Clip | Jungle Animal Hospital - Scarlet Macaws Released to the Wild

Scarlet macaws raised in a wildlife rescue center are released from the top of a hill over-looking the Guatemalan jungle. The hope is that they’ll find food straightaway, and join up with members of the wild population.

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This is the last time these macaws will ever see the bars of a cage.

The macaws are being released from the top of a hill, overlooking the forest canopy, with plenty of fruiting trees.

The hope is that they'll find food straightaway and soon encounter members of the wild population.

[ Birds squawking ] ♪♪ The team is making history.

This is the first time in Guatemala that captive-bred scarlet macaws have been released into the wild.

♪♪ With these new individuals, the wild population has just increased by around 5%. ♪♪ ♪♪