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timeline of the pharaohs
Circa 4400-4000 BC Badarian culture, unique for their thin-walled, rippled-surface pottery, flourishes in Upper Egypt. The Badarians practice agriculture and domesticate sheep and goats.
Badarian era vessel
Circa 4000-3500 BC The Amratian (Naqada I) society of Upper Egypt shows embryonic signs of the hierarchical structure of pharaonic civilization.
Amratian Painted Bowl
Circa 3500-3200 BC First indication of the wrapping of bodies in strips of cloth, a type of early mummification.
Circa 3200 BC Hieroglyphic script first developed.
Circa 3000 BC Upper and Lower Egypt are unified, ushering in the Early Dynastic Period. Egypt's capital is at Memphis.
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Secrets of the Pharaohs Neolithic / Pre-Dynastic