Sled Dogs: An Alaskan Epic

Ironically, the powerful, dedicated canines profiled in NATURE’s SLED DOGS: AN ALASKAN EPIC are little more than mutts. “The dog we call the Alaskan husky isn’t a formal breed,” explains onetime musher Joe Runyan, who won Alaska’s Iditarod sled dog race in 1989. Rather, huskies are mixed-breed dogs that are selected “for performance, not looks,” he says.

In particular, husky breeders are looking for dogs with an instinctive desire to pull long and hard through the toughest conditions. “You’ve got to have dogs that really want to see what is around that next corner,” Runyan says. “They want to be always on the go.”

Still, careful breeding over decades has produced dogs with telltale physiques. For one thing, the best sled-pulling dogs have quick, efficient gaits and remarkable strength for their size. “You rarely see a really good sled dog over about 55 pounds,” says Runyan, speculating that larger dogs are at a physiological disadvantage when it comes to delivering oxygen and blood to the heart, lungs, and muscles. But even small dogs can pull impressive loads. “My daughter had a 43-pound dog that pulled over 800 pounds,” Runyan recalls. With such power, a 16-dog sled team “is like a small pony with 64 legs,” he notes. Bigger teams, including one that included more than 200 dogs, have been known to pull buses and even help move houses. “Their strength can be unbelievable,” Runyan says.

Getting dog teams to pull together, however, takes months of training. In the off-season, for instance, some mushers rope their teams to wheeled carts or four-wheeled all-terrain vehicles, and let the dogs pull the chariots along snowless dirt roads. The dogs are so strong and possess such an inherent drive to pull, that according to Runyan, even brakes have difficulty holding them back.

Dogs running the Iditarod have special abilities — and special requirements, like food. Along with their power comes a huge appetite. While a normal mutt might get by on 1,500 calories a day, sled dogs can easily consume up to 10,000 calories per day. And while they’re tough, huskies can have sensitive feet. To safeguard them, mushers tie on polar-fleece booties that keep paws warm and protected. In the Iditarod, a single musher will use about 2,000 booties. Each usually lasts several hours and up to 100 miles.

Once trained, sled dogs can remain in top form for years. It’s not unusual to see 10-year-old dogs in races. Top dogs are highly sought after by breeders to help sire champion lines. And the prospect of owning one is not to be taken lightly. “They take a lot of love and care,” Runyan points out.

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Online content for Sled Dogs: An Alaskan Epic was originally posted November 1999.

  • Tim Muldoon

    The first sled dogs were alaskan Malamute type. As for the Iditarod or serum run the dogs were Malamutes and Siberians that moved the Serum to Nome. Malamutes do not need booties for there feet since the Artic is a natural place for them.These new dogs were bred for speed and winning. Winning is not everything and what tthey do not tell you is the number of dogs that are hurt and suffer form poor feet for sleding. Of course if they had feet like a Malamutes suitable for those conditions there would be know problems.

  • Sasha

    I have a husky and a malamute, and I tell ya, they are the best dogs. BUT, you have to know how to handle them, they can be very mischeivous, it is in thier nature. Also there have been many reports of them getting loose. (jumping over fences, sneaking out the door) you have to be aware of them at all times… The thing I hate the most is all the adds I see for lost dogs in my area, and most of them are siberian huskies. It breaks my heart. Don’t get one unless ur experienced…

  • Duane

    My friend Michael King lives in Alaska and runs sled dogs. Last time I talked with him he said he had 47 sled dogs. Now that is a lot of dogs lol. Michael has been training sled dogs and running guided trips now for over 12yrs. If you have any questions I’m positive he’d be happy to help. If you would like to find out more about him please go to his website at:

  • Roland

    what is the biggest malamute have u seen and how big do they get?

  • julie

    I love dogs especially snow dogs .Some day I would like for them to give me a ride on a sled. I hope I win tickets to the Iditarod.

  • jasmine

    i had a malamute and we had to get rid of him cuz he ate the neibors chickens

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    i hate sled dogs!!!!

  • shanta

    I think that malamutes are pretty cool,these alaskan snow dogs remind me of this very fomous book that i read it was called WoodSong by Gary Paulsen.

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    I have two husky, one Samoyed, and one Malamute and there all of work to take care of them all.

    P.S. i love them all.

  • Wolf

    I thought Malamutes were bread for pulling heavy loads for shorter distances, and huskies for lighter loads for longer distances, and regardless if the animal was from the area or not, I thought booties are to protect the animals feet, form ice and rocks, they were never born with a sled attached to their backs thus their feet aren’t designed to be pulling items, they just can, and are used for it, so I would use booties

  • WolfTiger

    Go Jeremy! I like oranges. My aunt ran the Iditarod in 1992. She gave me one of her retired dogs. The dog’s name is Kieska. She rocks! I love sled dogs. I’ve got 7; I’m hoping to run the Iditarod.

  • Jacob Earl

    I race and I’m 12, I am going to be in the Iditarod in 6 yeaers when I’m 18

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    I like sled dogs they could bring us history like Balto did.

  • agk

    why are alaskan huskies better at dog sledding?

  • Holly

    I have a 3 yr old snowy white huskie named Kiba, he is my sled dog.He refuses to pull anyone else but me!He is a very loyal dog and he would do anything for me!He has even killed a croc for me!(It was preety big!)



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  • vanessa llamas

    i wonder how long dogs train they must be cold but good for the people that but boots on their dogs horray for all the dogs that are going to be in the race good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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  • Husky Lover

    My dog,Lucy is very sick she is also a Husky breed. I want her to live too. See heres want happened,I have 7 cats (and no I will not name them all) and one of them made Lucy fall off the couch and I have a glass table right in front of it an she happened to land right on the corner of my table in my room! I thought she was okay but she was not! To more info on Lucy write on here to me!!!

  • lexxie platt

    How can a pomeranian be a sled dog they are so small lol i cant believe how cute siberian husky`s are i have one its adorable

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  • Alicia

    we saved both molly was thrown in a barn and when we took her home we put her on the floor and she tipped because she was starved to death. Also peppi was thrown in a snowbank out of a car window

  • Super Awesome

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  • Alyna

    People Bolto is only famous because he brought the medicine to he village in alaska and crossed the line.. Plus Bolto ran 53 miles. But Togo was the dog that ran 350!! plus he saved his whole dog sled team and when all the other sled dogs were resting togo didnt give up he was standing when no other sled dog was! Bolto only gets the fame for those 53 miles! Togo does because he didnt go to the village he stopped and gave the medecine to boltos sled dog team 53 miles from the village! but togo really did run 350 miles so TOGO is the famous dog!(or atleast should be!!) this is the thing that makes me angry. that people dont understand that but hopefully when your read this you will understand that togo is an awesome dog .. i mean bolto is awesome to just he shoudent get all the fame!

  • alyna

    BTW alaskans dont speak a freaking different language(atleast not all of them) and we dont live in freakin igloos and our schools are not a bunch of igloos put together. im sorry to say this but if you thought we did ur kinda stupid dont you think…? well yea thanks for reading this i guess lmao XD TOGO RULEZ DONT FORGET THAT!!

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    i think the iditarod is so awsome i wish i could enter but i can’t because i am 9 and i don’t have 4,000 dollars. Bye

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  • grafe

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    When I grow up, I want to live in Alaska, and maybe run the Iditarod.

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    hey im ellen. i love dogs and i am 74 but i wish i could be cool enough to be in the Iditarod.


    i love dogs!! my dream is to be in the Iditarod! but im only 7!!

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  • huskylover2010

    oh yeah!i read the Gary Paulsen books and they are AMAZING!! Woodsong is my favorite book of ALL time!!!! i love it!! my dream is to meet him and even be in the Iditarod with him!!!!

  • sydney terrell

    “I think that befor the Idintorod race, the racers should be warmed up. other than that, I think Alaska is cool.

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  • john

    i currently have 12 dog’s and i am looking for a few more so i can enter the iditarod

  • lysette

    im studing sled dogs and the iditarod at my school and we get to pick a muster and i picked jeff king and today he was in 14th place i have to recorded where he and everyone and today he lost one dog and OMG john really u want to enter the iditarod that so cool but u have to be 18 years old unless ur racing in the JR. one tho still kool

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    the Serum Run amazes me! If anyone has time they should definitely look up some info on Leonhard Seppala! That guy is amazing! All of the mushers should get recognition!

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  • R

    I live in White Mountain, AK. We are the last stop on the Iditarod before the finish line in Nome — 77 miles away. Life is different when the closest Wal Mart is 500 miles away. (in Anchorage, by plane.) We have dogs, but usually use snowmobiles — we call them snow machines to get around in the winter. This year we had four feet of snow. It is just now beginning to melt. In a few more weeks the ice will break up and go down river.

  • Jonathan Mendez

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    contrary to the popular belief Togo Balto’s brother was better very unknown but balto only carried the serum a short ways togo carried it over 800 mile’s (either that or 500) so there is a little known fact for you

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    I like that a lot of people are interested in dog sledding, but what most of you don’t know is that not only do you have to be 18 to run the Iditarod, but it will cost you thousands of dollars for the dogs to run it, I used to live in Alaska and for a couple of years lived up the road from Joe Redington Sr. and his 2 sons, so I do know something about sled dogs

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    Stanley Oday was the man of interior dog racing in Alaska he was a short track marvel . I live in ALASKA and will never leave her. Manley Hotsprings on the TANANA river rocks.

  • Name(required)

    Can you use regular dogs to pull? I have a border collie and a golden retriever, and I want to teach the, how to pull!

  • Rachel

    I love sleddogs. They are so beautiful. The Malamutes look so much like wolves and so do the Siberian Husky. I own one of each and they are just so smart and just great to have, only they do love to dig outside alot. I also sell alot of husky stuffed animals if anyone is interested. They are new and used in great condition from a non-smoking home. Send me a email if you like to buy one from me. All my stuffed huskies are well maintained.

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  • kim

    You can train any healthy dog to pull. I won races with a small team of dog pound dogs. In general, the weight of the team should be at least the weight of the load – assuming your dogs are running fit, not pet fat, with ribs easily felt and able to cruise for several miles without stopping. You can get them fit by first running a few hundred yards (with a sled), give them tons of praise and quit for the day before the dogs want to quit. Increase the length of the run as the dogs get fit but always stop before they want to stop. Dogs run on enthusiasm. Keep them happy and they’ll pull their hearts out! A well packed or icy trail has less resistance and small teams will be able to pull you farther and faster. If you don’t have a sled, you can use cross country skis.

    Long haired dogs will need the hair on their feet trimmed to keep the snow from forming ice balls. You’ll probably have to put sled dog booties on them. Get them from a sled dog supply catalogue. The kinds made for house pets won’t work well enough.

    If trained with lots of praise and not rushed, most dogs love this work. They will respect you more when you can keep up with them (really, they don’t know that they’re doing all the work) and run together as a pack. It’s a blast! Good luck!

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  • Animal Lover

    What of the untold story? I am disappointed in “Nature” for their scanty coverage of dog sledding and Iditarod. Not all mushers are kind to the animals they train: eye-witness accounts reveal at least one musher kicked one of his dogs repeatedly…to death. Deliberately. The mortality and injury rate is high with these animals, and some dogs are chained when not working. In addition, the Iditarod is how many miles? 1,500? That is an excessive amount to run in 8 to 16 days. I read that this is twice as far as the original race.

  • Real musher

    Animal lover. Seriously. You are a perfect example of what is wrong with people believing mushing is cruel. Firstly, you don’t even know how long the Idtarod is- 1500? No. Get some facts- then complain all you like. Secondly, the mortality rate compared to owners of pet dogs- you know- people with dogs that live in the house, is exponentially higher than working dogs- mostly due to their own ignorance. Thirdly the Iditarod is a re-creation of the Serum run- the only “race” was to save human lives from diptheria. There is no “original” race. Just cause you reads it on deh interwebs does not make it true.

  • somebody

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  • futuremrs.bieber/ris

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  • cat.osterman.softball.lover

    just one question: does it hurt the dogs. i mean oviously not if its a smaller dog but what if its a bigger dog? then what? i agree with you all, i absoltely adore dogs… and admire them for being such strong animals! I just dont want to see the poor creature pushed to far.
    ~all the best: ME

  • ris

    no it only hurts if they get frost burn but as long as they are wearing the feet pads they should be fine (older dogs are an exseption):(

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    I own a Siberian husky myself but i love Alaskan huskies too!!

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  • Emily Osullivan’s Concence

    That’s terrible! Stop doing that, your dog won’t learn becauce it con’t pull you. It’s probbably putting all of it’s energy into pulling you, it must be torcure to your dog!

  • bob

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    Associated Press in an Anchorage Daily News article titled “Mushers Say Most ‘Culling’ Not Cruel,” October 6, 1991. Anchorage Daily News Archives.

    PBS promoted the Iditarod as a commemoration of the 1925 Anchorage to Nome diphtheria serum run. However, there are very few similarities between the two events.

    Half of the 1925 serum run was done by train. Dogs ran in relays for the remaining 500 or 600 miles, with few dogs running over 100 miles. In the Iditarod, dogs run 1,150 miles over terrain far more grueling than the terrain found on the serum run route.

    The bond between dogs and mushers is not as PBS describes; it is one of abuse and exploitation. If a musher loved his dogs, he would not force them to run 1,150 miles in 9 to 14 days over treacherous terrain in awful weather, so that he could win money and prizes. That’s the approximate distance between Denver and LA or New York City and Orlando.

    Further, it is not humanely possible as PBS claims for 35 veterinarians to examine every one of the 1,000 plus dogs who go through each of the 27 checkpoints at all hours of the day and night. Visit the website of the Sled Dog Action Coalition, for more Iditarod information.

    Unfortunately, the program only gave one side of the story and did not have a single interview with anyone from an animal protection organization WNET (PBS-Nature) remains silent on whether it received money, free rental cars, free food and lodging, etc., from the Iditarod Trail Committee. PBS-WNET receives taxpayer dollars and therefore has an obligation to reports the gifts it receives.

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    anyway you want to slice it, the Iditarod is cruel and kills dogs.
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    There is just no way to justify this activity. It is obvious that NO ONE really wants to investigate the full story concerning these animals. It is easier to simply accept what those in the fore front, with ulterior motives, choose to display. And the only reason you show such things on PBS is due to the money you receive from the sponsors!

    It is a shame that money speaks louder than conscience! My statement still stands……….I will no longer support PBS and will seize every attempt to inform whom ever I can about the truths of the Iditarod and the blind eye of PBS.

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