Kangaroo Mob
Video: Metropolitan Marsupials

There are thousands of kangaroos living in the hills around Canberra. And as night falls, they start moving into the suburbs.

  • peadea69

    Send them to the US and we can vote them into office. The cheatas, mockingbirds, and jackasses have been in Washington for long enough.

  • Ryan

    I found this story to be very similar to that of my homestate of Minnesota, USA only here we have deer. I found the the contraceptive idea for control of the kangaroos to be a good idea – why not pair the contraceptive and include it with lawn fertilizer for the citizens of those towns affected by the kangaroos? If only the people were to put it on their lawns then all the kangaroos who come to the city to eat grass will eat the contraceptive as well. Since its already a government issue it could be suggested the goverbment subsidize the project and give it out to the people.

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