The Cheetah Orphans

Veteran wildlife filmmaker Simon King takes on a new role in The Cheetah Orphans — that of surrogate mother. After their cheetah mother is killed by a lion, Simon assumes the parenting responsibilities for the cubs, Toki and Sambu — a life changing experience that Simon describes as “privileged, humbling and enriching.”

Hand-rearing the brothers, teaching them the life skills cheetahs need to survive, and observing the cubs as they pass through key stages of their development, Simon’s efforts to rehabilitate the cheetahs and reintroduce them to the world of wild cheetahs is filled with delight but also sadness. Simon becomes more deeply attached to the orphans, making difficult, yet critical decisions that determine their fate. When tragedy strikes, Simon is overcome with emotion, but has to make clear decisions for the welfare of Toki. Buy the DVD. This film premiered November 2007.

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    i love cheetahs im sad there endangered

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  • OutThnk

    Toki is one amazing animal. I loved the episode on Nature. Is there anyway to contact Simon King via email? I believe I could be great help to him in his work.

  • jb

    what a great show. played in a golf outing to benefit lewa. still have the beautiful shirt. glad to see where the funds went. looks like a beautiful place. wish i could still contribute, buthe.thanks, pbs.

  • Claudia


    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for ALL YOU have done for Toki and Sambu!
    I would love to continue to have updates on Toki. Is it possible to contact YOU via email? Simon YOU are an example to us all.

  • Kirsten

    i watched this show today. i was just scrolling through the channels and i am all about animals. they are practically my life. and i watched this show all the way through. i even cried twice. when Sambu died and when you discovered the female had rabies. i would love to have a career that would lead me to helping animals just he did. that would be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

  • Sad_Cryer

    I can’t believe this! It’s so sweet. I wish I was in your shoes and could have been with thoes cheetahs and grown up with them. I almost cryed when the brother died and the wild cat had rabiees.

  • Ouththnk

    I enjoyed every moment of the show. Very well done in all aspects. Your emotional struggle should be commended. I do not know if I could have ever let them go. I can’t imagine how hard it was on you after so much work and care went into them. Good luck sir in all your future endeavors. I too would like to know if there is any way of contacting you via email?

  • Don Pinkerton

    Please send update – Has Toki found a mate yet?? Thanks Don Pinkerton

  • Lisa Elliott

    As children we were taught the right thing to do was to not interfere with nature. This belief has finally met our “nature” as humans to feel emotional attachment that allows us just the opposite, to do something by thinking beyond live or die. This show was the perfect experience to depict how deeply commited a person was to bridge a successful attempt at releasing orphan cheetahs. The right thing to do was what he did, gradually with supervision. Isn’t that what all good parents do?

  • michelle white

    I LOVED THIS SHOW. I will be following Simon King and his work with these magnificent cats. Please tell us more and if the cat finds a mate.

  • Dennis

    All i can say is what Simon did was priceless and it shows not all people are evil. I myself LOVE animals and I’ve seen this episode many times and i can watch over and over again. Thanks Simon.

  • charles johnson

    Please answer. We were there and petted one of the Cheetahs March 1997. Are they the same ones? Thank You. Marvelous show and place Lewa deserves donations.

  • Nancy

    I saw this Nature program tonight and now in my search to find more info I discover that some biologists think that cheetah’s are too inbred to continue to exist as a species. Can’t something be done this can’t be allowed to happen

  • Kathy

    I saw the story of Simon and the cheetahs last night on TV. It was the best nature story that I have seen in a long time. Simon, you have a heart of gold!! Keep up your good work.

  • Ann

    I began watching this remarkable story and could not tear myself away from it. Thank you Simon for your work and your documentation of it.

  • Makayla

    Wow Simon! what a great thing you did for those cheetahs! I have always loved animals and have wanted to help them, especially wild ones. This show let me see that I am not alone, thank you Simon for being my inspiration!!! Toki is one awesome cat! I hope he finds a mate!! =]

  • Claudia

    Truly a heart warming story, cheetah’s are a favourite of mine and this captured the ultimate essence of man’s companionship towards animals. Simon you are a truly an amazing person for helping these wonderful and beautiful endangered species. PLEASE keep us updated on TOKI’S life, I would love to see him find a mate.

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  • Harrigan

    Beautiful, beautiful documentary. Profoundly moving.

  • Daniel D.

    This was a very touching episode, I know I’ve watched Simon King in the past, but this was a very emotional. This made me realize that man and beast can have relationship, no matter the situation. After watching the brothers follow Simon, when he was being a mother. You could really feel a bond between them. After seeing them hunt, and help each other. It was sad that Sambu was killed, as I watched Toki was calling for him, it devastated me :,( When Toki was taken to the reserve after the brutal attack that he survived (thank God for the collar) It was nice to see that Simon found a woundering cheetah, but it was sad to see that she was rabid. I’m hopping that Toki is doing fine, and that he finds a mate (he really needs a companion)

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  • daph-U.S.M.C.

    I have to agree with # 48, let me add spoiled rotten to that, these “pampered” kids wouldnt last a day in a third world country. Aside from that, what a wonderful program and so touching, it made want to go and help them out. Adventerous! and emotional.

  • Katy

    I loved the documentary so much enough to hug my cat very dearly. I felt that Toki was my own pet. I am sure whoever watched Toki, adopted him as their pet. I wish to see the update as to whether Toki got his mate and now living happily ever after? ….I hope so.

  • nz

    Pretty much the cheetahs make me lose my mind with glee when they are doing awesome cheetah stuff, which is mostly anytime you can see a cheetah on screen. There are some pretty difficult parts, really sad and surprising but very honest I suppose, they don’t try to sugarcoat anything. However that said the narrator seems like a real ass.

  • dawn dodson

    I have been following simon for years. Your work is amazing and I only wish I could follow in your footsteps. Cheetahs are my favorite animal. They take my breath away and hypnotize me.your show lets people have faith in the cold hearted world. Please never stop your work. The cheetahs need all the help they can get. big cat diary and other shows are so important to education people now a days in a world where people only live for themselves and can’t see past their own little world. God bless you. And please keep us updated. Would love to keep track of toki. Was heartbroken when honey I do keep track.

  • bluestorm

    I could not tear away from this program. I hope that Toki gets a mate and Simon will update on Toki’s progress. Shows like this is much better to watch than some programs that are airing now.

  • firebuster

    Wow, what a lovely film. I bumped into the show last night, and just could not take my eyes away from it. I was so into the feeling of Simon’s when I saw the scene when the dead Sambu on the ground and Toki stood up high and called for his dead brother. What a touching video. I would definitely want to buy a video of this one. Thank you, Simon.

  • sarah

    Wow, I really like this video.

  • phil campagna ny

    I believe we visited these creatures. so awsome

  • Mara Ferreira

    I’ve been thinking for some time of leaving some money in my will for cheetah conservation, now I will.

  • Teresa

    I just watched Toki and Sambo’s show and I found it to be WONDERFUL!! I am a CAT lover myself and can see that Toki surly loves being around his human family. You guy’s are doing the right thing for Toki and his brother (GOD rest his soul). Great job and thankyou for caring so much because so many don’t.

  • Chole

    I loved the documentary. I hope Toki gets a mate. mate.

  • sandra

    This was really beautiful. Simon expresses his feelings and I cannot fault him for caring so deeply. Toki was raised by humans and there is a strong bond. Love it…hope and pray for Toki to find a mate, soon!

  • Amelia

    This has to be the worst Nature episode I have ever seen, and I’ve been watching PBS for a long, long time. It was painful to see this self-promoting “filmmaker,” apparently reared in the current vein of intrusive naturalists, make mistake after mistake in his “rescue” of these wild animals, not only endangering, killing, and injuring the animals, but the people he worked with. I am severely put off and will likely not watch another Nature program in the near future.

  • Dan

    It was awesome! I liked it! I think it’s the best!

  • Guy denton

    I loved it. Im a Manly Man but it made me cry too…

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  • toronto

    … a moving story, full of the realities of life, joy, tragedy, worry… and oh yes, the important stuff of love and affection which is so essential to being well adjusted in the world. The comments of Amelia are rather sad! It’s waay too late to invoke the prime directive of no intrusion — humans have irreversibly and irreparably bothered all known species on the planet, so perhaps going in the other direction to save some can only be helpful. It’s a moot point, though. Just making a nature show is intrusive, and is perhaps a luxury that those of us in the developed world can indulge in. Still, wonderful cinematography, an engaging host, wonderful characters, and most of all, an incredible, heart breaking story. thank you to PBS. And SImon King.

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  • brittney

    when i watched this show, i cried when one of the cheetahs died because of a loin. it was a sweet show. i tried not to watch it but i couldn’t help it. i cried some more.

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    whers the game? how do i get to it?

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    i so agree with brittany tigers are so cool and so are dogs,trees,monkeys and water is so pretty to

    i <3 nature

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    that movie waz so so so so so so good man. and i’m agreeing wit tigers rok they are cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sam king

    best show of the nature series i’ve seen. i would like to see an update on toki.

  • roseanne dubois

    cheetahs are so cool and some people are killing for their own selfish reasons. like in africa people are poaching inside the protected are where animals can run free and be safe from all this poaching, but their is a down side to all of this, the people who run the park do not put fences up so animals that are in that spot will get killed if the go out the reservation and the is some what good but then not. when these beautiful creatures go out side they are killed off and their carcas is left ther to rot and that is sad especially if that animal had cubs because then they would be known as the walking dead because any thing can kill them now and some time the people who kill these animals sometimes take their ung and kill it or they keep it for their own. the one thing i like about the people who go out and save these animals i give tem a big thumbs up beacuse atleast they dont have to die or anything so thanks to ll you out there. to the person who said a request on #70 is out of wack because the show is awsome and if u dont like the show then don’t watch it ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • colin ballin

    this was the coolest game ive ever played in my entire life! i had the funnest time of my life. if they had this for x box i would totally buy it. i love you so much :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  • abigail

    I really enjoyed learning about Toki and looking around this site!

  • Kaley

    Im so cool its amazing!

  • Matt

    It was cool, Hi Kaley



  • jess

    this site is rubbish how can all u people say its brill

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  • Andrea Cowart

    I would love to have the experience this man did and bond with wild cats like that. What a wonderful & rewarding experience this man got. I am very jealous. Wish I could do more to help out.

  • Amber

    I hate to say it but I think something bad must have happened to Toki.If there has been no reports for a year,something’s wrong. Something must have happened but nobody said anything yet.

  • sarah

    Maybe Toki found a new family and moved on. That might be why we haven’t heard any word from Simon. Give Toki my wishes.

  • austin

    i think more people would like cheetahs if they learned more about them then they wouldn’t be endangered

  • virginia lovell

    I was very emotionally involved with Toki. Please send me an update as I feel that we are entitled to know what ever happened to him, good ,bad , or otherwise.

  • erin lobo wolf

    This was very inspirational for me. Toki, I must say, something happened, and I bet it is poaching. Also, if you liked this film watch: El Lobo, it’s on Nature, and will chang the way you think about wolves.

  • cc

    cheetahs rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ~vane5832~

    cool i luv cheetas but i feel realy bad for the zebras it’s very sad but other than that i luved that video although it wuz really shot.okay bye:]!!!!!!

  • makayla susan unger

    I AGREE cc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marty

    Are there any current updates on the Cheetas?

  • Suzanne Reynolds

    I love Simon King’s work. I saw the big 3 cats in Africa but never “knew” them until I saw Simon’s Big Cat Diaries”. Can we get an update on Toki this year? More Simon King please!!

  • conor n joe

    This is the best game ever not

    this game stinks

    Go the tigers

  • catgrrl11

    I don’t understand you people! a third of you hate this, A third love it and the rest of you complain about how rude children are.Ever thought that I child is actually a human too?

  • Carol Bloomfield

    Having just returned from South Africa and Botswana I can really appreciate this. We watched a Cheetah lie in wait, catch an Imapala, and the kill, etc. They are the one of the most breathtaking animals. True beauty in nature. It is nature at its best.

  • Becca

    I am so bummed I missed this! Not only are cheetahs my favorite animal but Simon is amazing! Will it be broadcast again?

  • Susanne

    Please give update on the cheetah

  • toumeng

    this show is awesome , by the way i`m just a kid that`s 12 years old ,did simon ever got a mate,o please send it to my email…….
    thank you

  • Cat Lover in Texas

    Incredible,such a profound experience to watch this show. Fantastic labor of love for Simon King and crew. They have the hearts of lions! How do I get in touch with Simon and his rescue group. What can I do to get involved and help?

  • Byron

    Having lived for 10 yrs in Karen, Nairobi, Kenya & having traveled throughout all East Africa in the 60’s & 70’s your video showed the good side of wild life conservation. Can you put an end ‘09 update on the doc?? (Although I expect I know the end – Africa is a cruel continent; beyond most American understanding) A closure would be nice.

  • Hiro Sato

    Recent Nature programs seem to put the narrators/documentary makers to the fore, which I think is a terrible mistake. They are not actors, so the sentiments they try to convey are usually forced, their facial expressions merely maudlin, their words hollow. I hope you will go back to the old-style documentaries soon.

  • kritzie

    I saw the show the show to me it was marvalous this documentry showed feelings and i loved it simon king i am utterly in favor of your work. Cheetahs are a marvalous feline and wild and to see zambu die so young hurt me. Toki is a very unique feline and i love him.

  • mikeasha

    I think that if cheetahs are announced to be endangered I couldn,t live. I LOVE CHEETAHS!!!!!!!!

  • Niki

    Great work with the cheetahs! I adore big cats! I would love to get some latest info regarding Toki and how is is doing these days?

  • alex

    hey what is the latest on toki

  • Mike

    Interesting! I hope that everyone had a happy Father’s Day!

  • Ezaran

    I think that this video was very inspirational. Cheetash are magnificent.

  • Doris

    Is Toki still alive? Is he well?

  • Toxi Dixon

    I fell in love with little Toki and Cheeta’s in general. Incredible documentary spanning four years of
    relentless devotion to this amazing cat. Every living animal has a unique journey and story.

  • Harry

    The best show Simon really love it,Cheetah’s are such beautiful cats. Have loved all cats my whole life and Simon your the man such a wonderful story. I actually cried and felt the special connection you had. Someday I want to go to Africa and experience the connection the people of Africa have with the animals its so neat!!!

  • Marianne

    June 29th,

    Simon, how you should be praised for such amazing love and work with Gods creatures. I fell in love with both Toki and Sambu also. How sad when you lost Sambu. How moving when Toki put his head to yours when you found him far away from the conservation area. Love is simply a pure gift.

    My praises to PBS and Nature. I promise to show my gratitude with my donations when I can. Thank you all and your colleagues steven and others doing your special work with you. Keep it up. You may sacrifice a lot, but your rewards are hopefully far greater.

    Blessings to all, Say hi to Toki and send my love……..

  • Libellulle3

    this is the most beautiful piece on animals i have ever seen, and among the most touching moving beautiful things i have ever seen on film. it still haunts me – I am changed forever by the story of these extraordinary cats and men.
    Thank you, PBS and Nature, and yes, donations follow.

  • realist

    to think that you are helping these creatures is total nonsense- it is painful to watch you silly fools cuddling wild animals like stuffed animals… the whole time I was watching I was praying that you would become the pray… you have no place where you are forcing your presence-

    the people that are like “awww how cute” are just fooling themselves… nature isn’t kind and cuddly…

    you are a selfish, punk of a human and I wish you the same end that you forced upon these creatures that mother nature had a obvious plan for-

  • Kaysie

    Wonderful piece, beautiful photography, awe inspiring documentary! Despite the ignoramous comments that a few have left, these are the types of self-less acts of caring that I want my children exposed to and find grounding in our current climate. THANK YOU.

    Can we have a more recent update on Toki?

  • Liese

    Incredible and detailed explanation of your efforts to protect and widen the species. This person deeply respects your unqualified dedication to preserving a balance of nature and to your profession.

    True, nature itself requires its own program of survival. Foolish and/or sentimental non-thinkers, often in their closed, isolated TV rooms as they fill their tummies with munchies, do not and will not support/condone your efforts. Yet as expanding civilization deprives nature at large, be they cheetahs, and other creatures who would live within their natural environments, your work to protect species at large certainly is appropriate.

    Let those who choose to foolishly criticize you and your work go back to watching Donald Duck cartoons or inane reruns of American Housewives, (where their minds seem to be,) while closing their suffocated minds and senses to reality.

    Well done, Dr.King. You are head and shoulders above the majority of us. Well done.

    Please notify “realist” above of July 1, 5:15 A. M., that the proper spelling of “pray” is ” prey.” That will be ignored by the writer, I am sure, who does not even bother with decent capitalization or syntax.

  • Abnet

    I am sad that Sambu was killed by a lion, I felt like I lost one of my close friend. Please let me know if there is an updated video of Toki. Thanks Simon for caring Toki, I know how you feel when you are close to Animals.

    Good work

  • matt

    Come on abnet it was sad i agree i got tearie eyed byt fealing like you lost a close friend makes it sound like you actually have some type of conection with them or the staff of the park which you do not so im just saying for your information you sound realy stupid and self pretentcious in your statement. Also you go on to say LET ME know if theres any updated video etc….., And that you know how it feals IM SURE 99percent of the world knows what it feals like to have a connection with a pet WHICH is what toki is to his humans no matter what they say.

  • Christina

    watching on tv and its sad and but nice.

  • Kyrean

    I caught part of this episode a week or so ago. I really enjoyed what I saw, but I really want to see the rest of it, and the full episode isn’t up online. Can you please put it up?

  • Trudy Dyck

    An excellent video. What happened to toki? Would love to have more info. Please let me know.

  • Misty

    Just to let everyone know, I went to Simon’s website and he posted in his diary for Feb/March 2010, that Toki is at Ol Pejeta Conservancy, He is alive and well. He is now scared of humans, which is very good. Here is a link to Simon’s diary –

  • lia

    thanks for broadcasting this video in thirteen channel.

  • SherryAnn

    This Cheetah film touched me deeply. I was amazed by the amount of symbolism there is in the film. I really related this video to human interaction. I too was once orphaned and have an adopted mother. I must say I cried throughout the film. God uses anything to touch your heart and to heal of past wounds but to also reveal how He cares not only for the animal orphans but human orphans as well. For years we supported an orphanage in Mozambique, South Africa. I someday hope to visit them from the states. I will be going to Mexico to love the orphans. Mr. King, your video blessed me tremendously. I understand your heart and the love that drives you to care for these animals, to oversee their well being. You are a lot like my adopted mother. God bless you and continue on in love and making more videos so that it touches the human hearts.

  • Christelle Sneider

    A bit old, but touching movie. It drove my attention to sensitive and basic issues, that life is keeping us away from.

  • angelo

    its nice to know that there are people who cares for animals like Simon, especially with wild animals. i am an animal lover but i only take care of my dogs which are domestic animals. what Simon did was courage and kindness…more power Simon.

  • hellokitty

    it was really good and hi

  • telecommunications

    Hey, I just hopped over to your web page through StumbleUpon. Not somthing I would generally read, but I appreciated your views none the less. Thanks for making some thing worth reading.

  • teresa

    Would you provide a current update on Toki, please?

  • Libby
  • Michelle

    The link above doesn’t work. Any other update available?

  • Mark

    I have looked for updates and have been unable to find anything.I will continue to look and post what I find here.I hope Toki and Simon are well as I have followed this story due to the fact I although dont raise large cats have and do raise racoons, skunks and many other mistreated animals in Canada.I did have a wolf for many years but sadly she passed after 11 years.So again good luck Toki and Simon all the best to you Mark.

  • Andy Z

    I just watched this …I am disgusted…’Born Free” rerun badly covered, he is killing “killed one” with “love”. If you want to do this kind of stuff please save it for the OWN network and use a house cat. There was NO real science here, nothing gained.
    The better and more important note that was given lip service ……. rabies…rabies…rabies…it KILLS.
    It’s not warm and fuzzy ……if it gets the upper hand…F%&C the ecosystem.
    All the great film, lovely, can see The cheetahs …now get out your tranc gun and fill it and start vacillations.
    PS how much co2 did you dump into OUR/THERE atmosphere ? how many tire ruts did you put in that environment.

  • peacequiet

    Let me guess Andy…
    A Democrat/Liberal ?

  • peacequiet
  • jblover

    too bad that sambu died watched it 2day wonder how the other 1 is doin :/

  • Karleen Arcuri

    It’s hard to seek out knowledgeable individuals on this topic, but you sound like you already know what you’re speaking about! Thanks

  • edriyas beyene

    Hi i am edriyas i am 14 years old and i want to become a filmmaker for nature but i dont know what steps to take to accomplish my goal and i wll be happy if some one can tell me how i can do that.

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    That’s an interesting idea do you have to have a gmail account to use it?

  • a

    All the episodes are broken on the mysoju websites for so long and are not updated. Anyone know where can I watch this drama.

  • proxies

    This recipe is deceptively yummyit’s so easy, you’d never imagine how good it really is! Great use of canned pumpkin, Patsy!

  • top 10

    Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. I hope you guys had fun! I´m sooo happy for you and David! ♥

  • Sang Blade

    Gems form the internet…

  • Nina Larent

    Toki is awesome animal. I loved this episode on Nature. Is there anyway to contact Simon King via email? I believe I could be great help to him in his work. –

  • Laverne

    Awesome article once again. Thumbs up=)

  • steven b fletcher

    I learned so much about big cats and there feeding habits. It basically set me on the lifelong quest to learn as much as I could about the big cats and all of the animals on the African Plaines . And for that I thank both you and Jonathan

  • M. Stonier

    How is Toki doing now? Is he still alive and well?

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