Jungle Eagle
Video: A Hungry Harpy

After three days of rain, a harpy mother is desperate to feed her hungry chick.

  • sam adams

    In the bird world, is there a better mother and dad. She walks not to step on the little one. And only feeds the lean of the meat.

  • Estela Gonzalez Barry

    Having been born in a country where the closest bird to an eagle is a bald crow (we called them Johnny crow in English and aura tinosa in Spanish…a view of magestic eagle is a pleasure to see and a great stimulus to read and learn as much as is available about them on Public TV (without having to take a final examination .)

  • Anna Mae

    very nice video. very much like the Philippine Eagle in behaviour (the food beg and the mantling, the way they feed their young…). i hope we can also show the world the ways of our eagle, like this. a very powerful tool in generating public understanding, awareness, interest and above all, help for these majestic creatures.

  • http://duns100.dundb.co.il/ts.cgi?tsscript=comp_heb&duns=600206734 שיף

    nice article! I shared it on my FB wall!!

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