Kangaroo Mob
Audio Slide Show: Filming Urban Roos

Kangaroo Mob Producer Sally Ingleton discusses the genesis of the documentary and what urban kangaroos can teach us.

  • glenn wedding

    More Kangaroos, fewer people.

  • Christie Jacobson

    I was absolutely shocked at the part where the toddler was allowed to walk up to a kangaroo and was kicked, all the while being filmed. Terribly sad and irresponsible of the adults that were present.

  • Ryan

    I found this story interesting, particularly the bit about population control. I found the contraceptive piece to be a very good idea – if only the contraceptive could be paired or combined with lawn fertilizer and if all the citizens of the cities affected by the kangaroos put it on their lawns then all the kangaroos coming to the city to eat grass would be getting the contraceptive in their system. Since the kangaroos are already a government issue the government could consider subsidizing the project and hand it out to the people.

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