Siberian Tiger Quest
Video: Filming Wild Tigers

Watch a scene from Siberian Tiger Quest:

View footage of the first wild Siberian tiger that filmmaker Sooyong Park captured on camera in this scene from Siberian Tiger Quest. Park spent more than five years searching for tigers in Russia’s north eastern forests. His technique was unconventional, but produced over a thousand hours of wild tiger footage that told the story of a three-generation tiger dynasty.

  • marianne

    Thank you!

    Tigers are magnificent… beautiful!!

  • Fernwood Mitchell

    I loved this film, and how eloquent Mr. Park was about his knowledge of the tigers. One of the highlights of the film for me was the very very touching moment when Chris realized that he had, indeed, captured the image of a tiger in one of his cameras. The look on his face was one of unabashed joy, and I was very moved by his vulnerability at that moment, and his passion for carnivores…Just wonderful.

  • Sylvia

    I just finished watching this program and was deeply affected by the beauty of the tigers and tenacity of Mr. Park. Viewing the unnatural deaths of these magnificent creatures at the hands of poachers saddened & maddened me. I hope you might be able to provide information on how to be a part of stopping the poaching of these disappearing creatures. When Chris realized he had captured the image of what turned out to be a cub that Mr. Park had followed, I cried seeing his reaction. It was a powerful moment that helped me understand much of what Mr Park explained in his waiting for similar occasions.

  • Les Barnes

    What determination Mr. Park has. Thanks for your effort in giving us a look at something very special.

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