Ocean Giants
Video: Visit from an Infant Sperm Whale

Watch a scene from the PBS Nature film, Ocean Giants.

An infant sperm whale, separated from its mother, swims remarkably close to cameraman Doug Allan, and as it approaches, calls out with a series of loud coda clicks. (Video limited to U.S. & Territories.)

  • Maria Santelices

    The best program I have seen on whales. I am a nature lover and planning to go to Baja California to see & touch the whales. Wonderfull program.



  • pbsnature

    Hi Jacquelin, The cameraman’s name is Didier Noirot.

  • Carol and Jonnell

    I have always believed that other species on earth do communicate!!! To learn they communicate to fish with a community in Brazil and have for as long as a century is incrediable. Thanks, for the collaboration and the coordination of this most exordinary footage.
    We watched in awe.
    We should fight against nuclear power plants that are always positioned on our water shores of oceans, lakes, rivers. The risk includes not only us, but these species as well….Their environments become polluted with thermal spills. We need an environmental spring where energy corporations are told “no” and to close and dismantle these plants. Our need for all this energy that is not green has an awful price.
    The substances used in nuclear power plants stay radioactive hundreds of millions of years. (I have read.) The radioactive waste are usually stock piled at the scource since no community area has agreed to manage these high grade poisons…God Help us…earth is all we got!!! Thank You for Ocean Giants. We need to save their environment, maybe we can work together to save ours, too.
    The whales could be screaming warnings about our dangerous nuclear experiments—we really don,t know what we are doing—think on the Japanese reliance on nuclear power!!!

  • axel axel

    How come they want Canadians to donate to their programing and yet we do not get access to online videos’ shouldn’t we have the same access as US dontaters? since our funds would probably help to run this website? I had already seen this video on PBS [TV] and had missed a couple of parts and just wanted to catch up :-( this isn’t right

  • Michele

    I could watch pbs all day long when the topic pops up as “whales” and/or “elephants”. Thank you.

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