Raccoon Nation
Web-Exclusive Video: A Sense of Curiosity

In this web exclusive video, experts discuss the connection between raccoon dexterity, their immense curiosity in objects, and their intelligence.

  • Sharon P.

    I loved watching this video. Raccoons are so smart and so curious that everything interests them. They have their own language, which is pretty extensive, and you can hear some of it on this video. The mother goes into the house and investigates everything. People think that they wash their food before eating it, but that is not the case. The nerve endings in their hands are extremely sensitive and become even more so when in water. It is like they have eyes in their hands – they are often handling things in the water without even looking at them. There is some good footage here taken from under the sink of the mother raccoon’s hands in the water.

  • kelly

    I really enjoyed watching these curious creatures. Amazing how the Mother went right for the food. I loved the underwater scene. Too bad they can be mean and not just naughty. Thank You

  • Jude

    I was very surprised to see the adult raccoon open the fridge. It appeared to take her no time at all. But then, perhaps many minutes of film footage may have been cut & only the part where she was successful shown. Still, quite the feat!

    I, too, provide various toys for the kits who visit with their mothers to play with though I draw the line at letting them in to see what’s in my fridge. ;-) I’ve found they have preference for toys with moving parts, those that make noise, shiny toys & those with interesting & varied textures are their favourites. One young adult, a kit from the previous year continued to play with a favourite toy before either moving on to new territory (if a male) or having her own family (if female). Toys were given because they’re fun for the kits to play with & because I wanted to enrich their intelligence. I should mention that it also provided me with hours of entertainment!

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