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Red Gold - The Epic Story of Blood Blood History Timeline
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Blood History Timeline Start
2500 BCE-999 CE 1000-1699 1700-1919 1920-1949 1950-2002
Galen Circulation diagram Red blood cells WWII soldier on Red Cross poster AIDS poster
Mirror of the Soul Status Quo Under Fire Discovery & Exploration The Impact of War New Challenges

Track the scientific developments that contributed to society's understanding and use of blood. In this section, learn about the progression from humoral medicine practiced by the Greeks to the discovery that blood circulates within the body; from the first attempts at transfusing blood into humans to the identification of blood groups; from the advancements in blood storage and distribution, propelled by the needs of war, to the development of tests that protect against infected blood.

Photos: Galen, diagram of blood circulation (detail), and AIDS poster (detail), courtesy of the National Library of Medicine; red blood cells (detail), courtesy of © James A. Sullivan; and "Your Blood Can Save Him" World War II Red Cross poster (detail), courtesy of the U.S. National Archives.

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