Invasion of the Giant Pythons
Video: Balloon Strike

Herpetologist Shawn Heflick has a permit to hunt down Burmese pythons in the Everglades. He’s carrying red water balloons because they make perfect targets for a striking snake. Check out the strike in slow motion!

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    more people are killed and attack by dogs in 1 yr then people have been killed by pythons since 1980 in the us approxamitly 300000 people are killed or mauled by dogs each year in the us only 12 people in the us since 1980 have been killed by a python i grew up with snakes i work with diffrent species of snakes at my job i have almost 30 yrs experience with snakes as a profession and in my every day life i got my first snake when i was 3 im 32 now and my love for snakes has only grown deeper I own 3 beautiful snakes of my own right now miss slithers is a 5 yr old female burmese python who is a little bigger then 10ft rocky is my 12yr old 16ft rock python and specs is my 3 yr old blind 7ft ball python i got him at my job i lost my 17 yr old red tail boa in 2010 my fiance is a snake fanatic and both of my children have there own snakes and yes ive been struck by copperheads rattle snakes when i first meet specs i was bitten but now were are the best of friends snakes are animals to they have feelings they hurt they get hungry they get scared before you buy a snake make sure you understand the risks and the responcibility they may look cool but rember they are animals and can be unperdictable and rember they can grow to be very large so make responcible decision before you buy any animal

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  • Michael Parks

    wow.. what an awesome snake i have studied reptiles and amphibians for a while now. Im only 13 but i hope to become a Herpetologist oneday

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