Magic of the Snowy Owl

Throughout the long months of the Arctic’s frozen winter, the sun remains below the horizon. The cold is intensified by the darkness, making life difficult, if not impossible, for all but the toughest and most experienced of animals. Snowy owls are built for the challenge, their every sense and skill honed to take on the eerie, bleak world. When the brief Arctic summer approaches, bringing light back to the tundra, snowy owls embark on an even more daunting challenge than keeping themselves alive. They breed and attempt to raise young in one of the harshest environments on the planet. Once summer arrives, they will have just 82 days of sunlight to successfully raise a family of helpless owlets until they are ready and able to fly. Documenting the degree of difficulty involved in those efforts, a team of filmmakers must face some challenges of their own as they set out to record the rarely observed daily lives of a breeding pair of snowy owls.

  • Tina Kinsman

    I am an avid birder, cannot wait to watch this! More show about birds please.

  • Dave and Ghost

    We’ve been waiting for this. :)

  • Laura Carter

    Agree with Tina Kinsman – more birds, please! Especially owls – I can’t wait to watch this, either!

  • Beth

    Can’t wait but will have to. Love owls. Just not during pledge time, please and thank you.

  • Kay

    I would love to watch. Will it be available later or on line? (I’m taking a biology test)

  • Ruth Ruddock

    Will look forward to this all day long!!! Thanks…especially love the Snowy Owls.

  • Larry O’Heron

    Now this looks like real “Must see TV”.

  • Johanna Derda

    Parents should make certain these segments should be shown to children and young adults as an educational tool, they may even learn something as well

  • Emma Whitfill

    I got to see the end of the episode, but sadly missed the beginning. I really want to see it.

  • kim

    totally MUST SEE! Thank you!

  • Will L

    Emma, look for a repeat showing on your PBS station, usually on weekends, or stream it online from the link on the right side of this page. :)

  • Susan C

    Amazing creatures! Watched this last night totally enjoyed it! Well, aside from lots of tears and using quite a bit of tissue. I was on the edge of my seat to see their babies survive.

  • Peggy Maria Spates

    Another tear jerker(smile)…my daughter says …Mother why do you watch those nature programs…you some some cute baby animal is going to die a terrible death…….yes, but is life…………another great episode in a wonderful series…….those photographers/zoologists must have nerves and determinations of steel.

  • David Hemmings

    An amazing and majestic creature. I love photographing these incredible birds. One very special Snowy Owl placed me on the map in the bird photographic community .He was the perfect model in -40C. A male Snowy Owl in Quebec Canada. I like to call him George. He flew right at me, head on with his yellow eyes and huge wing span. I got the ultimate photo.I owe him my photo career. As a result of this photograph I was published in National Geographic and my photograph was also displayed in the museum in New York City. I can’t thank the owls enough. If only they knew how many people they have touch in so many ways. Thank you George for sharing our photo moment together and launching my professional photo career! David Hemmings

  • Maggie

    Hi my name is Maggie.Owls I love so much!

  • Anonymous

    I love birds. I cannot wait to watch the movie. Owls are my most favorite bird ever! so majestic!

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