Siberian Tiger Quest

Hunted almost to extinction, the last wild Siberian tigers can only be found in the forests of the far eastern Russian frontier—but not easily. Ecologist Chris Morgan embarks on a challenge that will fulfill a lifelong dream — to find and film a Siberian tiger living wild and free in these forests. To help him, Morgan turns to Korean filmmaker Sooyong Park, the first individual ever to film Siberian tigers in the wild. Park spent more than five years watching and waiting for a glimpse of the elusive creatures, confined sometimes for months in tiny underground pits or 15-foot hides in trees. His technique was unconventional, but produced more than a thousand hours of wild tiger footage that told the story of a three-generation tiger dynasty. During their time together, Park teaches Morgan the secrets of tracking tigers—where to look and what to look for in these vast, seemingly-uninhabited frozen forests. Eventually, Morgan’s mentor and guide leaves him to his own private quest, and it is up to Morgan to follow the tracks and markings of these giant cats, searching out spots where tigers are prone to hunt, setting up cameras he hopes will also capture a precious image of a wild Siberian tiger. Siberian Tiger Quest premiered Wednesday, Oct. 10 at 8/7c on PBS.

  • Joseph Wayne Tanner

    Congratulations to you Mr. Chris Morgan on your latest adventure for Nature on PBS on Siberian Tigers next Wednesday for October 10th, 2012.

  • Adolfo

    Well done Mr. Morgan !

    Good job and we expect from you to open a window to be able to discover what,s up inside the more exotics jungles all over the world, no matter bears , tiger, … you only will get to know which animal will come next , we don,t matter to know it, we just are looking forwards for you to get another incredible surprise!!

    Hughe HUG!!

    Adolfo Valencia Jiménez

  • Jo Anne and Richard Weaver

    Hi Chris! Don’t know if you remember us, but we met you in a bar in Alaska when you were working on your bear project (compared your accent to Richard’s Kentucky accent!) We will defnitely be watching you with the Siberian Tigers! WOW!

  • Harald

    I am a biologist from Germany, interested in bear biology.
    Today I saw your “bear movie” at a tv channel (ServusTV) where you stayed in alaska.
    Really amazing pictures of grizzly bears.

    What I am interested…how could you accustomize the mother bear with the two cubs to your
    presence? Did she never react aggressive to the beginning of your presence?

    Does there exist some publications of your research work?
    I am interested in it.

    best regards from munich / germany

    Harald Renner

  • Joey Rayner

    I have not seen it, but i am pretty sure it is gonna b a great show
    With footage of the last stronghold of the wild siberian tiger and footage of the great tiger its self i have read numerous books and watched vidios
    Iam very interested in volunteering my time and if i had the fund to donate i would .i have watchd nature and pbs all of my childhood and even now .im almost 40 .i greatly encourage my kids and all kids i watch nature thank u for the comment space b sure to read “The Tiger ” a true story of vengeance and survival by John Vaillant

  • Ellen Snoeyenbos

    This show is a mind-blowing experience. The dedication of Park to the study of this tiger family is beyond any expectation. Those of us who have seen this dramatic and vulnerable story. I was moved deeply by this exceptional sotry. Shame on anyone who dismisses the importance of support of this unique resource….

  • Linda Bartley

    I watched Chris Morgan’s series on the Bears and I loved this one even more. I love his work, he makes everything so interesting!

  • Bill Smith

    This show is supposed to be about nature, this dude Chris Morgan is getting more air time than the animals.

    What happened?

  • Dr Richard Symons

    It is now 9:14PM EST & I have just seen the amazing awe inspiring story of Sooyong Park & his quest to film, for the very 1st time, “his Siberian tigers” perservering against incredible difficulty to accomplish this heroic feat which can only be described as one of pure love.

    My gratitude & plaudits to Chris Morgan & PBS for bringing this to our homes & sharing this inspirational story with us. PBS is an American treasure which has rewarded my loyalty these past 50 years & this segment of nature is just one more in unending delight & edification. That Mr. Romney would defund PBS is most telling about the paucity of his values & shortsightedness. I fervently hope that those of us who have been continuously enriched by PBS will speak with a clear voice this November.

    Richard Symons

  • Juli Willoiams

    WOW. I am speechless. Such beautiful animals. hopefully thi program will awaken others to the nee for conserving this wonderful cats.

  • Margaret Rawlings

    One of the best programs ever seen on Nature. It would be such a privilege to meet both Mr. Park and Mr. Morgan. Is this story on Siberian tigers available on DVD? I would love for my grandchildren to see it.

  • Andrew

    Hello Mr. Morgan,
    I have tiger pics all over my apartment, and i look at them everyday.
    However, i have NEVER been as close as you were to a captive tiger! (only a chain link fence separating you!?)
    Pandas & tigers…all over my walls…the pandas for obvious reasons (obvious to most anyway, e.g., “Andy Panda”) …
    And i have seen tigers in zoos (i haven’t been to a zoo in years….i loved to go to the zoo as a child! But learned later what it was really like for the animals, and now cannot bring myself to go to a zoo), but i have never been that close to a tiger. As dumb as we humans seem to be, and can be, i certainly hope i get to be that close to a tiger AND a panda before my journeys around the Sun are complete. I just hope that the tiger (or the panda for that matter), don’t end up being the reason for my journey’s end :o)
    Great show!…again…and as always.
    Keep up the great work of bringing “Nature” to those of us who are home-bound among “civilization.”

  • http://facebook sherry howard

    As I watched the show tonight with my 7 yr old I was amazed to see a whole family filed then destroyed. Our hearts were crushed! Then as u previewed ur boxes before u left and nothing was there; I felt the same disappointment. Then when u got to the coondog(?) I felt the same thing pak felt. Is there more? Then in that moment; I cried as u trembled as ur boyhood dreams were fulfilled and wondered ; Was that truely Snow White or a new generation trying to survive?

  • Joel Gray

    Dear Chris,

    I dont know if you actually get around to reading these comments….
    but i just watched your Siberian Tiger Quest on pbs tonight.


    i am a nature lover here in Alberta, Canada. I cannot tell you how moving
    it was to watch this episode. It is with melancholic sadness that we watch
    this planet groan under the stresses of humankind. Is there a way we can
    help preserve this beautiful animal?

    many thanks for sharing this with us.

    Joel Gray

  • Vance McDill

    I am in the middle of watching this. Am in awe at what Pach and the narator of this film witnessed and documented.

  • Kim

    Just finished watching your Siberian Tiger Quest premier. Another amazing show! Too bad your shows are not required viewing for all of our school children. These animals will probably be extinct before the adolescents of today know what they have lost.

  • Antony Nash

    Just watched the story of these magnificent beasts and am deeply moved by the beauty and wildness of this landscape and the story of Park and his devotion to bringing us this window into a world most of us will never experience. Living in our cities and comfortable homes we are so disconnected from the fragility and the absolute necessity of these parts of our world. I can only imagine that the experience of being in this forest for months on end fills you with it in a way that can never be forgotten. How could you return to our everyday world the same person?

    We won’t realize the true value of these places until they are gone forever, until the tigers are gone forever. The forest may seem empty but knowing the tigers are there unseen lifts the heart. Knowing they had gone forever would be heartbreaking.

  • Patty

    Wonderful show tonight Siberian Tiger Quest.

  • Debbie

    I don’t understand why photographers do not intervene on their behalf. When a cub is injured, why not seek medical intervention. I don’t think these cats will be around for very long. What a failure for us all…..
    Still, thanks for sharing their life with us.

  • Peggy Maria Spates

    Fantastic show…..many tears were shed. The idea that the most beautiful creatures God ever created are being used for idiotic ” medicinal” cures in Asian medicine breaks my heart. Chinese men are paying $400 a bowl for tiger penis soup????? My ..God…they just can’t buy a bottle of Viagra? So many animals are on the road to extinction ……..elephants, lions, rhinos…because of mans vanity and ignorance.

    Mrs. Peggy Spates

  • Hannah Huston

    Good program. I understand the sentiment that the narrator got an awful lot of air time but people who have lived in the region for decades have never even seen a tiger so they had to have something on camera! I’ve recently become somewhat obsessed with Siberian tigers after reading “The Tiger” by John Vaillant. It really is easily one of the best books I’ve ever read. I was very excited about this program and somewhat disappointed but that’s really more because nothing can compare to the book. Absolutely riveting! Go read it now!

  • Donna

    I was blown away by the beauty and courage displayed in Siberian Tiger Quest. Loved it! And the tigers! Beautiful! Great job, Mr. Morgan.

  • R. Jeffrey

    An truly great piece of film. I don’t know if I would have the composure that Chris had having these majestic animals is such close proximity. Your work takes us ordinary folk into a fascinating world we would not otherwise know. Amazing !

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