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Encountering Sea Monsters: Introduction

(Airs Sunday, June 28) Underwater cameraman Bob Cranston explores the remarkable world of marine creatures called cephalopods -- squids, cuttlefish, octopi, and nautili.

Jun 9th, 2009 | Comments

Animal Guide: Blue-Ringed Octopus

With its fascinating coloring and delicate curling arms, the blue-ringed octopus may be a beautiful creature, but this small cephalopod is also deadly.

Sep 7th, 2008 | Comments

Encountering Sea Monsters: Interview: Dr. Mark Norman

Meet Dr. Mark Norman, one of the world's leading octopus experts, who is also featured in "Encountering Sea Monsters."

Jun 3rd, 2008 | Comments

Victims of Venom: Venom from the Sea

Snakes are not the only creatures that use venom. Scorpions, shrews, spiders, insects, salamanders, and even some types of plants also use poisonous venoms.

Oct 29th, 1996 | Comments

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