The Secret World of Sharks and Rays

NATURE lifts part of the veil of mystery shrouding some fascinating — and often fearsome — creatures in The Secret World of Sharks and Rays.

Sharks and their biological cousins, the rays, are among the highest-profile denizens of the deep, thanks to the popularity of books and films that have cast them in leading roles — as antagonist, not protagonist.

But despite such worldwide media glare, sharks and rays are among the least-understood creatures that inhabit the world’s oceans. It’s a paradox: a high public profile overshadowing a relatively low level of knowledge about these primordial fish, whose existence pre-dates the emergence of humans by some 400 million years.

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Online content for The Secret World of Sharks and Rays was originally posted March 2003.

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  • kristin

    this shark pic is really i love sharks there awesome

  • AleshA


  • Tara

    Sharks are cool but i hate what they do to sharks people like that should die!!! (Sorry if you kill sharks i just hate people that do that to them cause they dont deserve it!!!)

  • kelsey

    sharks are very mean but they are soooooo coolio!!!

  • Selina

    I Think Sharks Are Very Cool And I Like How They Look.

  • arijana

    i agree with tara expet for the who die part but really why are they killing sharks i mean like u could have more of a chance to die in your bath tub that get a shark attack



  • Sienna

    I am a big fan of sharks how did u take that pic

  • rufaro

    i like shark coz there cool

  • HolaGurll


  • Kayla

    sharks are scary some times but if you don’t try to bother them they won’t bother you am i right you guys. common help me out here don’t you have something to say about that Tara.

  • drew

    there is a lots of sharks out there

  • MikAylA

    shArks Are very cool (but im sacred of them there meAn And you can never reAlly trust them becAuse you dont know it they Are going to turn there back on you And they can kill you but i like seeing them from A distance) Great PIC.

  • jytr

    you son of b

  • jessica hernandez

    I’m fascinated by sharks I love to watch any thing sharks but no lie I’m also terrified by them my family and friends punk me by showing me close up pics of shark teeth so ill jump lol

  • megan

    sharks are so cool

  • sharkboy

    cool pic. i love sharks!!!!!!!

  • aj styles

    my best freind loves sharks an i think they are so cool!

  • Jeff

    sup shark boy this is such a cool pic!

  • buffkitty

    cool pic

  • ant

    this is pritty good but not so good

  • ant

    sharks rule and good comments but u could do better the ppl want sharks only

  • butt


  • saban

    SHARKS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yesi

    i love sharks sends i was little and now that im getting to know them i love them even more. the pic is relly awsome!!!!!!!

  • nygia coleman

    i hate sharks they are always killing people thats not right stop the killings whats wrong with you people

  • herra

    i just want to contradict of the statement/commment of nygisa coleman…not all sharks kill people..the shark plays an important role in the underworld…just like us,humans..humans kill animals just to survive in this eat…(slutter pig to eat)..

  • Troy Williams

    Hey whats up world this is good information.

  • miss.murdur

    sup i think sharks kill for a reason cause there wild animals bros so gtg keep world domination away

  • Ian

    i think sharks are just plain awesome but it’s even cooler if you’ve actually gotten up close and personal with them like me

  • Andrew Keet

    Great work, the sharks need all the help they can get right now, a lot of species on the brink of extinction. The only hope seems to be to educate the world’s population about just how important sharks are to the oceans ecosystem and this is how you do it. To learn more about sharks here is a website that will help you.

  • allison

    i am fascinated by sharks it’s weird.
    i absolutely love themmm.
    does any one think it’s possible
    to go swimming with them like you
    can with dolphins and not get atttacked ?

  • jdavis31

    I think that sharks are pretty cool but i wouldn’t wanna get up close and personal with one.

  • troll

    you guys are nerds

  • XxUwilnevrnooooooxX

    I hate peeplz who kill sharks…… they nevr did anything to u so I dnt get it??? Why in the fuc**** world wuld they do that.

  • Jemez Valley High School

    sharks are the flippin best

  • conrad

    how do sharks hunt

  • todd

    Sharks are awesome but at
    they can help you rank up to the top

  • Cecile Budinich

    I think it is not only heartbreaking but shocking that we(all life on planet earth) have come to this point. Everyone must ask themselves: Are we not the invasive species heavily tilting the biodiversity scale?

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