, the BaAka are learning to see the gorillas as more than a threat.

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Online content for Deep Jungle was originally posted in May 2005.

  • Ron Erdody

    Absolutely amazing! If you haven’t seen it, you MUST! If you have seen it, see it AGAIN!

  • Sam

    Whatever BOB!
    It was awesome! =)

  • Dr. Iqbal Syed Hussain
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    An Encounter with” Warriors of God” By Dr. Iqbal Syed Hussain
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    Their growing number is an indicator of the phenomenon that concocts the current convulsions corroding the vitals of human thought and excellence. The process of dehumanization and structural dissolution is so rapid and uncertain that it drives man from depletion to depredation, from depression to degeneration. Mankind today is so much suppressed by the dehumanizing conditions that its very soul seems to be crushed under the debris of brutal attacks and physical assaults. Entrapped in the cobweb of antagonistic forces men are deprived of the essence of moral and human interior. With terrorism and extremism on the horizon one wonders if the so-called warriors have lost track with the morals of religion and values of civilization and gone back in the Stone Age with no hope of reaching the stage of consummation. In an age of oppression and depravation terror has added a new element of confrontation in the rival systems of thought and ideologies. It has given rise to new doctrines and new methods of suppression. As such terrorism and military adventurism have replaced the essence of human nature and man appears to be more beastly inspired than at any other time in human history. In the words of Plato the beastly desires “bestir themselves in dreams when the gentler part of the soul slumbers, and the control of reason is withdrawn. Then the wild beast (the wolf) in us becomes rampant and goes in quest of what will gratify its own instincts”. In modern age of dehumanization, 9/11 was the most disdainful event, which shattered the fabric of world peace and harmony. In the aftermath came the bombing raids, the drones, the wolves and suicide bombers, which caused destruction and demise on an unprecedented scale. Brutality was visible in the most naked form. The very shape of civilization seemed to be fragmented and deformed.
    Warriors of God both In Pakistan and the West form the main subject of our discussion in this book. Through this study we encounter the growing pains of interior experience of deprivation and degeneration. This separates men from the human beings who were born with definite purpose and perception. The idea behind their creation was to eliminate evils and perpetuate the virtues embodied in the beauty of human nature.

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