Wild Balkans
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The European Green Belt Initiative
The European Green Belt initiative has the vision to create the backbone of an ecological network that runs from the Barents to the Black sea, spanning some of the most important habitats for biodiversity and almost all distinct biogeographical regions in Europe.

The Sava River
The Sava River is the second largest tributary to the Danube River and is of biological significance due to its outstanding biological and landscape diversity.

Danube Delta UNESCO World Heritage
This site provides a brief description of the Danube Delta, complete with maps and images.

Prespa Park Coordination Committee
This site provides news about the Prespa wetlands.

Kopacki Rit
Find-Croatia details the beautiful landscape of Kopacki Rit, along with travel information and news of rare species.

Mountaineering and Tourism in Montenegro
Montenegro.com provides images and information on the ecotourism campaign in that country.

Green Balkans
At this site, you’ll find information about the conservation of rare species and habitats in Bulgaria.

Euronatur: The Balkan Lynx
Information on the Balkan lynx, the native cat species living in the South-Western Balkan mountains, and its recovery project.

NATURE Online: The Olm and Other Troglobites
Featured in The Dragon Chronicles, the olm inhabits cave systems in Slovenia.

Balkan Vulture Action Plan
BVAP provides workshops, seminars, and reintroduction presentations on the recovery, conservation, and government action strategies for vultures in Tikves on the Bulkan Peninsula.

Central Forest State Nature Biosphere Reserve: European Mink
This site provides objectives for the care and protection of the endangered carnivore, the European mink, at a nursery in Russia.

History World: History of the Balkans
Interesting facts about the bloody history of the Balkan Peninsula.

Encyclopedia of Arda: Middle Earth
Wonder what all the references to the fictitious land of Middle Earth are all about? Find details here.

  • Mark Sigfrinius

    The Balkans was an absolutely fabulous hour of entertainment. Thank you so much. Part of the episode showed a Greek Orthodox Monastery with just one single monk way out in nowhere land. Is there any possible way to get more information about the monk or the monastery such as location or how there would be a chance for any communication? Thanks very much in advance for any assistance……..Mark
    p.s. I meant to give it a five star rating but something goofed up……

  • Ivan “Serbian”

    Lovely, yet Flawed in leaving a large hole – it seems as if your production team literally skirted the whole of “Serbia” –
    I am not sure why, maybe there were troubles securing authorization, but all the same it seems fully lacking to attempt to bring such a good episode, that could have been Great if only it afforded the general viewer the ability to gain the full scope of the regional environment. With all due respect to the team – I find it – to say the least interesting to see that they determined it not so important to have a majority of technical and or creative input from locals aside from the Austrian contingent – well as they say the victors get to write the history books – and especially in this case the nature programs, and to give away portions of sovereign nations land as well e.g. Kosovo! = We waited 500 years to win back our freedom from the Ottomans = Kosovo is not a settled deal – BY FAR!!!
    Objectivity, and level handed treatment of the regional dynamics, people, and recent events were unevenly outlined!
    As if you were to write about Asia and leave out China! Oh yeah the Chinese – their at the time recently completed embassy in Beograd was bombed the first week of bombings “ooops we were using old maps” per DOD!?!?! Really?

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