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Meet the Coywolf: Animated Video Short: The History of the Coywolf

Trace the extraordinary evolutionary journey of the coywolf, a mysterious and distinctly modern creature, in this video excerpt.

Jan 21st, 2014 | Comments

The Dirt: This Week in Nature (September 22-28)

Male pufferfish woo with incredible sand designs, monogamous coyotes call Chicago home, and bees find most efficient flower route every time.

Sep 28th, 2012 | Comments

Andes: The Dragon’s Back: Video: The Zorro

"Zorro" means "fox." But these creatures, found only in South America, resemble coyotes as much as they do any fox.

Jul 14th, 2010 | Comments

What Females Want: To Have, to Hold, and to Cheat

Of the 4,000 or so species of mammals, only a handful of animals have ever been thought to mate for life.

Apr 6th, 2008 | Comments

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