Earth Navigators
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Seasonal changes impel a wide variety of creatures, from whooper swans to monarch butterflies, to begin their epic migrations to ancient feeding, mating, and breeding grounds, sometimes covering thousands of miles and employing ingenious methods to reach their destinations. This film premiered October 18, 2009.

  • caroline

    i thought that the prolonged slow motion eerie music of the grizzy bear catching the salmon seems to villanize the grizzly bear…..bears need to eat too!!…a lill too much there…we eat salmon too!!!
    plus….why do the salmon turn red and have green heads once they reach the river???

    all in all…it was good…i love all nature documentaries:)

  • dave

    i thought it can reach very far destination

  • R.suganthi

    This Nature Is like you.

  • Sarah R

    Your episode contained a glaring error of fact within the the first clip – sockeye salmon reach “parr” stage within months of them hatching, and at four years old would have completed, or nearly completed, maturing ( ). I have chosen not to watch any further since, like many people, I hope to learn REAL facts and insight about the natural world – an ideal you have not apparently lived up to in this episode. I hope in the future you will invest in proper research for your program.

  • clark

    ok dokey.

  • LD Thompson

    I thought it was great! Thank You!!

  • R.D.C.

    I thought this episode was excellent. Very informative, well shot and narrated. Thank you for your efforts!

  • amir

    very interesting

  • Jose L. Raygoza

    I have enjoyed the video on earth navagitors from the begining to the last. Watching these kind of videos make me happy and thankful for having you guys to film and experiance the ture nature.

  • Travis

    The information about salmon is indeed factual. The salmon morph into parr within several months after hatching and remain that way for sometimes as long as four years or more. Then they turn into smolt and leave the river. They are not technically mature(able to reproduce) until they return many years later. Furthermore the link provided by Sarah does not dispute this other than saying the par stage lasts only 3 years (which is usually but not absolutely true). I suggest you listen more closely to the wording in the video. Also whenever you want to dispute a scientific fact the ONLY appropriate sources are peer reviewed literature and data managed by organizations like NOAA. Websites that are trying to sell salmon are spurious at best.

  • Symonman

    NATURE has consistently produced quality educational and captivating programs. Keep up the great work!
    Thank you, Travis, for your enlightened response.

  • Drew

    Beautiful and informative , thank you PBS. But how do you track and shoot a butterfly over the atlantic ?

  • dhev

    I love this episode!!

  • Stan

    Drew, a lot of the butterfly stuff was animated or composited. Also, their story of a specific butterfly was a bit of poetic license. They used shots of a butterfly in a storm and made it into an individual story. Thank heavens they didn’t try to track an individual butterly over the Atlantic when the country is $13 trillion in debt.

  • Francois

    Thanks to pbs for having those kind of episode available on line.

  • peggy – Dec. 13, 2009

    The whole video of God’s creation made my heart and my whole being expand towards my Maker. Excellent video! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to watch this and your expertise… God bless you…

  • Goody

    Watching this program, as well as others, I feel a distinct “peace” of mind, body, and soul. For a while all is good here on Mother Earth! It’s truly amazing what these animals, birds, and insects must go through to compete their cycle of life. We as humans can cetainly learn alot from their determination & sacrifice. God Bless & keep up the “Great” work!!

  • jack straw

    I see the point of nature films as inspirational. I’m not going to agonize over a small point of fact or a bit composed imagery. I’m a high school science teacher, and I include nature movies to inspire my students.
    As a life long viewer of Nova and Nature, I have not found any gross errors or misrepresentations of facts.
    Hey nerds, lighten up!

  • Renda Lamoreux

    I have been looking in vain to find this type of website, now I have found it! :) I will be following you, (don’t worry I am not a stalker) but just wondering how often you post to this website with new stuff.

  • Julie


  • 123doreme

    It’s amazing to me that people who can’t “Do Anything themselves” always are the first to criticize what someone else “Can Do”, such as these shows. They have been some of the best shows to be put out to the public and yet people are so small that they have to criticize and detract from the beauty of these shows.

  • multinivel

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    Will choose best answer.

  • aluga-se

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  • Hudson Simonetti

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  • Kirby

    Certain comments stopped me in my tracks. Apparently some people cannot see the forest at all, because they’re completely focused on the tip of one branch of one tree! If one little criticism is enough to spoil the sweep and beauty of the film for them, then they’re going to have some serious problems living in this world. It’s good work by any reasonable standard. Thank you!

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