Fortress of the Bears
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Part of the massive Tongass National Forest, Admiralty Island in southeast Alaska supports the largest concentration of bears anywhere in the world. Sustained by a wealth of salmon streams, isolated and protected by their environment, some 1,700 Alaskan brown bears are part of a unique circle of life that has played out here for centuries. Beginning in August, millions of salmon — pink and chum, coho and sockeye — return to the island to spawn, providing a feast for the bears, eagles, orcas, sea lions and even the trees. As long as the salmon continue to arrive, all is well. But this year, the salmon fail to arrive for the first time, and the bears get a bitter taste of what the future may hold.Buy the DVD. This film premiered on January 25, 2012. (Video limited to U.S. & Territories.)

  • Howie Nguyen

    First of all: yay I’m the first comment! I really I liked this show but it would’ve helped if there were a few captions for the some scenes. But overall it was great!

  • Julie Reynolds

    Loved this episode. It really showed the workings of an entire ecosystem and the delicate nature of climate change on wildlife. I was stunned that 2 degrees of a temperature differential could cause such a disruption to the order of things. Thank you for giving us a great show with an important message AND for not beating us over the head with it.

  • mercedes

    This is so not fair…I am an american living in quebec ….I live right beside a mountain ….The Gatineau Park….I so love nature and to deny me to see this is just awful…I watch the short ones on here but you will not let me watch the whole episode…This is sooooo not fair…Anything Quebec has is in French…I guess life is unfair indeed…

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