Ocean Giants
Video: Dolphin Mud Walls

Watch a scene from the PBS Nature film, Ocean Giants.

In the shallows of Florida Bay, the fish can be very difficult to catch. Dolphins solve the problem by creating V-shaped walls of mud,a fish trap. Caught in the jaws of the trap, the fish have no where to go, except up. (Video limited to U.S. & Territories.)

  • naomi grains

    I am fascinated with whales and dolphins. This filming of these creaturs was FANTASTIC. I would love to witness the feeding frenzy they have. Truly amazing. Where can I go to pet the whales in the wild?

  • Ron Nelson

    Fantastic Program. Leaves one feeling a little inferior to our ocean friends.

  • Elizabeth

    Wow, what an awesome 3 hour adventure! I had taken a dolphin trip with Denise Herzing 26 years ago in the Bahamas; and I would really like to find out if I can do that again. Do you know how I can contact Denise or her company to see if she is still offering these trips?
    Thank you.

  • Susan

    Does anyone know when the Ocean Giants might be rerun? I missed the last hour and don’t know where, or how I can view it? Thanks!

  • Bill

    My family watched this series recently and was captivated.

    I loved the music, especially from this segment. Is there a soundtrack, or can I find this music for sale somewhere?

    Have you considered making an educational/coffee-table ebook with some of this footage included for those who want to go deeper to study these creatures?

    Thank you for producing this eye-opening and terrific series.

  • Nisha Patel

    This type of programming makes PBS unique, it’s exceptional TV. I was so engrossed in each minute of the 3 hour program, this was informative, and educational.

  • fultonk

    Hi Susan, The Ocean Giants series is scheduled to re-air starting March 28 with hour 1. Hours 2 and 3 will air the following two Wednesdays. You can check local listings here.

  • Robin Bateman

    This was one of the best shows I have ever watched on PBS.

  • Jon

    I saw that the dvd is going to be released in March. Is a blu-ray version going to be released with it too?

  • Eric

    Any idea when this episode will run again? I checked the scedule and it shows be past shows but no future shows

  • Benjamin

    why you put region restrictions to the videos? i’m from Mexico and i want to see them too! thank you!

  • Lynne Keating

    Have been facinated with dolphins all my life and found this program mesmerizing! My Penguin Man husband was totally captivated. Can’t wait for next episode.

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