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Kilauea: Mountain of Fire: Video: Full Episode

Kilauea, on Hawaii's Big Island, is the world's most active volcano. Watch the full episode now.

Aug 22nd, 2011 | Comments

Violent Hawaii: Video: Full Episode

Hawaii isn't all idyllic beauty. Watch the full episode of Violent Hawaii online now.

Aug 15th, 2010 | Comments

Violent Hawaii: Introduction

(Airs Sunday, August 15) Hawaii is a place of idyllic beauty. But it is also a land of volcanic fury, raging mountaintop blizzards, dangerous rockslides, monster waves, and even tsunamis.

Jul 20th, 2010 | Comments

Eagles of Mull: Introduction

(Airs Sunday, July 11) Returning home to the Isle of Mull after 15 years abroad, Gordon Buchanan was happy for the chance to take a new look at his native land, through his camera lens.

Jun 20th, 2010 | Comments

Shark Mountain: Introduction

(Airs Sunday, December 13) Shark Mountain takes viewers on a dive of a lifetime to reveal underwater creatures unlike anywhere else in the world.

Nov 29th, 2009 | Comments

Kilauea: Mountain of Fire: Hawaii’s Vulnerable Biodiversity

With over 25,000 unique species, Hawaii is one of the most biologically diverse regions on the planet. These animals and plants live in a delicate balance.

Mar 22nd, 2009 | Comments

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!: Video Segments: Violent Hawaii

These excerpts from the NATURE episode "Violent Hawaii" demonstrate how volcanic islands are formed, and what scientists can discover studying magma, lava and eruptions.

Jul 15th, 2008 | Comments

Video-Enhanced Lesson

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!: Lesson Overview

In this video-enhanced lesson, students will use a combination of multimedia and hands-on activities to learn about different types of volcanoes, why volcanic eruptions happen, and the impact eruptions have on the Earth's landscape. (Grades 9-12)

Jul 15th, 2008 | Comments
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