Under Antarctic Ice
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Antarctica. On the surface, it’s the bleakest of lands, with ferocious winds, flightless birds, and enough ice to flood half the planet’s population if it were to melt. But below that frozen mass, a fantastic environment of indescribable beauty teems with life. NATURE takes viewers into the world that is Under Antarctic Ice. Buy the DVD. This film premiered January 12, 2003.

  • steven trayanoff

    love your programs

  • Ana

    i love your programs…diving is my fav.

  • Mathilda

    it is really amazing!!

  • BettyH

    Very good programs ! Love its !!!

  • Rain

    love the program, feel like I am a part of the action!

  • Tanache

    love it as well i do fell as if iam there thank you and my children will thank u keep the great work

  • bill goodwin

    For a program called “nature” there’s not much nature in it. It seems to me that the documentary is focused more on the researchers than nature. It should be called “people in nature”

  • bobbie barton

    i love all of your shows there should be more of them on the air.they are intresting as well as educational

  • Rajiv

    I couldn’t seem to find the shot that’s the thumbnail for this video in the “Watch Full Episodes” page, that (jellyfish?) looks quite stunning..

  • gregor

    beautiful, thanks & congratulations

  • el

    I really love your programs…I just would love to see more animals, but the show was great. I do not have the opportunity to travel but I just imagine myself in those beautiful and inaccesibles places…thanks!!!

  • Oren

    Through your shows and many others like it, I can easily say Nature is the only true life on earth. And the only true life that will survive our human behavior.

  • Art Souther

    Makes me yearn for the old Nature of George Page, when nature was much more the focus. This film had an amateurish quality, and far too much time was spent on mundane scenes of interaction among humans.
    Its sad to see such an outstanding nature show slip so far from the George Page days. Thus used to be the only nature program that rivaled the wonderful programs produced by the BBC.

  • Jay

    This program is one of the few that inspire me

  • Gene

    Another fine program; in a word, spellbinding.

    It was insinuated that Dale Stokes’ unfortunate decompression sickness would prevent him from diving again. I hope this is not the case.

  • Soung-Chul

    I’m speechless. It’s stunning & wonderful.
    I’ve never known that the Antarctic ecosystem has these diverse creatures.

  • Holli

    I thoroughly enjoyed this! Awesome!

  • ST

    A very good program!

  • lorenzo

    awesome episode, must of token a lot of time and effort. Their effort is appreciated

  • Jazmine

    Amazing Video…. I do wish they showed more of the animals under water… Over all it was a great program!!!

  • JA

    Excellent and breathtaking!

  • All Dad

    Nature at it’s best, my 2 year old was glued to the screen, that’s saying a lot!!

  • junard moya

    this is realy amazing video

  • Brenda

    I love every episode that pbs has. Very intresting!!!

  • Robert

    This episode was pretty good. I think that if theres ever such a thing as getting a education from watching thirty plus years of your shows then that would be me. I think this is more of a behind the episodes then anything. As far as learning goes not much in that department but it was still a very fun video.

  • dakota

    this is my favorite!! awesome!!

  • yessie

    i have learned so much by watching your shows they are very interesting. i hope we can learn more by your shows

  • gary e. morin

    What a great film, thank-you!!!

  • MCE

    This video is AMAZING!! The pictures are soo stunning and incredible! I would love to see it in person although I think I would be scared to go scuba diving haha. Also I hope Dale is ok and eventually recovered so he can go scuba diving again.

  • kimba ozag

    Awesome presentation, thank you!!

  • MP3

    I cannot view this video due to rights restrictions. You’d think me living in the southern hemisphere would afford me the right of viewing the south pole.

    ridiculous…. Thanks for nothing.

  • skubaduk

    I can’t wait for the ice to melt and the ocean to warm up to about 85 degrees. I love diving in warm clear water.

  • MStevenson

    wish I could have watched it! I’m in Canada and all I get is garbage about rights restrictions….

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