Radioactive Wolves
Video: Radioactive Wolf Pups

Scientists study wolf pups living outside Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone in an effort to try and assess the health of those populations born inside the radioactive area surrounding the now-defunct nuclear plant. Watch a scene from the PBS Nature film, Radioactive Wolves.


  • Vera Buck


    I would like to see the full video on the Chernobyl wolves………..when will it be availkable???

  • ~wildernecss

    Click on the “Full Episode” link on the right side of the page and you can watch it right now.

  • Geraldo A. Lobato Franco

    It is very likely they are tinted by some weird Chernobylesque isotope; if this is so and I stand correct, what about the rest of local and surrounding biota? Isn’t this an indicative that humanity by and large may be running serious peril, considering that there are nuclear power stations almost all over the World? Answer this fast: are we to survive such monstrosity which are nuclear power stations and the like, commited in the name of sciences and of civilization? Yes or no?

  • g-bird heathen

    Nature, Nova episodes and many other PBS shows are available free on line, at!!! enjoy, I do! (=/gh gerald

  • BRE


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