Raccoon Nation
Web-Exclusive Video: The Importance of Play

In this web exclusive video looks at the benefits of engaging in animal play, particularly for raccoons— teaching animals about how things work, the physics of the world, and what to do and what not to do.

  • Jude

    Too bad the video was so brief. It could’ve been expanded on for another minute or two to whet people’s appetite to learn more. And the singing/music should really have been left out. I found it highly irritating to have it overlay the chittering of the kits.

  • Barbara Johnston

    A family of 3 raccoons, an adult and 2 smaller ones, come into my shed and garage to eat dry cat food and water. I also saw one coming out of a street drain pipe. Location: Bay Point, CA 94565

  • andree frohmann

    I had the wonderful experience of raising a racoon for 9 months until she was ready to be released to a 200 acre preserve. I taught her to catch bugs be afraid of other humans. To me she was always gentle and would sit in my lap after her meals.
    She was released and a friend of mine was able to watch her as she acclimated to her new life. She had her own trickling pond, food put out for her until she went out on her own.
    It was a wonderful experience.

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