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To a large extent, the existence of a great ancient civilization in Egypt was based on one thing: The Nile river. Surrounded by inhospitable desert, this river, with its predicable seasonal flooding, allowed a culture to develop to such heights that it was able to build many of the world's greatest monuments near its shores. This Historical Maps section lets you explore many of those monuments and geographical features that captured the imagination of people from antiquity to the present.

Presented are three successively larger views of areas in Egypt. The first is the Giza Plateau, where the greatest of the Egyptian pyramids reside. Giza is also where archeologists have recently discovered what is believed to be the city in which the builders of these colossal structures worked and lived. The second map zooms out further to show the most fertile area of ancient construction, the area of Lower Egypt. Finally, we zoom out all the way to show a complete map of modern day Egypt to show just how far the influence of this ancient civilization reached.

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Secrets of the Pharaohs