Invasion of the Giant Pythons
Video: Alligator vs. Python

Alligators were once the undisputed reptile kings of the Everglades. But who would win a battle now — alligator or python? It all depends on which one is bigger.

  • Roosevelt Billups

    This footage is Awesome. To watch a Python swallow a Gateor was amazon. No one could have told me this for I would not have believed Them. Keep up the great work Nature. Mr R.Billups

  • james whalen

    This is a great example of how man could disrupt an pristine ecosystem through carelessness, either through people puposely or accicdently releaseing these snakes into the everglades, the whole natural balence could be upset. Kudos to Nature for producing this episode, burmese pythons or any other pythons do not belong there.I think Nature should continue to show episodes on how man could disrupt the natural order by carelessly intorducing species that are not native to that area

  • HunaInoa

    Thanks to the courageous photographers and crew that filmed this video. I can’t imagine putting oneself in such danger. I am not that brave.

  • Judith Sandoval

    I am a Miami resident horrified by the invasion of the Everglades by giant, non-native snakes. It may be posssible for lands around the Everglades including residential areas to be invaded. Recently a friend of mine saw a very large snakes curled up on US 1 close to downtown Miami! A massive attack on the snakes must be undertaken.

  • Serious7

    The way I see it , as long as the snake stays in the grass it has a chance to take a small to mid size gator but when it decides to take a swim the party is over … some Gator are just to big … no snake will take on a 8 or 900 lb gator …!

    if the snake is 15-18 feet long and if it takes down a mid-size gator ,now with that big meal in him , then again he becomes a meal…

  • james

    I have seen more cases of gator winning and when the python does win the gator is usually from watching these shows are pretty small compared to normal ones, but hat was pretty good film making.

  • Merritt Clifton

    Pythons––and anacondas––evolved, long before mammals existed, as predators of crocodilians. The constricting method of killing used by pythons and anacondas takes advantage of the “death roll” used by crocodilians to drown prey and fend of attackers.
    Historically, giant constricting snakes occur wherever crocodilians––such as American alligators and crocodiles––are abundant. The U.S. until recently was an exception, lacking giant constrictors since the Ice Ages, but as the alligator population native from Florida to Texas expands northward and westward, with no other major predators except humans, pythons and anacondas enjoy a growing habitat niche, from which extirpating them may not be possible.
    Captive pythons have killed humans, including a two-year-old girl in Sumter County, Florida, in July 2009, but wild pythons so rarely harm humans that in much of India and Southeast Asia the presence of a python is believed to indicate a safe place to wash clothing and bathe, as the python affords protection against leopards and crocodiles. ––Merritt Clifton, editor, ANIMAL PEOPLE.

  • FRED

    this episode makes very evident how the evoloutionary system can be compremised’ where is only one (dominating) preditor. To introduce a second’ primary preditor ‘ would jeperdise all other native species. Pythons would thrive in such an enviorment as the everglades’ but be evasive with the hundreds of miles of tributerys/ rivers @ estuarys. With all the various python species being released to the wild’ laws concerning possetion of exotic snakes have not been regulated. The exotic pet trade has been in business now for thirtyplus years here in floricd. Concider the population ratios in of all those years!!

  • Cece

    He would make a nice pair of shoes.

  • rex lazarus

    a very good video but i think alligators are more powerful

  • Black

    python with venom, or a gator with huge jaws, i don’t know wich one i’d choose

  • Black

    my little brother loved this video :)

  • Dr. Feinstin

    Burmese pythons coming from south east Asia is a alien to Florida brang in the 1970 these animals are destroying are Ecosystem destroying endangered species and the new law states shoot on site theese animals have jumped to the top of the Everglades food web killing the top predators of Florida making it difficult for animals to live

  • Angelo

    how ’bout the battle between biggest gator and biggest hippo? and they live together, can you guys show that? I bet the hippo is the absolute winner of this 12 round fight. Please give us the pleasure… Thanks much….I’m betting all the donuts in favor of the hippo……

  • M

    Big deal. A Burmese isn’t going to attack you. More people are killed by dogs than Burmese pythons. Besides, there’s too many damn kids running around anyway. It’s just nature correcting for invasive humans.

  • Jackie

    WOW, This is the coolest video i’v ever seen like I’v seen snake videos on youtube but so far this is in the lead being the best!!!!!!WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOWW!!!!!!!!Thats all that I can say.The Burmese python and a Alligator fighting was soooooooooooo amazing and shocking that a snake would even try it,I think if i were a snake than i would eat something smaller than myself so that I know that it won’t make my flesh rip off and in half!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!But anyways who ever put this video and filmed it they did and awesome job and they must really have guts!!!!!!!!!

  • blair

    I can’t believe it Pythons using only muscle and skin flexibility to an entire alligator using 2000 pounds of force per square inch truley amazing

  • c.mohan

    really its greatness of god to have such a great fight on the earth.i thank to god,snake,alligator&finally videotaker.

  • jacob lewis

    After watching this video it really opens peoples eyes on how big these animals get. It is the most amazing site to see an animal like an alligator get killed by a snake that may have been stronger than it.

  • Cameron Wiggins

    The biggest suprise I got here, were the atrocious grammatic/spelling mistakes posted by commenters! Wow…

  • shane

    @Black..Pythons don’t have venom. They are constricting snakes along with the Boa (Anaconda). They over power you and apply an immense pressure filled squeeze. Squeezing tighter each time you exhale.

  • ruddy

    Its funny , they show the fight between the alligator and the python were the alligator wins, but when the python won they didnt show the fight.. perhaps it was already dead? or injured? or dieing anyway? Overall i think the alligator is just too powerful for the python for there to be to much worry, when an alligator wins , theres no fuss but rarely when a python wins everyone is informed a bit bias?

  • dalton

    while releasing pets (irresponsiblely i might add) has contributed, the problem began back in the early 90’s with hurricane andrew destroying a large lab, releasing a large number of species into the wild. unfortunately for the ecosystem there, some flourished. i take a different view on the situation, because we say “they are destroying the ecosystem”. i do not see it that way, i see the ecosystem changing. ecosystems are not set in stone, and they change everyday, i see this as just another change.

  • brian mccauley

    constrictors can apply up 200psi when the squeeze. alligators bite down with 2000psi. if a constrictor is in the water or on land any where near a gator, the constrictor just became a meal

  • factual

    whoever mentioned patrons being poisunious. ….must be from another planet. And no, hippos and gators don’t live together anywhere on the natural earth…

  • grace martinez

    I think that the snakes as all non native wild animals are victims of irresponsible people who, instead of abstaining from having these animals, when they get tired of having them, are released without thinking of the adverse effects caused. We, as humans should NOT do more harm. We always forget that each specie has their habits and that will not change, it is their nature MY SUGGESTION IS TO TRY TO CORRECT THIS PROBLEM BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. If killing these snakes is a solution, please do it humanely and be very ure that no eggs are left behind.

    Finally, I think that educating all citizens will be helpful so that not all snakes are killed for lack of knowledge.

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to express our thoughts and good luck to all.

    NOTE: alligators have the right to live full lives and never be displayed as shoes, belts or bags. alligators keep rivers flowing

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