Dogs: The Early Years

Choosing a puppy isn’t child’s play, as NATURE illustrates in Dogs: The Early Years.
Puppies of any breed enchant and beguile us. But choosing one as a pet solely on the basis of its visual appeal can lead to a mismatch with unfortunate consequences for both owner and dog. Dogs: The Early Years presents an incisive look at the breeding, behavior, and training of humankind’s best friend, including useful pointers on how to avoid mistakes when selecting a puppy.

To choose a compatible puppy for a relationship that will last the dog’s lifetime, it’s important to understand the history of the breeds the prospective owner is considering. Viewers are shown, for example, that dogs bred for the outdoor work of hunting, tracking, herding, or retrieving are not wise choices for people seeking a quiet companion or a gentle playmate for their children. Besides helping viewers make informed choices about puppies, the program illustrates the importance of proper training — also key to a satisfying relationship.

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Online content for Dogs: The Early Years was originally posted September 2004.

  • Theresa Bradley

    I have a golden retreiver puppy 10 months old (male). I saw a show on your station last night 10/26/08 about golden retreiver rescue and how to take care of them. If you could give me an email address or phone number so I can ask some questions, I am desparate as to what to do with my beautiful puppy who is turning into Cujo! Help.

  • lauren

    good pic i like it

  • Jennah

    That puppy is sooooooooooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What is his name?
    love jennah

  • Courtney

    That doggie is THE CUTEST DOG I’ve EVER seen!!!!!! What’s his/her name???!!! I had a lab that looked almost EXACTLY like that!!!!! It is SOOOOOOOO adorable!!!!

  • Rhea

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  • chontelle smith

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  • Hailey

    I love dogs how long have u had it see u later ttyl

  • andrea

    that dog is so adorable where can i get one just like that

  • Freya

    Oh my gosh, that puppy is so cute! I have 2 dogs, a labrador cocker spaniel cross and an english springer spaniel called Darcy and Delta.

  • magdalena

    awwwwwwww how sweet!

  • rebecca

    he/she looks like marley lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sue

    D0 you know what a akback puppy looks like? full grown?

  • ashley

    Can i have the dog.

  • Kay

    Really cute dog he/ she does look like Marley! Really cute and good pic.

  • Denique

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  • RYAN

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  • mindi

    i am looking for a cockerspanial puppy doesnt have to be purebreed

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  • Tata

    Dogs are adorable! I have 19 at my house!

  • Quinn C.

    That puppy is adorable!!!!!!!!! My puppy is a saint bernard named Jonah. What`s your dogs name??????????? If our dogs could meet…..I bet they`d be best friends!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Just Pets

    My friend has one of these. They are very busy dogs and need lots of running space.

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