Siberian Tiger Quest
Chris Morgan's Siberian Tiger Photo Album

Ecologist Chris Morgan shares photos from his time in Russia during the filming of Siberian Tiger Quest.

  • Ellen Snoeyenbos

    This is am amazing tribute to the persistence of Park, most remarkably. He is an incredible inspiration.

  • Lynne Deschenes

    Oh my goodness, what a beautiful piece. Sooyong Park is poetry in his stillness and quiet motion. Chris Morgan our passionate guide, I have enjoyed his work before but this, the Tigers, left me in tears of sadness and joy. So happy he could record his Tiger.

  • kathy v

    saw the show tonite cried for the losses and the victories

  • Karri

    Hi Chris,
    I just finished watching your film about the plight of the last remaining Siberian Tigers. Your film was very moving to myself as a Restoration Ecologist who specializes in restoring wetland and stream habitat. Knowing that passionale human beings like Park and yourself, who care so much about the continued survival of wildlife, like myself, are actively trying to do all that we can to educate others about the lives of these precious animals is so moving….Listening to Park speak about his journey tracking the tigers and how they became his family resonnates with me as this is how I feel about the animals for which I create habitat for. I photograph the wildlife colonizing my project areas year after year as they too have become my family. I was so emotionally moved listening to Park talk about the relationship he developed with the tigers, but I must say…I finally broke down into tears with you as you saw your first tiger on your second to last camera footage…
    Thank-You So Much for Keeping the Spirit of Widlife Alive in a Compassionate, Loving, Respectful, and Friendly Way :::))) Karri

  • Mia Shin

    This episode touched and moved me. I love wild cats, especially Tigers, my brother is a Tiger,, Snow White survives, her other cubs. Park gave us a beautiful glimpse of Eastern Siberia. My heart is so moved.

  • Bob Loveless

    Both exhilarating and depressing at the same time. Park’s footage of this beautiful, elusive creature was amazing. However, to see members of “his” tiger familiy killed by pouchers was heartbreaking. Many thanks have to go out to Park for his unbelieveable dedication. He is a remarkable man.

    Pouching of wild animals has become such a huge problem it is hard to see how it can be stopped before it is too late!

  • Cathryn Little

    I missed the beginning of the program but was glued to all I saw. The dedication it took to spend (years?) in isolation…. thank you to Park for this truly amazing tribute to his beloved tigers.

    Sadly I don’t know what can be done about poachers– I can’t bear the thought of these creatures not existing anymore. What a privilege to get to see them relaxed and playing, even if on film!! Thank you.

  • Margarite

    Loved it. I’m a big fan of all wild cats – Siberian Tigers especially. Park’s dedication is amazing. I’m so grateful for his work and Morgan’s follow-up to bring us this. It’s so sad to know that poachers continue after them despite their shrinking numbers.

  • Obaid Malik

    What a truly remarkable story this was into how inspirational this researcher Sooyong Park is. Truly dedicated. I’m very sad about the poachers and the conditions that Mr. Park endured

  • C Campbell

    Saw most of the episode yesterday evening on Georgia PB. Mr. Park’s passion, determination and dedication result in a crowning lifetime achievement for him. Especially admire his finding that the food chain for the entire forest ecosystem hinges on the annual production (abundance or shortage) of the pine cone. Can you provide any specifics on those camera traps that he found most successful/durable, such as maker or brand, capabilities (digital vs film, speed of film, battery life, IR sensors vs pressure mat triggers, etc.) Thank you!

  • Randall Davis

    Tigers are my FAVE animal. Park’s dedication made me SO proud. I was happy for your finding in the end. Thank you for sharing this with us. LONG LIVE PBS (mit romney)!!

  • Susan Dykhuis

    I live in Canada and can’t see the program. So sad about that. Can PSB please tell me where I can purchase either a DVD or VCR of this?

    Regarding poachers: not all humans are humane or honourable. My view is enacting an International Law covering poachers of any living being anywhere on the planet. A tough law where it convinces people that poaching is not worth the penalty.

    We don’t have the divine right to destroy Earth and her living beings. We also need to control the number of people who will be born in the next hundred years. At 7 billion and counting it is time to accept we are the problem and fix it now while there is still time.

  • michele

    Thanks PBS MR. Parks & Mr.Morgan for the wonderful footage,you provided for the world ,AWSOME!!!

  • Gregg Turner

    I couldn’t sleep so I got up and NATURE was on PBS. This episode with the Siberian Tiger was fascinating. Chris Morgan did an excellent job in illuminating not just the plight of these big cats but also the survival of them. I swear I was in tears when on his cameras he final captured footage of a tiger but when Mr. Park recognized her as being one he recognized, it brought it all home. Good Job Chris!

  • Janet Urbis

    Just saw the show on PBS it was truly fullfilling. Very motivating, wish I could do something like that in my lifetime. Very inspirational. I cried when the tiger got shot and when you saw the tiger on your camera. We live in the country with wetlands and I am very grateful for the abundant wildlife we see everyday. The tiger you and Parks have encountered are some of the most beautiful animals on earth. Thank you for the show.

  • c gray

    What an amazing adventure. Park made it possible for all of us to see just how beautiful the Siberian tigers are. What he had to indure so that we could enjoy this was unbelievable. Thank you to Park and PBS.

  • Barbara Morgan


  • Jacqueline Jenoure

    Eureka! My Mac Pro has delivered. Sensational is an understatement – wish I could have experienced this beautiful being as I did the Grizlzly and the Polar. Thank you Chris.


    Hi, Chris!
    It’s so pity we couldn’t see the film now more than one month after premiere. Could be good to Havana a chance to do it.

  • scott cress

    Chris and park,Thank you so much for what you do to bring wildlife into peoples homes.Siberian tigers are so beautiful.I work as a game warden in idaho ,And i know the feelings you have for such a great animal.Thanks again for all your hard work,

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