Jungle Eagle
Video: The Power in This Eagle

Filmmaker Fergus Beeley comments on the impressive strength of the great harpy eagle. (Video limited to U.S. & Territories.)

  • Michelle

    This is why I love the birds of prey.

  • Jim

    This was an incredible program. I seldom, seldom cry… but looking into the eyes of that gorgeous beast during the close-ups on the final day of the expedition – what a connection. beautiful.

  • Mel Eisenberg

    What an amazing program and I experienced just what Jim did. To see the expression in the eyes of that youngster was incredible. It is easy to be anthropomorphic,at times such as these, but besides the obvious curiosity there was almost a look of benevolence. It is like one can be the ruler of his domain and protect it fiercely but still make a connection with one who should not really be there but absolutely respects you. The program was certainly done with much love and reverence for these wonderful creatures. THANKS so much!!

  • Lynn Beytien

    Cought this Nature Program at 1:00 AM, and so glad I did. What a wonderful sacrifice of sweat, patience, and good filming. I so appreciated the crew’s respect of these birds, and it was good to learn more about a majestic raptor. It is such a striking bird, just wonderful from an artists perspective, and artistic photrogaphers!!! Thank U so much!

  • John

    This is the most under rated bird of prey. Not too many people know of this species. I first became fond of them when a movie came out in 1971 called “Harpy”. If you get a chance buy the movie and they show lots and lots of the Harpy Eagle.

    Like Michelle says, love birds of prey.

  • Gaz in Belize

    I am fortunate enough to have seen a couple of these magnificent birds up close in Belize zoo. The thing that instantly struck me is how those dark eyes look deep into your soul. Not to mention the enormous talons. In fact, I was so impressed, I have been back 3 more times just to see the Harpy Eagles.

  • Pamela Harewood

    I fully appreciate Nature for its high-quality efforts to not only inform its viewers of our rich environment — an environment which continues to house, to educate and to feed us against all odds — yet invites us to reconnect with an awareness of how distinct our planet is from out planetary neighbors. It reminds me, our Earth is a living organism and, thus, all life has value. I continue to benefit, and I am continually empowered by the reverence evidenced and displayed in the time-honored effort and detail of each presentation. Hence, the nobility of these elusive creatures of flight deeply exemplified the noble efforts of this project’s team. The effort to convey and to respect their subject’s hightened aloofness and mystery, captivated me to go on-line to watch the program on the Harpy Eagle once again.

    Great family programming — although I miss its not airing on Sundays, a more advantageous time for the youngsters.

  • Christa Janssens

    Unbelievable film and eagle — I never knew of the Harpy and it is one magnificent bird of prey. The filmmaker and the team were totally amazing. Hope there is more to come.

  • sergio blanco

    harpy eagle its about how wonderfull the nature responde to a baby protect ours part have to be a same to animals tha way can see these more ofthem thanks pbs.

  • aldo




  • coolastic


  • Rinsuxdaven

    aldo do ur work jeez…

  • MIH

    aldo u are mean >-<

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